Original Iwihub.com Transcript by Zane Maser

Bringing Grace Into Expression
1959 London Private Class for “25”
Joel S. Goldsmith
Tape 282B

pdf-49px  282B Bringing Grace Into Expression

Now, there is no doubt that our individual, spiritual unfoldment will increase in proportion as we know the Principles that bring this grace into expression, rather than sit around waiting for a spiritual light to hit us somewhat in the nature of a bolt of electricity without our specifically preparing ourselves for the experience.  In past centuries, there is nothing for anyone to do except wait for the spirit of God to touch them, wait to be touched by the grace of God, wait to be called.  In this present age, we have taken a step forward in spiritual understanding, a step which was not known then.  Steinmetz, the great electrical wizard inventor/scientist said before his passing that the greatest advance that would come to the world in the 20th century would be in spiritual understanding.  In other words, discoveries would be made in the 20th century, which never before were known, never before had been revealed, never before had been practiced.  This is a tremendous thing when you ponder it.  It means that although the spiritual wisdom of God has been expressed that it had not all been received in human consciousness or received through human consciousness and that there were facets of spiritual truth yet to come; and according to his prophecy—Steinmetz—the 20th century would see these principles introduced.  And, this is one of the reasons that the prophecy has been made that soon England would walk in heaven.

Now, throughout all ages and including the very present century, vast efforts have been made to learn how to bring the power of God into human experience.  More than ever in this century, groups are meeting all over the world praying for peace, praying that the power of God may be made manifest on earth in the form of universal peace, universal abundance, universal brotherhood.  These efforts haven’t been very successful in past centuries, certainly haven’t been in the past few decades, and I don’t see any reason to believe that they can be any more successful in the future than they have been in the past.  The main reason is that they are predicated on an erroneous belief, and that is that the power of God is withheld from the world, and that through some means it is going to be introduced or brought to earth, and when it is it is going to wipe out wars.  It should be very easy for you to see the fallacy of that and the fact that you can’t wipe out wars until you have changed the consciousness from the material to the spiritual.  You couldn’t even wipe out wars in this room, as long as material consciousness would control the individuals.

What do I mean by material consciousness?  I mean as long as we believe that it is possible to get, that it is possible to take from others, that we can benefit at another’s expense, that if we could take everything away from everyone that they possess that we thereby would be enriched or bettered.  All this is material consciousness.  All of this has been responsible for wars—local, national, international.  There is no possibility of stopping a war while we believe that we can benefit at another’s expense.  War can never disappear off the earth while dollars or pounds represent value or represent supply.

The only hope of bringing a peace on earth would be to bring to individual consciousness a spiritual development in which there would be the recognition that we do not benefit by getting or taking.  We benefit by giving or sharing.  As a matter of fact, that good isn’t external.  Good is an inner essence, an inner substance; and abundance is only the outer evidence of that inner grace.  Therefore, we can’t get supply from someone else.  We can’t get anything from anyone else.  We first have to attain the spiritual awareness, which reveals that supply is of God, harmony is of God, laws are of God, and then in allowing that truth to flow out from us find that it is met by the same grace flowing through all others.

Now, in waiting for the world to become spiritual, we would be waiting for an impossibility, because if there were any teaching on earth that would spiritualize this generation, the next generation would come along and probably be as material as this one was in the beginning.  For one generation does not learn from another, although eventually the younger generation will take on the spiritual nature that is imparted to them from their mother’s bosom or their father’s teachings.

The way is not waiting for God’s power to wipe out wars nor praying for God’s powers to wipe out wars, and the way isn’t to hope that some spiritual teaching will so spiritualize all mankind that that will end wars.  There is another way and while that way begins with an individual very soon it becomes apparent that the influence of that one individual can quickly reach millions.  Just as one person spiritually endowed to the point of healing consciousness can heal thousands of people, tens of thousands, if their devotion and dedication is sufficient, so it is that one individual learns the spiritual principles of life can bring about peace, harmony, wholeness not only in entire communities but within a short time in the entire world.  And that, too, is the reason that England will walk in heaven without waiting for all Englishmen to become perfect.  It will be because consciousness in this nation is prepared for the experience, and there would be a sufficient number here to be the instruments through which the rest of the people will come into their freedom.

And, I’m not localizing this in England.  The same is true wherever there are those preparing themselves for the experience, and through these the rest of the world will be encompassed in that peace—and it is not far off.  And, it is not far off, because the prediction is true that in the 20th century things would be learned about spiritual power, spiritual consciousness never before known.  Since it begins with the individual, let us now forget the world and come down to our own individual experience through which eventually the world will witness its peace.

The secret of peace, as the secret of health and the secret of abundance, does not lie in the word, “power;” and they are not to be attained by introducing something called a spiritual power or the power of God.  No, no, there is a spiritual power, and there is a power of God; but it’s already functioning, and it’s already functioning here where we are.  It already fills all space, and no one has to go anywhere for it.  It is already closer to you than breathing, nearer than hands and feet.  The place whereon I stand is holy ground, because this infinite power of God, this infinite spiritual power that is God’s grace is here where I am.  It is there where you are.  It does fill all space in all lands.  Every country has it in its infinity and nothing can be added to it.

What, then, is the secret that makes this presence and power of spiritual grace available to us?  First of all, it is knowing the nature of error.  This is the biggest; this is the most important secret.  This is the only secret that will make God’s grace available on earth.  This is the secret that resulted in healing works for years, and years, and years, and years individually and to some extent collectively.  This is the secret of the 20th century:  First, to know the nature of error.  Second, to bring that knowledge into conscious, active awareness.