Original Iwihub.com Transcript by Zane Maser

Bringing Grace Into Expression
1959 London Private Class for “25”
Joel S. Goldsmith
Tape 282B

pdf-49px  282B Bringing Grace Into Expression

Good afternoon.

Once more it is our pleasure to be here with Miss Salt and her studio, and we’re still enjoying London’s wonderful weather.  This weather may be part of the prophecy.  There is a prophecy to the effect that England will walk in heaven; and the prophecy concerns the immediate future and is part of a wider prophecy, which indicates that the time is not far off when the kingdom of God will be established on earth.

To understand a prophecy of this nature, you have to understand what would make such a prophecy come to pass, what would be necessary before such a prophecy could be fulfilled.  It must be clear to every deep, spiritual thinker that it is not going to come because God is going to do something tomorrow that he wasn’t doing yesterday.  It isn’t going to come because God is going to initiate any new enterprise or change in any wise the spiritual laws of life.  Certainly has no reference to the fact that any one part of the world will come under God’s grace anymore than another through any activity of God.  I hope you understand what I just said.

God’s grace, the fruitage of God’s grace does come to certain parts of the globe even while being absent from others, but this is not because of God’s doing.  God’s grace is infinite and is Omnipresence itself.  Therefore, it exists universally.  But since this grace can only enter consciousness, but rather can only enter activity and expression through consciousness and as consciousness, it will appear in those places and at those times where consciousness has been prepared for the experience.

I can illustrate that for you in this way.  If you will remember that the Magna Carta took place in a certain time and in a certain place, the French Revolution for freedom at a certain time and a certain place, the American Revolution, the Civil War, you will note that these experiences took place always in that place where consciousness was prepared for the experience.  It did not take place in the heart of Africa, did not take place at that time in India or China.  In other words, spiritual harmony can only break through into expression individually and collectively where consciousness is prepared to admit the light.  In other words, out of the millions of people in any city or any country only those few receive spiritual light, spiritual healing, spiritual living, spiritual freedom, whose consciousness have been prepared for that experience; and in those same cities, same villages, same hamlets, same countries, millions of others remain in spiritual darkness.

A thousand shall fall at thy left hand and ten thousand at thy right hand, but it will not come nigh thy dwelling place.  Therefore, for the experience of individual, spiritual freedom there must be the individual’s preparedness and readiness for the experience.  In order that spiritual grace may break through into a nation, that nation’s consciousness must be prepared for the experience, not necessarily because every individual in the nation is ready to abide by spiritual law, but because there is in some part of its leadership, in some part of its responsible citizenry, the preparedness and the necessary leadership for the experience.

Now, we as individuals prepare ourselves not for anyone else’s benefit, not for anyone else’s good—only for our own.  We must be truthful with ourselves and acknowledge that I am seeking the light that I may be illumined, that I may receive this divine grace.  I’m not seeking for anyone else.  I’m only seeking for myself.  It seems very selfish, but it isn’t.  If I do not attain spiritual awareness, I have nothing with which to help anyone else.  Therefore, my major concern has to be attaining it myself and attaining it to the highest possible degree and then awaiting any call that may come to bring that light into some active expression.  By wanting to save the world, by wanting to help others, we defeat our purpose, because we are not wholly centered on attaining the light ourselves and then waiting for the call that may take us into a specific activity.  In other words, unless I myself receive some measure of light, I have not to give.  If I attain some measure of spiritual light, the attainment of that light will bring with it a specific work or a mission or message.  Then, I’m qualified to go out into that particular activity.

Now, everyone is not given a light for the same purpose.  In other words, it is definitely not meant that everyone should be a spiritual healer, or that everyone should be a spiritual teacher, or that everyone should be a spiritual writer; because the grace of God must enter consciousness in infinite ways through infinite avenues, through infinite activities.  And, there must be schoolteachers imbued with spiritual light.  There must be government leaders governed by spiritual light.  There must be businessmen governed by spiritual light.  Otherwise, we do not have the light in its infinite form and variety performing the functions of life.  If there were only peoples spiritually enlightened in the religious world, they’d have a very difficult time trying to bring the freedom, harmony, equity, justice into government, into industry, into the arts, into education.  Therefore, as individuals, it becomes necessary that we seek the highest light, the attainment of the highest possible light, and then let that light give us both our message and our mission.

The Master Christ Jesus voiced his message and his mission very clearly.  But, you can readily understand his failure to bring light into the Hebrew hierarchy because of their unpreparedness for the experience, and had there been someone inside that hierarchy spiritually prepared, it might have grown fuller and so would Rome.  Had there been someone in Rome with spiritual light, it is possible that the mission and the message of the Master would have had more acceptance in government than it had.

Today, we understand more fully that there can be no liberty, there can be no freedom until spiritual law and spiritual grace, spiritual wisdom that these be made manifest in every activity of human experience.  Therefore, it may be given to one of us to fulfill ourselves at that management and labor table, while another fulfills himself in a government office, and still another in the educational field, and so forth.