Original Iwihub.com Transcript by Zane Maser

1958 Chicago Private “25”
1958 Chicago Private Class for “25”
Joel S. Goldsmith
Tape 215A

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And, so it is that whatever terminology we use catch the meaning of this nothingness of error and don’t think of it as just the nothingness of cancer, or the nothingness of dictatorship, or the nothingness. Go back of it to the nothingness of the carnal mind that appears as. Now, always remember that just as you’re going to discover in the case of your students and patients that actually it’s God appearing as these, so you’re going to find that the carnal mind doesn’t cause anything. The carnal mind appears as. It is the carnal mind that appears as false ideologies. It is the carnal mind that appears as dictators. It is the carnal mind that appears as infection and contagion. Carnal mind doesn’t cause them. Carnal mind is them, and carnal mind is nothing; and when you’ve nothingnized the substance, you’ve nothingnized the form as which. Always remember that the biggest word in the entire Infinite Way vocabulary is the two-letter word, “as.” God appears as, not in. God appears as individual being, and the carnal mind—evil—appears as the various forms that it assumes. So, when you’ve annihilated the substance, you’ve annihilated the forms.

Well, about a year and a half ago, or it may have been a few months more, in England I learned about the subliminal perception discovery. Now, the year before it was experimented with in the United States, and it was one of the very first things that I brought to the attention of those groups with the expressed hope that they would take that up in their work around the clock. And, from the moment that it was brought out in the press in the states, we have had groups here in the states working on that very thing. Well, as you know, the first experiments were very successful, and then we learned of an experiment that was to take place in New Jersey; and our little busy bodies got busy, and the experiment was a failure. Well, yesterday, I had the opportunity of speaking with one whose business it is to check every one of those tests, and I learned that the last three tests were also failures. That whereas there has been a great fear expressed in high places about the harm that that would do in the world, that today they’re commencing to believe that it’s going to be a failure, and that it isn’t going to do any harm.

Now, that is no reason for us to rejoice at this moment, because the people are behind it are some of the wealthiest in this nation and some of the biggest legal authorities that there is in the entire United States, and so they are not going to give up just with a few failures. There’s too much to be gained. If they win, they control the entire world. They aren’t interested in selling merchandise. That’s only their outer pretext, but they’re interested in is what you do when you go to the election ballot and which church you go to. Once they got you right in those two directions, they really won’t care whether you buy from Macy or Gimbel or whether you buy silk or rayon. So that our function is not to battle them, because in that we lose our own lives by making a reality of that which can only be real while it’s accepted as real.

And, I want to caution you, too, if at any time you feel tempted to try to slay Goliath, be very sure that you don’t use anything bigger than a pebble, because you’ll find yourself slain. In other words, if you go at evil as if it were an evil, if you go out really to slay, you will be slain. Your only hope of meeting discord—that is why malpractitioners always end up malpracticed. Your only recourse is not battle. The battle is not yours. This is God’s universe. The battle belongs to Truth. And, the truth is that I am Truth, and I am all the power there is, and I need not fear what the carnal mind can do. Watch out that when David goes after Goliath that he has no armament on him, and he has nothing bigger than a pebble; and be sure that that is the way you undertake your practice. Don’t gird yourself around with all your statements of truth, as if you are going to keep error outside. Don’t gird yourself around with a lot of armament, even if you call it spiritual armament. The only spiritual armament isn’t any bigger than a pebble. It’s just your—matter of fact—always remember.

Do you remember the power that is ultimately to destroy the four temporal kingdoms? A stone carved out of the side of a mountain without hands. That’s the weapon you’re to use. A stone that you can’t hold in your hands. When you understand that, you’ll have the secret of The Infinite Way, for that is our secret. That is the one big thing that we have in this work that this is our defense and our offense. Empty hands. No weapons. Resist not evil. Only in proportion as that is understood do our practitioners heal. The minute they go on a rampage against error, I know they’re lost.

You will have opportunity as you take up this work every day to find that a storm is headed for your dwelling place of one nature or another, and this is the time to get in this work. An epidemic, a threatened war, an election, whatever it may be, but always remember, too, that your part is strictly anonymous. First place, if you try to make it known, you bring ridicule on yourself, because nobody is ever going to believe that you can do such things. If anyone did, they’d begin to fear you, and be assured then that if they were big people and thought you had such powers, they’d find a way to lock you up. So, remember this is an anonymous work. It is a secret work, and it is legitimate, because we are not attempting to gain profit for ourselves, fame for ourselves, fortune for ourselves, or anything else. Our entire mission is just one thing—the demonstration of our principle of One Power. That’s all we stand to gain out of it, but that’s enough to save a whole world; and we surely don’t need any credit for that, because it isn’t a personal thing. It’s a principle that’s been discovered.

And, always remember this. That we can’t even take credit for discovering it, because it’s part of the principle that Buddha discovered when he sat under the Bodhi tree that all of the good and evil of this world—of this world—is just an illusion. That was his great discovery. It was the same discovery that the Master made when he was able to stand before Pilate and say, “Thou couldst have no power over me unless it came from God.” Same power he used when he went up to the leper and touched him. “Leprosy, you can’t do a thing to me. You’re nothingness.” Same power he said to the impotent man, “What did hinder you?” It was the same principle he was using. There aren’t two powers—a power of God and the power of paralysis. So, what is hindering you? Get up and walk. It’s the same power that he used when he applied spittle to the blind man’s eye. Spittle in the old Hebrew way of life was a form of disgust, a form of disrespect. When a person wanted to indicate disgust or disrespect, they just spat. And, so it was that when he used spittle on a blind man’s eye, he was really saying, “Look, this is all that blindness amounts to, even spittle can cure it.” In other words, no power is necessary to cure blindness, because blindness isn’t a power. Only God is a power.