Original Iwihub.com transcript by Zane Maser

1958 Chicago Private “25”
1958 Chicago Private Class for “25”
Joel S. Goldsmith
Tape 216A

Tape 216A Chicago Private _25_

Now, no matter what my disagreement with you might be, no matter what my argument with you, and no matter what my fault-finding with you, and no matter what my grievance with you might be, I would find recourse in meditation, in realizing I’m using no temporal weapons, no resistance, no fight in me but spiritual Power, that is, the power of the Spirit realized, the stone carved out of the side of a mountain without hands. Be still, and when the Spirit of the Lord God comes upon me something happens in your consciousness, and you realize there’s been a misunderstanding, and there comes an adjustment. Or, if it’s a disease in the body, it begins to evaporate and to disappear; sometimes it happens instantaneously. Sometimes it happens as a gradual unfoldment, but all healing work that is done in The Infinite Way is done on this basis, not by using Truth. The only thing we use Truth for is to reassure ourselves that there are not two powers in the world, that there’s only one, and to bring ourselves to that place of silent receptivity, and then let the Spirit be upon us and do the work.

Now, it would be the same in any form of human life. We recognize that all that’s confronting us is material sense. We know now that, whether you start with bows and arrows and end with atomic bombs, that you can’t lick it. We know that it’ll destroy it in one phase, and it’ll pop up in another phase. What has to be destroyed is the material sense itself rather than the individual forms of it, and we know now that you can’t destroy material sense by fighting it. It grows bigger by fighting it. It overwhelms you, and so you come to the place of non-resistance, resist not evil. If they want to take my coat, all right, let them have it and the vest, too, temporarily. They want to lie, cheat, defraud, let them temporarily. I’m not resisting that. I’m not taking up the weapons of the world. I’m not picking up my sword, either physical sword or mental. I’m not resisting. I’m sitting in the Spirit.

Now, so you see that this is the Principle that is being introduced into this era—the recognition that there is only one opponent. It may come up to you in the form of communism. It may come up to you in the form of “churchianity.” It may come up to you in the form of an epidemic in your neighborhood. It may come up against you in the form of juvenile delinquency around you. It may come in any one of these forms, but for heaven’s sakes, don’t fight the forms, or you’re going to be licked. What you have to do, in every case, is say, “Regardless of what form the error assumes, the error itself is material sense, and I can’t fight material sense. He that is within me is greater than he that is in the world. I can of my own self do nothing. The Father within me, He doeth the works. Therefore, I’ve got to sit here now until the Father within me becomes a reality, not just a quotation, not an affirmation but a reality, a realized consciousness.”

So it is. Now, that’s the Principle. The working out of the Principle is this. You are at home in your community, and you are aware today that Asiatic flu is just about to pounce down upon you, or it’s the polio season, or it’s the influenza season, or it’s asthma season, or rose-fever season, or something else of that kind, which is universal belief. There’s no use denying it. It’s a product of material sense. As long as there’s materiality, there’s going to be something for material sense to operate upon. And so we will say that as a member of this group today, you are recognizing this form, this particular form of material sense as being in your area of consciousness; and so today you will set aside one full meditation period, not less than that. If you find it necessary later to return to it, you will during the day, because you’re dedicated, not merely to give so many minutes of your time, but you’re dedicated to the eradication of material sense. And so, if it takes two sessions, you’ll take two. If it takes three, you’ll take three but never less than one.

And today, you will recognize this epidemic that’s threatened is a product of material sense. It’s an activity of the human mind. God never made it. Certainly has no existence in God consciousness. God never made a law to support it or to sustain it, so it can act as an activity of material sense or personal sense, and, of course, this is not real. This has no God ordination behind it. You can always take any phase of error you like and ask yourself, “Did God ordain it? Has it God authority? Is there a law of God to support it, uphold it, maintain it, give it continuity?” Of course, if it hasn’t, it’s the arm of flesh, and it’s nothingness.

