Original Iwihub.com transcript by Zane Maser

1958 Chicago Private “25”
1958 Chicago Private Class for “25”
Joel S. Goldsmith
Tape 216A

Tape 216A Chicago Private _25_

Now, you’re not so familiar with this, but there is even a more difficult relationship than that of the Jew and Christian in the world. That’s the Muslim and the Jew, and the Muslim and the Christian. Now, the Muslim and the Jew are natural allies and friends. The Muslim and the Jew left to themselves would be allies and would be aligned against the Christian world. The only reason they’re not is that there are those in high places who know that, and they keep this wedge between them. They keep this enmity of Israel between them, and they won’t let that die down because that would bring the Muslim and the Jew back to their normal relationship, which is friends, pals. They’ve lived together in the Holy Lands for 2,000 years, side by side, without ever a quarrel. And, the only thing that separates them now is this artificial issue of Israel. The Muslim and the Jew is one relationship that at this moment is very, very upsetting to the world because of that false issue that’s been injected. But, the serious thing is the Muslim and the Christian. There are the two natural enemies of the world. A Muslim would consider the killing of a Christian a passport to Heaven. He’s actually taught that. Killing a Christian is a sure passport to Heaven.

Now, you don’t heal those breeches by trying to reason this thing out with them. How can you reason religion or politics? You can’t do that, and so it is that you have religious differences that left to themselves would always promote wars and discords in the world; and then you have the barriers of trade. You’ll always have countries that have to war with each other on account of business reasons, and all the prayers to this mythical God are going to avail nothing. And so it would seem that the world is helpless. Well, the world has been helpless now for 5,000 years. Whenever these inner conditions, either of racial, religious, or commercial differences arose, wars followed and with them famine, discord, disease, poverty, starting all over again.

We come to a new era. We come to a new era, which The Infinite Way is introducing. It cannot introduce it openly through the press. It can only introduce it through a spiritual underground. Why? Because the things of God are foolishness with man, and there is no way to tell the world that they are not going to solve their problems by more and bigger bombs or by more and better distribution of dollars to the have-not countries. They’re not going to believe that you can’t buy friendships, that you can’t buy allies. They’re not going to believe that you can’t win by having a bigger and better bomb and getting there first with it. There’s no way of convincing the world of that; and if you were to make some statements public that we make here in this room, it could be construed as pacifist tactics; and, if it were wartime, it could even be construed as treason. It is neither of those things. It’s violently aggressive in a non-resisting way, and that’s what you have to understand. It isn’t that we don’t use weapons, but we don’t use the weapons of this world. We do not use carnal weapons. We do not use injections to prevent epidemics. We do not use a million dollars placed here or there to salve over this condition or that condition, and we do not use bombs to settle or even lawsuits to settle our personal differences. We do not use material powers or mental powers.

Now, we have to go back to our individual selves to understand this. Nowhere in The Infinite Way writings do you find any excuse for using material remedies in your own particular case or mental remedies. You are told distinctly that the Principles are: The battle is not yours. Stand ye still. See the salvation of the Lord. Resist not evil. This is the greatest of all our Principles—resist not evil.

And so, it comes to this. We renounce the use of temporal powers. Now, if necessary, look it up in the dictionary to see all that’s embraced under “temporal powers.” We renounce, for our own individual welfare and for the collective welfare of the world, we renounce the use of temporal weapons. We don’t recommend that our neighbor should give up medicine. We don’t recommend that the government should give up its armaments. That’s its demonstration. We are trying to introduce a new era through our individual experience. The major Principle is we renounce the use of temporal weapons. Why? Because we will not use temporal force—material or mental forces or powers—because we have recourse to the Spirit. The Spirit is our life, our principle, our law, our soul. Spirit and Grace can be used together. We heal by Grace. We are fed by Grace. We overcome our personal difficulties and misunderstandings with each other through Grace. Lay down your sword, for those who live by the sword will die by the sword. Lay down your temporal weapons. Stop using your body and your mind to accomplish things, and sit in the silence until the Spirit of the Lord God is upon you. When the Spirit of the Lord God is upon you, the material and mental discords fall away.

Now, just using this term figuratively, our enemy isn’t person, or thing, or condition. It’s just material sense or personal sense, that is, the sense of materiality or the sense of personality, the false sense of I, or the sense of being material being with a material body to protect, or a material dollar to protect, or a material piece of land to protect. That all is embraced in “material sense.”

Now, when a person has less of material sense, they’re easy to get along with. The person deeply rooted in material sense is willing to fight at the drop of a hat. The person rooted in material sense is willing to kill to protect his dollars, or his home, or his reputation. The person of deep material sense is always on the defensive and always ready to pick up that sword of temporal power—quick to go to court. As material sense lessens in an individual, they incline, more and more, to have less dealings with material weapons and material sense, and they incline more toward conciliation, more toward talking it over, more toward agreements, more toward forgiveness. But, as material sense lessens and lessens and lessens, they commence to perceive that not even conciliation is necessary, not even debate or conference is necessary, for there is a Spirit in man that governs; and so they bring both to their physical diseases, their mental diseases, and their conflicts with mankind, they bring the new dimension—Christ.