Original Iwihub.com transcript by Zane Maser

1958 Chicago Private “25”
1958 Chicago Private Class for “25”
Joel S. Goldsmith
Tape 216A

Tape 216A Chicago Private _25_

In the beginning when I would detect something wrong in the patient and I would call it to their attention, always they look at me in amazement, “Well, that’s the very thing that’s wrong with this world that I’m trying to correct.” It’s always been that way, and I know that it’s true of you, and I know it’s true of me. If I could tell you the one thing that I see in you that needs correction, you’d be bound to come right back at me and say, “Why, you’re just seeing your own thoughts. That’s in you. That’s not in me. That’s the one thing that I am clear of.” I’ve watched it too many years. I know that you can’t change wrong thinking into right thinking, because you’d first have to make someone admit they’re doing wrong thinking, and you can do that as long as you don’t pick out the thing on which they’re doing the wrong thinking. Try it sometime, if you don’t think so. Tell your wife or your husband what it is that they’re doing the wrong thinking on and see where that gets you.

And, as a matter of fact, it goes even deeper than that. If I am doing wrong thinking on something, it isn’t because I consciously want to. It is something that’s so deeply ingrained that even I, if I could detect it, can’t get it out. For instance, have you ever tried to tell a patient to stop fearing? Have you ever succeeded? I can make people stop fearing, but not by telling them to stop fearing, and have courage, and have hope. I can make them stop fearing. Well, I’ve tried two ways. One, I can just close my eyes and realize within myself that since there’s only one Power there’s nothing to fear, and as I attain that inner realization, their fear drops away. The other way is to tell them that they’re absolutely wrong about wanting to stop fearing, to go right on fearing all they like, and that it’s a very good thing.

I had a concrete example of that many, many years ago when I was in the practice in Boston, and a mother called up from the Benevolent Home and said that her child had a very high fever, getting higher all the time, and practitioners have been working but they couldn’t stop her, the mother’s fear. “Course, with my fears, how can the child get well?” And I said, “Oh, yes, your child can get well. Your child probably has a God and you haven’t. So we’ll forget you and take care of your child.” “Well, can the child get well if I’m sitting here fearing?” “Yes, indeed, it can. As a matter of fact, I’ve learned in my lifetime that the most natural emotion for a mother is fear for her child, especially when anything’s wrong. So, there isn’t anything wrong about it. That’s a sign of mother love and who would want to stop mother love. Now, since you can’t get coffee up there at that Benevolent Home, I would recommend you go to the drug store on the corner and get some coffee, black coffee, keep you awake and sit up by your child and worry and fear all night. Love that child as much as you can. Show her how much you love her by fearing for her and get it all out of your system, and I’ll take care of the child.” Well, of course, she had never heard of anything like that. She was taught to fear, fear and that a child can’t get well while the parents fearing. And, here was a new note. She could go on fearing all she liked, and it wouldn’t harm her child, and within the hour she phoned and said that the child was completely normal.

Now, it works sometimes, not always, because really that’s nothing but psychological healing, not spiritual. Nobody fears if there is no power to fear. We only fear when there is something that we discover has a power. If it didn’t have a power, why would we fear it? We only fear germs, because we think germs can make us sick. We only fear bombs, because we think they can destroy us. You can’t make the Tibetans fear the Russians. You can’t make the Indians, the Hindus, fear the Russians, because they have no fear of death. They don’t believe that death is the end of life, and so there’s no terror in India, and there’s no terror in Tibet. What can you do to me? We’re told that not to fear the one who can destroy life but the one who can destroy the soul, and they know literally from their thousands of years of spiritual teaching that what we call death is the beginning of life. It isn’t anything to be dreaded. If anything, when it comes along, be grateful that the change has come for the better, and so they feel no fear in Russians or in bombs. So it is, we only fear something that we believe has power, and, in our case, the thing we dread most is disease and death.

Now, you will not change the conditions of this world either by might or by power. You might as well make up your mind to that. You will not change the conditions of this world by physical might or by mental powers. It won’t ever be accomplished. You can win wars by being stronger in weapons than the other fellows but that doesn’t establish peace. Right on top of the peace comes more wars. You can get rid of one disease with a remedy, but you can’t prevent another one taking place tomorrow; and if you could prevent all the disease, you wouldn’t stop time wearing the body down and finally resulting in old age and all that goes with it. So neither—you mark this well; this is the principle we’re coming to—neither physical might nor mental powers are going to change any of the so-called evil conditions of this world that need changing, and I’m including now disease of all kinds, physical and mental. I’m including economic cycles of depression and boom. I’m including wars and rumors of wars. I’m including the evils of false ideologies, even the evils of the church world, for they’re evil keeping people in spiritual darkness.

But, you are not going to touch those, or move them, or overcome them by having around-the-world prayer movements, because there isn’t any power, there isn’t any presence listening to those prayers or going to do anything about them. It is just like this movement, which in its way is good, probably a steppingstone, you see it all the time now these movements around the world of Jews and Christians. Jews, Protestants, and Catholics sometimes. They’re all right, but what happens after every meeting? Aren’t they still Jews, and Protestants, and Catholics? Aren’t they still Jews and Christians, and as long as they are, the basic discord has not been removed. The Christian is going to look upon the Jew as his natural enemy, because he killed Jesus Christ. Happened two thousand years ago but let’s not forget it or forgive it. They are natural enemies, and so Christianity is going to ever be at war with Judaism; and the Jew is going to look on the Christian as his natural enemy, because the Jew has always been persecuted, held down, repressed, driven from pillar to post. By whom? By Christians. So, the Christian is his natural enemy, and it’s hard for him, except in those cases where he has personal friends. It’s hard for him to look upon the Christians as a whole as friends. Oh yes, you’ve heard the Christian say, “Oh, one of my best friends is a Jew.” Yes, and you’ll hear Jews sometimes say, “Oh, my best friends are the Christians.” And that’s right. They’re full and complete trust goes to those few, but as far as Jew and Christian is concerned, they remain Jew and Christian. And why? Actually, they’re not Jew and Christian; they’re sons of God.