Original Iwihub.com transcript by Zane Maser

1958 Chicago Private “25”
1958 Chicago Private Class for “25”
Joel S. Goldsmith
Tape 216A

Tape 216A Chicago Private _25_

We had the experience in the islands, a few months ago, when we were told that this hurricane was coming at us, 93 miles an hour, 97 miles an hour, hurricane coming 17 miles an hour in speed, due to strike between midnight and six in the morning. And, our little group got together, and the night went by, and the next day went by and still hadn’t happened; but tonight is the night between midnight and six o’clock in the morning, and then at 11 o’clock at night all of a sudden something happened. It wasn’t 97 miles an hour anymore; it was 93 miles an hour. It wasn’t coming 17 miles an hour. Now it was coming 7 miles an hour, and it wasn’t going to hit the island right in the middle. It was going to hit the tip end, and so the governor gave orders the schools were to be closed the next day. The next day was one of those beautiful days and nothing happened, and then later the storm hit. Where? A hundred seventy five miles out to sea, a hundred seventy five miles away from our island.

Well, I couldn’t give you any scientific proof that we had anything to do with that. Maybe that was a phenomenon of nature, but one thing did happen. The weather department and all their bureaus were called on for an explanation of how they could be so wrong, and the only answer they could think was “We don’t know, because that’s the way it was charted, and that’s the way it was coming, but it certainly veered and changed its nature.” And, they never have been able to account for it, except that, well, it just happened that way. And maybe it did. On the strength of that one thing, I’m not in the position to say that our work did it, but when I see all of the things that do happen through our work I know right well that this work is being effective.

Now, it’s not only being effective in the world, it’s being effective, very effective, for all Infinite Way students around the globe, even though they don’t know how it’s happening. And, I can tell that by this. That whereas I used to get many, many letters each year from each one asking help for this, that, or the other, now our regular Infinite Way students of two or three years are very seldom asking for help for any problem. And, once in awhile when something comes up, they do, but either they’re able to handle their own, or the problems aren’t arising. And that, of course, is the ultimate of our work, not that everybody should keep getting sick every month and have a practitioner to heal them, but that eventually material sense in them should be so destroyed that it isn’t producing material effects, and I see that happening. I can see my mail is really a fraction of what it used to be from Infinite Way students.

The only reason that my mail keeps up to what it’s always been and going each time a little ahead is because of the new people that are coming and the new avenues that are coming. I get more calls now from people in Protestant churches who have found “The Art of Meditation” or the other books in their own churches, and they have nobody to heal them, because there’s nobody that knows the healing principles. And, I’m getting more calls from members from other religious groups or metaphysical groups where there aren’t enough practitioners who really understand, and so they’re reaching out to us more for help. And, I’m getting more calls in that way. But actually, Infinite Way students are being very considerate of me if they’re having many problems or else their problems are growing less or less intense. Do you see that?

And, that’s an effect that our work is having, because at least our own students are tuned in. They are daily reading the writings or hearing the recordings and thereby receiving the benefit of this work that we are doing. I suppose, to a lesser extent, we can find that others in the community are benefitting, but we have no records or very few.

So you see now the purpose of this particular group. It is not to crusade for anything or against anything. It is a setting aside of a single period, at least one period, every day consecrating yourself not merely to solving your own problems but solving the problems of the world by giving up the use of the sword, giving up the use of temporal weapons in this world crusade for harmony, and abiding in the spiritual center of your Being, after working enough with the letter of proof to bring to yourself the assurance and reassurance, “Now, I’m not fighting error. I’m not fighting these evils in the world. I’m recognizing that they have no authority, no law, no cause, no presence; that they exist only as the second chapter of Genesis—the mind of man—without divine authority; without divine, creative Principle. And, in that realization, I put up the sword, both material and mental, and sit here in order to become clad in the armor of Spirit. And then when the Spirit of the Lord God is upon me, material sense around me, in me begins to dissolve.”

I think it is in the Easter Letter, yes, it is in the Easter Letter in which it is brought out there that the struggle, the problems that we’re going through, even persecutions, they’re not caused by people or forces outside our own being. They are just the result of material sense that is left in us still warring with the Spirit. To some extent, every one of us has some phase of material sense. If it’s only expecting gratitude from somebody, that’s material sense. If it’s expecting cooperation and love from somebody, that’s material sense. So you see, each one of us has some degree of material sense left in us. When, and that’s always warring against our spiritual nature, when our spiritual nature completely takes over, we will be living in the realization I and the Father are one. All the Father hath is mine, so what do I need from man whose breath is in his nostril? Not even cooperation, or love, or gratitude. Nothing. We’ll let each one live their own life, be what they are, grow as they will, share as they will, while we are living in this realization of the infinite nature of our own being.

I think you can close that for a minute.