Now, you’ve arrived at that, you haven’t fought it. See that? You’ve merely known the Truth. You haven’t fought it. You haven’t argued with it. You haven’t started to get rid of it. You’ve just sat down quietly to know the truth about it, and the truth about it is always as its beginning it isn’t God ordained. Otherwise, it would be immortal, and why should I try to fight against God? Would I want to fight against anything God made? Could I succeed in fighting anything that is of God? No. Well then, for heaven’s sakes this can’t be of God. Therefore, it has no God law to sustain it, or God substance, God activity, or God intelligence. Therefore, it has no power of continuity.

Now, I’ve done that. Now, I sit back, not to fight it but to let the Spirit of the Lord God be upon me, because when I attain the realization of God’s presence, these things which have existed only as mortally, mental concepts now disappear. They are wiped out, because they had no existence, remember, as reality. Their only existence is mental illusion, and, therefore, this feeling, this realization of God’s presence is the dispelling of material sense. It has nothing to do with the form. The form may have been epidemic, or the form may have been a depression, or the form may have been a threatened volcano, or a threatened tidal wave. The form has nothing to do with it. Once you’ve come to see that it isn’t God ordained, that it has nothing of reality to uphold it or support it, now you can sit back and wait for the Lord God to be upon you. Resist not evil. Those who live by the sword will die by the sword, even if you gain a temporary victory. So, sit still. Be still and know, and then when you feel this Presence upon you, your work is done.

Now, what is it that has caused every war that’s ever taken place on the face of the globe? There has never been a war in the entire history of the world that did not stem either from religious conflict or commercial conflict. One of those two things is behind every war that’s been recorded in history. It’s either religion or money, business; and God never made either religion or money, so there’s nothing behind war except material sense, either a church that wants more membership or a nation that wants more business or territory. And that’s all under the heading of material sense. The minute anybody wants more of anything, it’s material sense, because spiritually we don’t need anything. God fulfills Itself as our individual experience. All that the Father hath is mine. So, the moment I would have a desire of any nature, that’s material sense handling me, and so I don’t have to handle desire. I have to handle material sense and realize that it’s personal sense, selfish sense, that it has no foundation in God. Having no foundation in God, I can let the peace of God descend upon me, and so I begin to dissolve material sense.

I don’t pray to God to stop wars. God never started one, and God can’t stop one. God has no awareness of a war going on, because wars only go on in our mental image, in the mind of men. That’s the second chapter of Genesis. The world that was created in the second chapter of Genesis was not a God-created world. It was a man- or mind-created world, and that’s the world that we live in, the world of flesh, when we live to the flesh and reap corruption. Now, a desire is reaping to the flesh. It’s wanting to add something to yourself, but if you only close your eyes and say “I,” you’ll know that that I is Self-created, Self-maintained, Self-sustained, including everything—all inclusive, the Bhagavad Gita says, all inclusive that life, which I am.

And so you can see then that any desire, even what the world would call a good desire is really material sense. The person of spiritual sense has no desires. He accepts what comes, lives with the enjoyable part of it but is not attached to it, lets it come and lets it go as it will, because within himself he’s living in a state of Self-completeness. That’s spelled with a capital “S.” I and my Father are one. All that the Father hath is mine. It’s an impossibility now to have a desire, but there can be fulfillment. Each day that which is necessary to my unfoldment takes place in my life.

So then, in your homes and in your communities, just as you are faced with these remnants of material sense in your own life—and you have to meet them—so do you recognize that when there are conflicts in your schools, conflicts in your local governments, conflicts in your national governments, conflicts in international affairs, conflicts in weather, conflicts in ideologies, the moment the error is brought to your mind you have to do something about it. You can’t ignore it. You have to do something about it. And the first thing you do about it is ask yourself, “Is it God ordained? Is it of God? If it is, heaven forbid that I should fight it. If it isn’t, I don’t have to fight it. It’s only the arm of flesh or nothingness.” And pretty soon, you’ll see things happening not only in your lives, in the lives of your family, you’ll see things happening in the lives of your community, of your nation, that you can’t account for and sometimes that nobody else can account for—sudden switches of policy, sudden switches of decisions. And, you won’t be able to prove scientifically to the outside world that your realization had anything to do with it, but very quickly you’ll perceive by the amount of things that you’re handling and the sudden changes that take place in them, you will know yourself that your work is being effective.