Original Iwihub.com transcript by Hilda Soon, proofread by Zane Maser

1960 London Private Class “25”
Joel S. Goldsmith
Tape 357A

 Tape 357A _I_

Sometimes, because of this teaching, which Moses feared to give the world, he feared to give it to the Hebrew people of his day the name and nature of God, and Jesus was bold enough to give us but was crucified for giving. Sometimes, the revelation of this sets up a strange ego in people and makes them think that humanly they are God, or makes them think that humanly they are some kind of a law unto themselves or unto others; and it sets up an “inflation of ego” that drives them away from any spiritual teacher and makes their lot worse than it was when they were in ignorance. Because at least when they were in ignorance, they were in total ignorance and did not know it. And now in their ignorance and they have missed the way, and they know it.

So the study of Truth, the realization of Truth, sets up in some a wrong reaction in a sense of glorifying the ego because of word “I.” The very moment a teacher begins to reveal God, he has to use the word “I.” And if he is not careful, that is misunderstood.

I remember a man, a teacher, heaven forgive the name or title, who sent out a letter to all of his students warning them about The Infinite Way, because Joel says he’s God. We’re still sometimes students believe that about themselves not realizing that they are not God but I AM, and that the more we live in the realization that I am God, the more we realize the nothingness of that which calls itself Joel as an entity of its own or separate and apart from its Source. But then, there are other traps we fall into and that comes when this life begins to change our natures, and we find ourselves beginning to be cut off from society. Of course, at that moment, we do not realize that we are going through a transitional period and that once we have made the grade and become completely cut off from society, we are then going to be led into the companionship of those of our own spiritual household. In other words, we’re not really going to meet our companions, we’re not really going to meet those of our own household while we are still tabernacling with the world.

It is only when we have died to the world that, all of a sudden out of this universe, one person crosses our path, and we recognize a kindred soul. Another person crosses our path, and we recognize a kindred soul. But you see, if our lives are cluttered up with a lot of social friends and relatives, we are not free to enjoy the companionship of that one, that two, that six, that eight, that ten, that eventually crosses our path, nor are we free to make the journeys that are sometimes necessary to be in their company or to have them in our company, because we do not always find that one, two, or three in our own community. We are a group that the members of which are scattered all over the world, and you are apt to run into one in India, and you’re apt to run into another one in the north of Canada, and another one in South America but always you run into that one or that one will run into you; and the first thing you know, you find yourself in a companionship that may not have much of the physical in it. In other words, these companions you may see once in a year or once in three years. It will not make any difference, because you are having a spiritual companionship that takes no thought of time or space. And, even if there were years in which you were physically apart, on meeting, you would be completely and wholly at one.

But you see, the student in that stage of witnessing the friends and the relatives drop away, in that stage of witnessing the world fall away, sometimes gets fearful and lonesome and starts clutching. And the first thing you know, they are clutching the wrong thing or the wrong person, and why? Because they could not take aloneness. And if they cannot take aloneness, they cannot open. They cannot enter into this spiritual life. In the same way, a spiritual truth begins to reveal itself in one, a silence descends on them, an inability to speak, an inability to be a part of the world’s gabble, gabble; and this, of course, makes everyone know that we are “odd” but even those who are starting on the path cannot quite understand that total inability to be still, to be quiet, to say nothing, and yet to impart and even to receive. And so this, too, which is a form of inability to stand aloneness, quietness, this breaks up many a student’s progress on the way.

And so it has been that even though I have known that it would not take many people in the world to really save the entire world from all the catastrophes that confront it, yet it has been a difficult thing to hold together these groups as groups. Although very fortunately, we have by a process of one by one gathered a few widely separated parts of the globe who are so completely one with us that we can work out many things together. But, of course, we are only at the start of that kind of a relationship. That is why I said that I am handicapped, because I really owe you a debt, thinking of the years in which you have looked toward me, to me, with me. I owe it to you not hide anything, not to conceal anything, not to keep anything from you, and yet my experience is such that I have a shrivelling feeling inside of me when I even think of beginning really to talk. And so it is that here I am with this great desire, a great desire to say things that I haven’t said on this entire trip in 12 months of travel.

Well, they are going to be said. We are going start, and I am going to start by telling you this. The secret of spiritual demonstration is really the activity of individual consciousness, and it hasn’t anything to do with a God. It has to do with the attainment of a God state of consciousness. It hasn’t anything to do with a Spirit. It has to do with the individual attainment of spiritual consciousness. In other words, the miracles performed by the Master were miracles of his consciousness, performed by and through his attained spiritual consciousness. The miracles of the Masters, whether they were the ancient Hebrew Masters, whether they were Hindu or Tibetan Masters, makes no difference. In every case, it was the same. It was the miracles of an individual attained spiritual consciousness, and the consciousness of the individual had to be imbued with certain specific Truths.

Now, the developing of this consciousness is dependent on the awareness and practice of specific principles, unless it is an individual who for some humanly unknown reason is given divine Grace, and that is quite a different thing. There are some individuals who receive a divine Grace and have the miracle of spiritual consciousness without learning or practising any truths or any principles, but the entire “guru system” of the Orient is based on an attained state of consciousness called a Master imparting specific principles to the student, which principles the student lives with, learns, practises, and finally finds himself efficient in.

Let me tell you this experience that happened this morning. In our building in town, there is a man suffering some form of illness that results in very nasty coughing. It might be tuberculosis. It might be asthma. I wouldn’t know, but it is very severe. It must be difficult for him to live through. It is very difficult to listen to. And each time that I have been aware of it, I have given the man help and witnessed that it quickly stopped and remained at a stop for the rest of that particular time that I was there. But, of course, there was always the next time. But, this morning he had another of these attacks, and it was very severe; and I found myself almost unconsciously beginning to know a truth but instantly, just as quickly as I began to know that truth, the voice spoke and said, “What good is that going to do? All the truth in the human mind isn’t power.” And I stopped that short, and he stopped that short, and the rest of the day there hasn’t been a sound from that man.