Original Iwihub.com Transcript by Zane Maser

1958 Chicago Private “25”
1958 Chicago Private Class for “25”
Joel S. Goldsmith
Tape 215A

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Good morning.

First of all, you know that this work is in the nature of a secret work. That makes it very difficult, because it means that there is no credit for anyone in doing it, no aggrandizement, no possibility of reward. No one can take credit for it or for any fruitage of it, because it can’t be spoken of.

This work began with a group of “25” in New York City, and that’s why it is called the “25” group, but actually there are about 250 members of it. But, they are situated all around the clock. In other words, if you are awake here at 7:00 in the morning and praying, when it’s 8:00 o’clock in the morning there’s a group in New York, and there’s a group in London at 9:00, and there’s a group on the continent at 10:00, and there’s a group down in South Africa but gathered together at least in one city engaged in this work.

The object of it is this. As you do healing work, you come to see very clearly, as I brought out last night, that sin, and disease, and death, and lack have nothing to do with any person. Every person who has sin, disease, death, and lack is just a victim. Not one is responsible for the ills that they’re suffering. Everyone is a victim, and they’re a victim of that Adamic belief in two powers—good and evil. Because we only had One Power, we’d have nobody suffering from anything. We’d have nobody stealing anything. We’d have nobody killing anybody. If there’s only One Power, there’s nothing left on earth to do except to enjoy life.

It is only when there is an evil power that we begin to try to overcome it, or we begin to use it for our personal end; but, if there is no evil power, then there’s none to use, nor is there any to be a victim of. So, when you do healing work, if you are at all observing, if you have freed yourself at all from emotion or emotionalism, so that you can observe objectively what’s going on, you will soon see that your adult patients are no more responsible for their diseases than your little, tiny children patients. We certainly wouldn’t want to blame them for their ills, and so it is that eventually you get to see the impersonal nature of evil, of that which causes the different forms of error.

Sooner or later, you commence to understand what is written on page 13 of the book, “The Letters. ” Where it uses the term Christian Science, you can apply this to any phase of life you want. “The time has now come,” it says, “to take inventory of ourselves to see how far we have come out of Orthodoxy. In Orthodox religion, you have two powers. All the powers of good are ascribed to God. All the powers of evil are ascribed to devil or Satan. Now, you’ve come into metaphysics, but have you not transferred those powers of good from God to divine Mind and the powers of devil or Satan to mortal mind? And, do you not still have, do you not have still a power that this power of God or divine Mind is going to overcome or destroy or help you rise above?”

In other words, have we not substituted the term “mortal mind” for devil, or evil, or Satan, or error? In most cases, you will find that that’s what you have done, and that’s what you’ll find that all metaphysicians, nearly all metaphysicians of all schools are doing. They’re using the power of divine Mind over error, the divine Mind to overcome mortal mind, the power of divine Mind, of love to overcome hate. They put it that way. Of course, all this is nonsense, because the basic and original revelation of metaphysics was that mortal mind isn’t a power. It’s the sum total of all error, but it’s nothingness.

In the Christian Science movement, that teaching was lost right while Mrs. Eddy was with us, because she herself became a victim of fear. She became a victim of mortal mind and even on her deathbed sent a message to the Mother Church that her enemies had killed her, not disease. What difference does it make whether it’s disease or your enemies, as long you’re going to be killed. As long as you’re acknowledging error, you might just as well call it the “dear-old devil” of the bygone days. And, it is for that reason that the Christian Science movement is not doing as good a healing as it should be doing. There’s no other reason. A lot of people blame the Board of Directors. I worked with them for ten years, lived right across the street from them, and I can tell you they’re all fine people. They’re all very fine people and very sincere and doing the highest that they know and certainly the highest that can be done with a great, big organization to control. They’re not to blame. The Sentinel Journal is sometimes blamed, because the articles are no good, and certainly they are no good. The world would be far better off with 90% of them eliminated, but that doesn’t make them to blame because science and health still exist and prose work still exists. And, if any individual wanted to dig out the truth, they could, so why blame the Board of Directors, because we are too lazy to study and find out what the principles are.

I also found this that the Board of Directors never limited or restricted our activities, except in one way. As long as we’re in the Journal, we were not permitted to recommend openly the use of unauthorized literature. They did not restrict us from reading it. The Directors knew we were using the first edition as our main textbook. The Directors knew we were reading other literature. As a matter of fact, at one time, one director sent me down to New York to have a conversation with Father Divine. They knew what we were doing. They weren’t blind. They knew that any practitioner who was doing good work and found out some things, they didn’t object to that. They only objected to our confusing our patients by introducing them into things that would bring confusion to them. They were getting enough confusion anyway without our adding to it.

No, the reason that Christian Science is not, I mean Christian Science work is not doing the work they could because they have again accepted two powers. They have got a divine Mind and a mortal mind, and the minute they stop that they’ll do better healing work. The minute they stop giving treatments and just realize you can’t fight error. You don’t need any God power to overcome that which has no existence, except as a mental image in your own thought or in universal thought. They’ll do good healing works, and I look for them to do good healing works through the use that they’re making of The Infinite Way books and the increased use that they’re going to make of them.