Original Iwihub.com transcript by Zane Maser

1958 Chicago Private “25”
1958 Chicago Private Class for “25”
Joel S. Goldsmith
Tape 216A

pdf-49pxTape 216A Chicago Private _25_

Good morning.

This group was started in New York City a couple of years ago, and it was called the “25,” the group of “25,” because there were 25 in that original group. The group is now about 250, and it is located around the clock; that is, just as we are here at 10 o’clock in the morning at this moment, it’s probably 11:00 in New York, and there’s a group there; and at 3 o’clock in London, and there’s a group there; and it’s 4 o’clock on the continent, and there’s a group there; and it’s probably 6 o’clock over on Africa, and there’s a group there; and 9 o’clock down in South Africa—all at this minute—and in Australia, and all around Honolulu; so that, at this minute, all around the clock, regardless of what time it is anywhere, there is one person, or two, or more gathered together for the same purpose that we meet.

The work of this group is entirely secret. It’s as secret as it is sacred. No one is to discuss even that there is such a group as this. No one is to discuss the purpose of this group. It is strictly a spiritual underground. It was brought into being for certain specific purposes, which I will outline, and it functions for those purposes for that purpose. The work is conducted by you individually, or, if in your vicinity there is someone else who belongs to this group, they can unite with you in this work. It makes no difference whether it’s carried on individually or with two or more, as long as they are already members of this group, know its activity, the why and the wherefore and the purpose of it, and are agreed on its sacredness and its secrecy.

From time to time, students are invited to become part of this group and that is all done by virtue of their consciousness. In other words, by their indicated readiness, not that I can sit in judgment of everybody’s readiness, but there are those that I come in contact with that I can see; and their readiness consists not merely in knowing the principles of The Infinite Way and being serious students of it, but what fits them more than anything else is the fact that they have recognized that The Infinite Way is not merely a collection of principles that were invented or discovered for the particular benefit of their bodies, or their business, or their families. No, the principles of The Infinite Way are universal principles that are meant to, well, act as the second coming of the Christ; in other words, to bring peace, harmony, wholeness to human consciousness. It would be a very stupid thing for us to add another religion or religious teaching to the world just based on the saving of our souls, or our bodies, or our health, or our supply.

And so it is that while admittedly 90% of our students have no thought of The Infinite Way beyond the fact that it promises to heal them physically, mentally, morally, or financially. Nevertheless, that’s the smallest part of our activity. You might say that that is only the “decoy,” because once they become interested enough in the activity of The Infinite Way, they will soon discover that its major purpose is breaking down the causes or activities of world tragedies, which really means, in the last analysis, destroying humanhood, causing man to die daily, and ultimately to be reborn of the Spirit.

Now, it would be folly for anyone to attempt to benefit a community or a world, if they did not know the principles themselves sufficiently to be able to demonstrate them in individual experience. So it is for this reason that those who are invited to become part of this group are those—number one—whom we know to be sufficiently serious in their study so that we know they do know the principles. Number two, who have given some indication of an awareness of a world responsibility, a greater responsibility than just their own bodies or business. And then thirdly, those who have given some indication that they have the necessary time and the willingness to devote some of that time to purposes other than that of themselves.

Now, in one sense, then, you might call this “around-the-world prayer group,” but it would have no more relationship to what is understood by around-the-world prayer group than light has to darkness. The only similarity is that we have the same purpose and then not wholly so, because we go far beyond any desire for world peace or world prosperity. Our ultimate goal is the destruction of material sense, even the nice harmonious material sense, even the healthy, wealthy material sense. And that’s a goal that has never even been dreamed of outside of mysticism.

We are not crusaders. We are not for something nor are we against anything. We do not indulge in any crusades to make the world vegetarians or to stop their animal experiments, noble as those things may be. They have nothing to do with our work. We are neither for anything nor against anything. We do not indulge in any crusades. We are not out to destroy any evils. We are not out to promote any good causes. The object of our work is the destruction of material sense.

Now, let us understand this correctly. In the physical realm, you have physical good and physical evil, and you have physical remedies for physical discords. We hear a lot about the fact that there’s far less disease in the world than there ever has been, but the real truth of the matter is that in the same length of time in which the population of the United States has increased 70%, hospital beds have increased about 400% and still not enough. In the same way, we’re supposed to have risen into an era of the knowledge of mind and its activities. We have now psychology and psychiatry, in addition to all these science of minds and so forth, and actually we not only have more mental institutes than we ever had, but we don’t have 25% enough to take care of the cases that are waiting to be taken care of.

And the answer to that is this. Every aim at the destruction of error, whether of sickness—physical or mental sickness—or sin is always gone at with some weapon of this world. In other words, it is fighting the error or fighting the condition trying to engage it in combat, and overcome it, and destroy it, or remove it. And, that isn’t the way it’s going to be done. You’re not going to cure material evils with matter. You’re not going to cure mental evils with mind. You’re not going to cure material discords with mind. You are never going to substitute right thinking for wrong thinking. It can’t be done. It never has succeeded, and it never will, and most of the organizations that started out so nobly 40, 50 years ago to change the world by right thinking are almost out of existence today. For this reason, that the very points in which I’m doing right thinking you can’t convince me that I’m wrong. The very points in which I’m doing wrong thinking, you can’t convince me that I’m wrong. It’s on that very point that I’m sure I’m right, and I’ve seen that in all these 28 years.