Original Iwihub.com transcript by Hilda Soon, proofread by Zane Maser

1960 London Private Class “25”
Joel S. Goldsmith
Tape 357A

 Tape 357A _I_

And, the question is if someone went out and published this abroad today, if they wouldn’t be crucified, because human nature does not change. But, to teach it in secret, as it was taught in those days, is the part of wisdom, because it is developing consciousness. You see, what you pray in secret is broadcast openly, so whatever secret truth you know in your consciousness, as long as you keep it secret, will appear outwardly as demonstrable form. What you do not keep secret will be like planting your seeds on top of the ground. The only excuse there is for voicing this ever is in teaching it, and the only safety is in teaching it in secret where the consciousness that receives it is prepared to receive it and not throw it back in your face. It is a very painful process to voice a truth and have it land back at you from the audience. It is very painful, and that is why very few spiritual teachers have ever been known to have large followings or large following come Sunday to hear them. But, their innermost circle is always small, because they do not want to reveal this until consciousness is prepared to receive the seed, and you see what this is as I voice it—only a seed. It is a seed that is planted in your consciousness. If it is fertile consciousness, it will take root, and it will bear fruit. If it isn’t, it will wither.

You see two major points. The creature cannot talk back to the Creator. All that we behold is the creature, and I am the Creator, and I, in being still, watch. Do you know that if I sit by a plant, a bush, a tree in complete stillness and silence, do you know that that tree, that bush will bear rich fruit? Do you know that if I sit in silence by a dog or a cat, it becomes well, or it becomes quiet, or it becomes obedient?  Now, you do not give a dog or a cat a treatment. You do not give a plant a treatment. You do not ask it to read so many pages of your books. The only thing you can do is to be absolutely still and in that stillness something takes place in the consciousness of the animal or the plant, and you will see it in small children. Eventually, you will see it in your patients that, as you learn to give a treatment without words or thoughts, you will begin to have the most wonderful results in healing, as long as you do not begin to know the truth; because you will have already built your consciousness through the conscious, constant realization of the non-power of effect and knowing the I that is God. That builds your consciousness, and then you have nothing more to do but be still, and this that I am does the work without any help from Joel.

Now, can you not see that there could be no peace on earth for me if those to whom I told this did not keep it sacred, and secret, and demonstrate it. That all they could do would be to make misunderstandings, and trouble, and discords. Misunderstandings, right and left, whereas to keep it secret, not talk it over with your own right hand. Do not let your left hand know what the right hand is doing, even within yourself. Keep it locked up within yourself, until you witness the fruitage of it. Once you witness the fruitage of it, nobody could buy this from you for a million dollars. You would give it away when you find the receptive thought, but you wouldn’t take a million dollars to write an article on it or impart it to anyone, except as they found their way into your heart and you felt here. I am not telling it to them; I am telling it to myself out loud. This will explain the secret of meditation to you. This will tell you more about meditation than you’ve learned in all the years that you’ve been reading about it.

You see, I am God, which means I am the Source of all truth, of all wisdom. Therefore, Joel does not have to go any further than to turn within to the I to receive the impartations of truth, of wisdom from the Source, because Joel and the Father are one—sitting right here in this chair is both Father and Son. God, the Father, and God, the Son. I and the Father, and Joel is the Son. And Joel only has to turn within, and the I, which is the Father, begins to reveal Itself, Its truth, Its wisdom. Because of this, should it be necessary, which it often is, should it be necessary that we discover a book or a teacher; or should it be necessary for some teacher on the inner plane to be an instrument in bringing this wisdom to us, it appears.

In other words, when we are in meditation—and remember that we are meditating only with the I of our being and that is secret of meditation—that I am God and Joel is tuning into the I that I am, the Source, the Father, and receiving from that Infinity, which is closer than breathing. Now, it may be in many cases that right from the pure Source Itself that wisdom comes, unfoldment, revelation. Sometimes it doesn’t, but it leads us to a book in which we find that which we have been seeking. And, that is only because we are not yet fully attuned to receiving it direct. And, there are other times when the great spiritual “Lights” serve as teachers to us.

