Original Iwihub.com transcript by Hilda Soon, proofread by Zane Maser

1960 London Private Class “25”
Joel S. Goldsmith
Tape 357A

 Tape 357A _I_

Therefore, it wasn’t any God outside who did something. It wasn’t an appeal or prayer. It was a state of consciousness that knew enough to know that the human mind and its thought is not spiritual healer. It was able to be still enough to let that which is the transcendental Consciousness or healer do its work. But, we know what does it. The secret is how to attain that consciousness, how to come to that consciousness where the miracles can be performed without the individual egotistically doing it through taking thought, through his knowledge, through his wonderful statements of or powerful statements of truth.

One thing that I have made clear on this entire trip, more especially because it has come to the surface through world work, through these things that are facing us in life, we are all conscious of the fact that there is far more danger from Russia than appears on the surface. We are all consciously aware of the fact that our governments, your government, my government is far more fearful than it lets on outside. But, we are also aware of the fact that there are dangers in Africa, from North Africa to the tip most south that could erupt into a whole continent of disaster and enmesh the whole world. We know that, even if those things weren’t so, that we are faced with a growing danger just from trade “unionism” that could wreck the industry of any nation. And we know that if that weren’t so that we are all sitting on a keg of dynamite in the form of our currency that nobody has solved how to make solid.

Actually, we have an awful lot of threats to the world, to our safety, our security, our peace of mind. And, I do not think more especially after the battle this week, I do not think we can have too much confidence that the United Nations, or the League of Nations, or men’s agreements are going to solve them or settle them. And, therefore, mankind has consciously acknowledged correction, and whether mankind has consciously acknowledged it or not or even if most of the worlds are in ignorance of it, this world is really faced with some dangers, with some problems that are almost insurmountable. So, this entire trip we have taken the world condition as a part of our treatment work, and I’ve tried to show that the principle that can change this entire situation, since it is not going to be changed humanly, the principle that can do it is this very principle of the recognition of the non-power of the human mind and its ambitions, its hopes, its fears. The constant recognition, “Thou couldst have no power over me unless it were given thee of the Father.” The constant recognition of the fact, “What did hinder you? There is no power out there. All power is within me.”

Now, I could say that in classes and yet not be able to convey or impart to them what I am saying to you and that is, “The responsibility is on your individual shoulders.” In other words, starting with your personal problems, you are never going to solve them except in some way—in one way—and that is in your own recognition of the non-power of those problems or of that which caused the problem; and that is where you have the opportunity of beginning with your personal problem.

You may say there are some people who do not have personal problems, but that is not true. Every person in this world has a calendar, and that calendar is a very serious problem. That calendar is digging our graves, and we are not going to overcome it, except in our ability to look the calendar straight in the face and say, “Who empowered you over me? What are those dates, those numbers up there got to do with life, which is God?” Does it say in Scripture? Yes, in Job, isn’t it? “Can the creature talk back to the Creator? Can the creature overcome the Creator?” What, no! A calendar is a man-made thing. And, if a calendar is a man-made thing, how can it turn and rend its Creator? But it does. But it does so, because of our ignorance, because of our not assuming jurisdiction over the calendar by realizing I created you, and I have jurisdiction over you, and I have jurisdiction over time and tide. I have jurisdiction over time, tide, weather.

It is only in proportion as you come to the realization that everything that exists is creature. Everything that has form, outline is creature, and then you come to the secret that cannot be told in public, not even in classes. I am the Creator of that creature. I AM. That is why it has no jurisdiction over Me. I am the Creator of the creature. I created all that was made. It has not done the world any good to say that God made all that was made because that left me here off somewhere, and it even made me a part of that which was made. But I was before Abraham was, and I will be with you until the end of the world. That you may not see Me physically makes no difference, because I am not physical. I am Spirit. I am Consciousness. I am life eternal, and if only you can see that where I physically am will never bother you, for I will always be where you are, right unto the end of the world, right unto the end of time. I will be where you are, but since I am you, I can have you with me wherever I am by knowing that the I of your being is where I am. And, we are inseparable, and we are indivisible, and there does not have to be conversation between us. There is an area of consciousness, which is an area of impartation, so that without speech and without thought, whatever is necessary to be imparted between us will take place.

One of my very close friends was one of the top students and the right-hand man of Swami Yogananda; and once this man, my friend, was lost in a snow storm in Chicago and could not find his way back to his hotel. The storm was so severe, and it was blinding, and he just could not see through it. And, of course, his teacher came to his consciousness. He reached out “Teacher, teacher,” and although his teacher was in California, a path was opened for him; and he walked straight through the street and into his hotel. A second time, this same man was out in a row boat in New England, and they have very sudden storms there and very heavy seas. And, a sudden storm came up and immediately took one of the oars out of the boat, and he was left with one oar and a heavy storm; and he could not get back. The storm was carrying him out to sea. And again, he thought of his teacher and instantly the boat turned in and against that heavy wind and tide and went right into the sand. You know on both these occasions, the next time he saw his teacher, his teacher said to him, “You had better be careful, getting yourself into so much trouble.”