Original Iwihub.com transcript by Zane Maser

1958 Chicago Private “25” Continued
1958 Chicago Private Class for “25”
Joel S. Goldsmith
Tape 215B

 215B Chicago Private _25_


Now, our major sin is that we put power in effect. We put power in money as supply. We put power in germs and infection as a cause of disease. We put power in weather and climate as a cause of disease. We put power in so much, even in our art treasures. We put power in them as if they themselves were, had the value or the beauty, whereas we are learning in this work that everything that exists as effect is wonderful for use, for joy, for pleasure, for practicality but not for putting our faith in them. Our faith is in the invisible, always in the invisible. Money isn’t supply. The consciousness of God’s presence within me is supply. Money is a symbol of supply that will appear outwardly in proportion to my understanding of the nature of supply as Spirit. Therefore, if you like getting, get Spirit, not money. You see that? In the same way, our faith, our belief, our antagonism is to germs and infection; therefore, come to the realization that germs aren’t power. Weather isn’t power. Climate isn’t power. I, I am power. The Spirit of God in me is the power with complete dominion over weather, over climate, over storms, over hurricanes, over tidal waves. The Spirit of God in me is the power unto them. Do you see that?

Now, as this woman with arthritis commences to learn these lessons, you don’t think that arthritis can stay there. In order for it to stay there, she’d have to prove that two objects can occupy the same place at the same time. Why every automobile crackup is proof that that can’t happen. Just can’t happen. You can’t have two objects occupying the same place at the same time, and so we purge ourselves of sin-filled thought. Only our sense of sin isn’t quite the same as the Orthodox sense, because I don’t think we have too much of sin-filled thought in that direction, but we have lots of sin-filled thought in the degree of our faith or confidence in two powers and sometimes believing that material power is even sometimes stronger than spiritual.

Now, as I see this, it all hinges on a point that we’ve been making every single night this week in class. It isn’t a matter that Spirit has greater power than mind or matter. It’s that mind and matter isn’t power. That’s really been the essence of this whole week’s class. At page 13 of the book, “The Letter,” “How far have we come out of Orthodoxy?” Well, we believed in God and evil, the devil, good and evil. How far have we come out of metaphysics when we believed that divine mind overcame mortal mind into The Infinite Way, which is a revelation that everything that’s embraced in what we call carnal mind or mortal mind is not power. And, therefore, we don’t even have the power of God on our side. We don’t have any side, because there isn’t any other side. Do you see that?

Well, I’m going to say to you, and I hope you will say to those who come to you that while I would not like to hear that anybody turned these tapes on at night and had them going while they were asleep, I do hope that the tapes of this Chicago class—and for you the tapes of this—will be kept pretty busy until these principles are clearly stated within you. If I’ve learned anything at all in my work it is this: That a teacher can only play a small part in the student’s unfoldment and that is, first of all, lifting them to where they can apprehend a principle and then giving them the principle to apprehend, but that is about the limit. It’s what the student does with those principles after they’ve gotten them that makes the difference in their demonstration.

And so it is, you have seen this week in that Chicago class, you’ve seen in this one tape here, that there are enough of those spiritual principles so that you can really say the whole Truth is summed up in them. Don’t let anybody tell you that we haven’t got the whole Truth in this teaching. We have all the Truth that’s ever been revealed in any of the literature there is in the world and some of it that hasn’t yet been written. We have it, but I don’t believe it’s going to save the world. I believe it’s going to save me, because I know it is, because I’m living with it as faithfully as God gives me the grace to do it. And, I know that it will do the same thing for those who will give it as much as I’m giving it. It won’t do for you any more than you will do for it. You are the one who determines to what extent you will embody these principles and practice them, and even in this morning so much has been said but hearing it ten times isn’t going to give you all these principles.

So, it may even be necessary to play these for 10 minutes to catch a principle and go away and say, “That’s enough. That’s enough. I’ll work with that principle for two, three, four days.” Play it a little more until you hit another one, “That’s enough. I’ll live with that principle.” Because we’re not dealing with 60 or 70 minutes of tape here. We’re dealing with 6, 8, or 10 principles that are on that tape. It doesn’t make any difference if you don’t hear the end of the tape for two years, if you have been doing enough with each of the principles that you come to. It’s the same with the books. The most ridiculous thing in the world are these people who read the Bible all the way through from cover to cover once a year. There’s no value in that. The person who takes the Bible and really works with a scriptural passage, a principle. In the course of a year, they may only have four or five principles, but their lives will outshine anyone who’s reading morning, noon, and night in it without seeing that we’re dealing principles.

Now, a major principle is. Here it is. Over here is mental and physical power. Is it or is it the arm of flesh, nothingness? That’s the end of our principle.

Well now, this concludes our “special work” but with this just added, reminder. These are the principles you are to think of when doing your work for the world. These are the principles you are to remember when you sit down and take up this matter of subliminal perception in the world, or communism, or whatever it is that appears to our world as the operation of the carnal mind. These are the things.

Now, you’ll be handling epidemic one day. The season comes when there are colds, grippe, flu, the season comes for polio, the season comes for hay fever. You are working with these principles on those specific subjects. There are other days when you have no specific subjects in mind. There are other days when forcibly brought to your attention is the subject of totalitarianism, or government by man who breath is in his nostril, or there are other days when…