Original Iwihub.com Transcript by Zane Maser

1958 Chicago Private “25”
1958 Chicago Private Class for “25”
Joel S. Goldsmith
Tape 215A

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So then, even though we do all we can, the point is that the patient isn’t always healed. Look how many of our calls come from wives who want their husbands treated or mothers who want their children treated and so forth and so on. And, the others don’t even know they’re being treated and wouldn’t want it if they did know it. Wouldn’t be interested in it. You have no assurance at all that that is the way the healing is to take place. You only know that, as far as you’re concerned, you’re healed. You’re relieved. You’re free. And if your patient or student is really on this path, even though they’re not healed with that, they’ll keep after you and keep after you and keep after you, until freedom is realized by them. As far as you’re concerned, they could have had that freedom six years ago, but always there are these interfering things. No practitioner in this work should alibi themselves for failure to heal, but then there are reasons why all healings do not take place.

Look at us with all the effort we put in, with all the devotion, with all the life we lead, and everyone of us has come up against a claim here and there and some of them don’t yield, so it just shows you that it isn’t always a guarantee that everything is going to disappear. The reason is this. It appears to us that we’re being healed in one part of our body and then in another part and in another part. That’s really not the goal of our life, and it isn’t what’s happening. What is happening is that we are being freed of our materialistic consciousness, and as we are freed, some part of the body gets a release. As we get a little more freedom, something else breaks, or the finances break, or something else breaks. And, so it is that as we go on, veil after veil of the illusion drops away; and as this one drops away, it frees us of a moral fault; and this one drops away, and it relieves us of a physical discord; and this one drops away it relieves us of a financial or economic limitation. So it is, we won’t see the fullness of the Christhood bodily, until the Ascension.

“Joel, if somebody takes on a man who has really been through about everything, and they are taking medicines but they ask for help, are they not entitled to some proof of our work before we can expect them to give up their medicines?”

“Ah, you’re not asking them to give up their medicine. You’re accepting the medicine is also part of that whole carnal picture that has no power. You’re not asking them to give it up, but that doesn’t say that until they do receive some realization that makes them give it up that they may not experience the healing. They may. You see, many cases come to us with people who are not on the path but just because of their extreme condition are turning to this. They may have heart disease and not be able to give up their digitalis. They may have diabetes and not be able to give up whatever that is that they use. They have a broken leg and can’t give up their crutch. They wear eyeglasses, and they can’t give them up for one reason or another. That is not a hindrance to our work, but eventually it has to dawn on them, and then they can’t keep using this work as if it were an adjunct to God, to medicine.

That is where our complaint comes in of the people in metaphysics who keep on using medicine continuously, while turning to this as an aid. Now, that’s encouraged in some of the metaphysical movements. “You keep right on. We don’t want you to give up your doctor, but we’ll pray with you.” Well, that isn’t our particular function. Do you see that? Neither do we tell them in their extreme to stop, but after they are well or after they’re on their way, they can’t keep coming to me and dividing my time and attention and the doctor’s, too. Sooner or later, they have to make a choice whom they’re going to serve. And certainly I don’t ask it of them in their extreme.

“Joel, isn’t it the belief of humanhood that really has to be healed and then these other things fall away, intruding them?”

“There’s no question about it that if, if and in the degree that humanhood is healed that all of that falls away.”

“It’s relieved.”

“That’s right. That’s all there is to it, but there are those, you see, who gain what is apparent as a healing, you see, and yet never change their mode of life. They still go through life hoping that they can find somebody that’ll pray with them while they still rely on their materialistic life. Others I have had that I call them “chronic borrowers.” They’re always asking for metaphysical help, but they’re always living on borrowed money, you see. They never get to the point where they’re willing to say, “I’m willing to starve to death, if God doesn’t come to my rescue. I’m willing to take my stand and be put out of the house, if I don’t meet my rent.” When you have those, you have the serious ones that make their demonstration, but there are others who say, “But, I have to meet the rent, so I have to borrow. Well, my food bill is due. I must eat,” and so forth and so on. And, it’s very difficult to destroy humanhood there because, even while they’re praying to you, they’re holding onto it so tight. Or, on the other hand, there are people in those extremes, because they really can’t help it and who are seeking out of it, and you can relieve them and free them.

All right, well, if they’re any more questions, let us have them on the table at night. Look for that. When are we going to have this again? Friday at 10 o’clock in the morning.

Thank you.