Original Iwihub.com transcript by Hilda Soon, proofread by Zane Maser

1960 London Private Class “25”
Joel S. Goldsmith
Tape 357A

 Tape 357A _I_

Now, it isn’t necessary to speak thoughts, to think thoughts when two people are attuned, but the only way they can be attuned is not humanly, not by having something in common humanly but in knowing I am. If I know I am, I am not only Joel but I am you, because there is only one I and that I must be the identity of every individual here. And, therefore, I am the identity of every individual here, but it is just as true when you voice it as when I voice it, because there’s still only one I.

Now, when you know this, you will know why you can say, “All this out here is creation. I am the Creator,” and here is where you must not forget that you must not get egotistical. It does not mean that you have conscious dominion over everything out here. It does not mean that you can mentalize anybody and everybody and make them do your will, because that is the thing that produces Judas Iscariots. That is the thing that produces these egotists who form movements. Once you know that I am, your dominion is not through thought or speech but through silence; and you do not consciously know what you want and then go out and get it. You do not consciously know who you want and go out and control them. That is a form of egotism, and it is next to insanity. You only know the I-AM-ness of your being when you realize that all dominion lies in not having conscious dominion, in not having conscious control or domination. Ah, yes, that is what dominion becomes in the end—domination, when it is consciously exercised.

But to know that since I is God and I am that very I am, I can be still and know that I am God; and then that I am has dominion over everything in the earth, and beneath the earth, and in the air above the earth, and in the skies. Try to remember that the indulgence of human thought in the direction of control or dominion is domination, egotism, ends in tyranny and destruction. Mostly self destruction, for as to be still and know that I am God results in a divine Presence going out there before you, and making the crooked places straight, and preparing mansions for you, and drawing unto you your own.

Many do not realize that in Burroughs poem, “Waiting,” where he says, “My own shall come to me,” they do not realize that Burroughs had attained a state of consciousness of absolute stillness and peace. And, all that he had to do was to be a beholder and watch it come. It isn’t true of the human race that your own will come to you. Most people go through life frustrated, because their own does not come to them. Their own companion doesn’t come. Their own opportunity for service doesn’t come. Their own opportunity for showing forth God’s grace doesn’t come. Why most people go through life terribly frustrated, defeated, and probably tear up a couple of copies of Burroughs, “Waiting,” and think, “My own hasn’t come to me.” And it won’t, except in being still and knowing that I am God.

I would not be surprised that if it wouldn’t be better said, “Know that I am God,” and then be still and let the awareness that the I of my being is Omnipotence, Omnipresence, and Omniscience. And then, let It perform Its work. Do you see why you cannot talk after this wisdom comes? Who could you say it to? And, after you know this, what else would you like to talk about that is of any importance? And so, when we speak of what is going on in the world, it isn’t because of any interest in the event. The reason we speak of it is to try to turn the material seeming into the spiritual.

Jesus said the reason he came to earth that the kingdom of God may be established on earth. And, you cannot establish the kingdom of God on earth in ignorance of what is going on, on earth. He knew all of the sins. He knew all of the diseases. He knew all about the woman taken in adultery. He knew just what she was doing. He knew all about thieves. He knew all about all the evils. He knew all about tyranny and tyrants. He didn’t try to do anything humanly about it. When he spoke of it, he spoke of it only for the purpose of showing that there is a principle of overcoming. The principle isn’t going out and fighting it. That is not the principle. The principle is “resist not evil.” “Be still and know that I am God.” And then, be still. Do not try to think your way through into dominion. Be still, and let the I which is Omnipotence perform Its work while you are a beholder.

Do you not see that to speak of this as openly as this, as freely as this, lends itself to all kinds of misunderstanding on the part of those who are always reading something between the lines that isn’t there or missing something between the lines that is there.

To start on the path of mysticism, two things must be known beyond all doubt, must be practiced, understood, demonstrated; but it must be done in silence and in secrecy. “Go and tell no man what things ye have heard.” And, the one thing to remember is that all creature or creation is not power, whether it is weather, climate, germs, tyrants, armies of the aliens, flesh. Whatever form it is, it is not power. Rest in that. It is not power. Do not fear it and do not seek a power to destroy it. Revel in the realization of its nothingness and then realize that that which is power is I am—without taking thought, without consciously directing the mind to do something, without making up our mind how we’d like the demonstration to come out. Just realizing I. Just be still and know to live consciously in the realization that I am God and that I can enjoy all creation, because there is no evil in it is to completely transform one’s life. But to speak of it is to break the spell, because it is boasting. It is setting up the evil. To speak of it to a living soul is to lose it, because one only wants to speak of it to show how much one knows, except in teaching. And, you can be assured anyone who knows this secret does not teach it indiscriminately and does not publish it broadly.

Between the lines, it can be detected. Ah, yes, as you read The Infinite Way writings now you will say he was telling us all that all of the time. That was no secret, but you could not see it there, because God doesn’t allow it to be written in electric lights. So, God doesn’t allow it to be spoken openly. The great question has been for many centuries whether Jesus did right in going out and preaching this on the hillside to the ignorant. The great question has been for many centuries whether Jesus did right in going out and preaching this on the hillside to the ignorant. Up to this time, no. Up to a hundred years before his time, these things had never been told to the world. They were only revealed among the high priests in the religious world, and in the monasteries, and in the secret orders, those orders that led up eventually to the Masonic Order. Schools of Wisdom knew these things, but you had to go through six or seven years of initiation before it was ultimately revealed what the secret was. But, a hundred years before Jesus, a spiritual teacher began to reveal it to the Hebrew people, and he was crucified for revealing it. And, then a hundred years later, Jesus either decided or was elected to carry on his work—appointed probably—to carry on his work, and he was crucified.