Original Iwihub.com Transcript by Zane Maser

Bringing Grace Into Expression
1959 London Private Class for “25”
Joel S. Goldsmith
Tape 282B

pdf-49px  282B Bringing Grace Into Expression

Now, since the grace of God, the spirit of God, and the presence of God is filling you at this very moment, there is only one thing preventing that fullness of that demonstration in your entire life; and that is that you are accepting and I am accepting, we are accepting in some measure—some more, some less—a belief in two powers—good and evil.  You didn’t invent it.  It didn’t have its rise in you or me.  This is the experience that is responsible for human experience.  This is the experience that in scripture is termed “Adam and Eve being thrown out of Eden.”  Only one thing caused their expulsion from the Garden of Eden and that is eating of the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.  Nothing else.  That’s the whole secret.  And, because of that, we have been born into the belief in the power of good and evil; and it now becomes necessary, since that belief has made us prodigals, has deprived us of our substance of life in the form of help, and supply, and peace.  It is necessary that we return to the Father’s house.  But how?  By understanding that this belief in the power of good and evil, which was given the name “devil,” which later became carnal mind, which later became mortal mind, that this belief in good and evil, this carnal mind is absolutely impersonal.  That it does not belong to man.  It does not have its rise in man.  It does not belong to man’s nature and never has been a part of man’ nature.

Let us put it this way, then, in Infinite Way language.  Every form of evil, every activity of evil, every law of evil, may be summed up as the activity or substance of carnal mind—entirely separate and apart from man, from the nature of man, and at no part merging into or with man or ever becoming a part of man, or his life, or his being.  That it finds expression through us, yes.  You can throw a handful of dirt into a pail of clean water and have what appears to be dirty water, but the dirt never becomes a part of the water and is easily removable, leaving behind it the pure water again, the clean water, because dirt is not and never was a part of the nature of water.

So it is that error, regardless of its name or nature, which finds expression through our consciousness, never becomes a part of our consciousness and is easily removed.  How easily?  Every practitioner who has ever had success in healing knows the answer.  “Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”  As a practitioner has been asked for help and that practitioner begins to realize God constitutes individual being—this being that is the life, the mind, the spirit, the soul of individual being.  God made all that was made, and all that God made is good.  God is the life, the mind, the soul, the spirit of individual being.  God is the only life.  God is the lawgiver.  God is the only lawgiver that is infinite.  God is the only lawgiver; therefore, all law must be spiritual.  All law must be spiritual.  Therefore, there can be no law of discord, no law of inharmony, no law of disease; and any claim of a law apart from God, or a life apart from God, or an activity apart from God is only a claim of this carnal mind, this impersonal belief in two powers, a claim or belief which never had its seat, its origin in God.  Never is endowed of God, never ordained of God, never is upheld, or supported, or sustained by God, and, therefore, has no actual existence, has no real being, has no powers of perpetuation.  They have only the arm of flesh.

Now, as you begin to perceive, this is the practitioner I’m speaking about, as the practitioner begins to perceive that the kingdom of God is intact and that whatever is operating in the experience of this patient is only the operation of this belief in two powers, which is no part of that being but operates only as its from its source as carnal mind and a carnal mind without law, substance, or action.  The practitioner rises in consciousness to where this becomes so real within that all fear of the condition disappears, all fear of the law of infection or contagion, all fear of poverty, all fear of any condition separate and apart from God evaporates.  As soon as that happens in the consciousness of the practitioner, it begins to act as freedom in the mind, and life, and body of the patient—for one with God is a majority.

The spiritual practitioner does not mentalize.  The spiritual practitioner does not put thoughts orally or silently into the mind of a patient.  The spiritual practitioner does not intrude into the mind or consciousness of the patient.  The practitioner communes with truth within himself or herself.  The practitioner abides in the kingdom of God within himself and there communes with this truth.  The truth has to include the realization that we are not seeking the power of God or presence of God, for it is Omnipresence.  We are seeking only to realize the unreal nature of that which is claiming to operate as sin, disease, lack, weather, climate, economic conditions, political conditions.

So it is, then, that the patient, unless their interest lies only in their immediate physical freedom, the patient soon becomes a student; and as soon as a student begins to realize that we are not seeking God power to do anything, that we are not seeking God presence to do anything, we are merely seeking God realization, that in that realization error dissipates itself.  And why?  Because it doesn’t exist as power and doesn’t have to be overcome or destroyed.  It does not need a power to overcome it or destroy it.  It needs only God realization.  “Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.”  It doesn’t say at all that it makes freedom, or creates freedom, or establishes freedom.  It says where the Spirit of the Lord is there is freedom, and this is literally true.  The moment there is a realization of God there is freedom.  The realization of God is not used to destroy evil.  It is not used to overcome sin or disease.  No, no, no.  The kingdom of God is realized, experienced.  In that experience, you quickly perceive that you never needed a power.  You needed only the presence of God; and in the presence of God, there is fulfillment.

The mistake the entire world is believing is that there is a presence of God and that it can use this presence of God.  It can use this presence of God to perform things for it.  Now, the presence of God uses us.  The presence of God turns us into its obedient servant.  The presence of God acts in us and through us and performs Its work through us.  That we can’t use It.  We can’t influence It.  We can’t pray to It to do something for us or for the world, for the kingdom of God is intact.  The kingdom of God is here and now.  It needs only to be experienced, but It can only be experienced in the consciousness of an individual who is dedicating himself or herself to that.