Original Iwihub.com Transcript by Zane Maser

Bringing Grace Into Expression
1959 London Private Class for “25”
Joel S. Goldsmith
Tape 282B

pdf-49px  282B Bringing Grace Into Expression

If I seek for God for a purpose, I will defeat my purpose.  If I seek for God for any reason, I will not obtain.  God must be sought for God, for the experience, for the realization, and for no purpose.  Then, in the experience It fulfills Itself.  We create a barrier when we go to God for peace.  We almost can write an insurance policy guaranteeing that peace won’t come.  If we go to God for health, we can also take out an insurance for hospitalization or doctor bills, for we are assuring that we have set up a barrier through which help cannot reach us.  God cannot be used, and God is not a great power over the power of sin, or disease, or of lack.  God is infinite being, infinite power, infinite Omnipresent being, infinite Omnipresent law; and in that realization, we have God’s grace, God’s presence; and Grace is our sufficiency.  The Grace itself is our sufficiency, not the Grace to use it for some purpose, not God’s grace to go out and do something for us.  The Grace itself is our sufficiency.  Therefore, we should seek nothing but God realization, God ordination, God’s grace, and we receive it in proportion to our realization of the fact that it has no opposition.

Paul was all wrong when he said the carnal mind is enmity against God.  Be assured that it isn’t.  There is no enmity against God.  God has no enemies.  God is not fighting with anyone.  God is not contending with anyone.  God is infinite; therefore, there isn’t anyone, and there isn’t anything, except our acceptance of the belief in two powers; and that isn’t enmity against God.  It’s enmity against us.  The very moment any one of us accepts that the carnal mind is not enmity against God; there is no enmity against God.  There are no two powers.  We will find that our enemy has disappeared—the belief in two powers—and God will be intact, but that won’t do anything for our neighbor.  That neighbor will still be battling with what is believed to be God’s enemy, until they, too, awaken to the fact that this entire religious warfare of all times has been the very thing that has defeated religion’s purpose.

The kingdom of God will never come on earth while the carnal mind is accepted as enmity against God, while the devil is accepted as being in opposition to God or God in opposition to the devil; but in the moment, and you can prove this for yourself, in the moment that you can understand that the devil is an impersonal source of evil in all forms and that the devil is constituted of a belief in two powers; and, therefore, it isn’t a power, and it isn’t a law, and it has no action.  In that degree will you have overcome your enemy, not God’s enemy, no, no, your enemy.  The belief in two powers is your enemy and mine.  The realization of God as one power eliminates your enemy and mine in proportion to the degree of our realization.

So it is when we are working for our patients or students, their only hope of success on our part on their behalf is in the degree that we are not fooled by appearances as they are.  They are fooled; that’s what makes them patients.  They are fooled by appearances, which testify to two powers.  All that constitutes the practitioner is a consciousness that has come, in some measure, to realize that there is but one power and that the belief in two powers is all there is to carnal mind or mortal mind; and, therefore, it is the arm of flesh or nothingness.  And, we can rest in that word in proportion as the practitioner can rest in their inner being in this word.  There is no enmity against God.  There is no power that can operate against God or God’s creation.  There’s no power that can operate in or through God or God’s creation.  There is no law detrimental to God or God’s creation, and the belief in such is the arm of flesh, nothingness.

We have the Lord God almighty, the only power.  We have the Lord God almighty, the only might, the all might, the one might, the Omnipresent might, the might that has no enemy to battle, whether in the form of sin, disease, death, lack, or limitation.  In the degree that you can prove this for yourself, for your cat, for your dog, for a member of your family, you can gradually develop the depth of your own consciousness to the degree that you can help others who come to you for help and continuing in this wise you come to that place where you can act as practitioner for all those seeking release from the penalty of the belief in two powers.

Then, the day will come and that is the day that some of our students are preparing themselves for when they can utilize this Principle in the wider fields of life, such as industry, education, government, and bring forth harmonies but the world will not yet understand but will someday awaken to.

Out of my whole life of search, there has come the revelation and the conviction that there are not two powers.  There is no such thing as God over evil, or God healing disease, or God reforming sinners.  There is no such thing as God coming down to earth to establish peace.  God is the one infinite power, and in our recognition of that it becomes so unto us.  And, in proportion as we are enabled to release ourselves from the belief that we are seeking of God to do something and come to know the real nature of God as Omnipresence, the almighty, the only might there is, the only power there is, in that degree our own thought becomes free of fear, superstition, ignorance.  Certainly becomes free of any belief that the carnal mind is a power.  Certainly becomes imbued with the realization that it’s absolutely ridiculous to think of a continuing power against God, enmity against God.  And, in that degree, it is enabled to rest in this word, to abide in this word of Oneness; and if you abide in this word of God’s presence and power, if you let this presence and power of God abide in you, you bear fruit richly; and then you will see that all that is necessary for the enjoyment of peace individually is the enjoyment of a realization of God’s presence, the enjoyment of communion, inner communion with God, an inner peace be still.  You might almost call it that realization that where the Lord is my shepherd so I shall not want and not tempting to use God or to get God’s power but to resting in the fact that the very IS of God is my sufficiency.

Now, I think that is that for today.  One of these days we’re going to carry this very, very much further but not until there are students actually demonstrating it in their experience to the extent that they can begin to see some of the discords dissolved in their own lives and then bear witness to it with others.

Thank you.