You can understand this that if I am a teacher today revealing truth, that if tomorrow did what the world calls “die” and left your physical presence that that would not remove me. I would still be here. What they did with my body would make very little difference, but I would still be here. Therefore, I could still teach you the day after tomorrow, if only you realize that there is no death and that we are only separated from physical sight, not from actual communion.

Then, it is the same, if you believe at all, or if you have any knowledge that Lao Tzu was really a great spiritual light, or Buddha, or Jesus, or John; and if you really and truly believe in deathlessness, you know that they are still functioning. The only place they can function is in your consciousness, because you cannot be aware of anything outside of your consciousness. They cannot be up in heaven, and they cannot be out in space. They can only function in your consciousness. Therefore, it is perfectly possible that anyone, any great teacher, could be your teacher, until such time as you had absolute access to the Source and found without deviation.

Now, do you not know under ordinary circumstances whether or not you are receiving it directly from the Source or whether you are receiving it through some teacher, unless some teacher reveals himself to you, but it isn’t necessary. Very often they do not reveal their identity, so that many, many people receive impartations through teachers without ever knowing that they have a teacher, because all teachers do not announce themselves. All teachers do not reveal themselves. They merely work through the consciousness of the individual in a completely impersonal sense. Actually, there is no use of investigating whether you are touching the I Itself or whether there is mediation, because it is of no importance; because, even if it is coming through a teacher, it is coming through the teacher; because the teacher wouldn’t be a teacher, if the teacher weren’t one with the Source.

Now, the reason I tell you this is this so that you will understand meditation, so that you will understand that when you sit down to meditate what you are really doing is acknowledging that God, the Father, is within you and that you, God, the Son, is turning to you, God, the Father, and that you are waiting for the teaching from within and the revelation from within. And then, if it doesn’t come in the form of words or thoughts, it makes no difference. It will still appear as effect. You may have no awareness that anything has taken place, but as long as you go on within and make yourself a state of receptivity, you can be assured that something is going to happen in the visible, and so you get to where you have no curiosity at all as to whether you get an answer in your meditation or whether you do not, as long as you know something is going to happen in the visible.

In taking care of my mail, I have no possible way of knowing what is going to happen to a patient or to a student. Half the time, I do not even know what they want to happen. They do not always explain their problem. They merely ask for help, or they speak of it in such generalities that I know nothing about it. And so when I meditate, I am satisfied that I and the Father are one and that that I is the Creator, Maintainer, and Sustainer, and that It is about Its business. And then, one person writes and says they got employment, and the other one writes and says they sold a piece of property, and the other one writes and says they had a physical healing. I have no knowledge of that. I do not enter humanly into the treatment. I do not give a treatment to a patient, and I certainly do not treat for a certain condition. I do not know anything about these things.

I only know that I am God, not humanly nor egotistically. I do not have any human power over the errors of this world. I do not say like the disciples, “I have power over evil through Thy name.” No, I do not have power over anything good or evil, but I have and in the absence of the activity of the human mind, in the absence of the activity of the human will, the human desire. I may not even desire that a patient be made well. I may not even desire that they come to truth. I may only be still and know that I am God and let that I do Its work, and It does, whatever its name or nature.

We have seen serious physical conditions met, and mental ones, and moral ones, and financial ones, and human relation ones but not because of any human power or human wisdom, not because of any human control of people or circumstances but by the opposite. Be still. Be still and know that I am God and then let I be God. Do not direct It. Do not send It out. Do not make a servant of It. That helps to understand that you must not make a servant of God. Do not try to tell God what you want It to do. Do not even want It to do something. Just let I be I.

Now, you see if you only knew what can happen in your life in a few months time if the seed is buried deeply within yourself and kept buried, kept secret, kept sacred. Go and tell no man what things ye have heard.

Thank you.