Truth Understood
1959 London Private Class for “25”
Joel S. Goldsmith
Tape 282A

pdf-49px  282A Truth Understood

Original transcript prepared by Zane Maser

Now, when I am presented with a person who is a sick person, or a sinful person, or a mean person, or a miserly person, or some other kind of a person, instantly I have to go back to the word “God.”  God constitutes individual being.  I’ll exemplify this with an actual experience that took place last week or the week before when I was in California and invited to this state mental hospital.  In this hospital, they’re all men who have been convicted of crimes, in addition to which they are mentally deranged.  And, I was invited there because a copy of “The Infinite Way” got there and eventually more books, and there were 15 students studying this message.  I mean 15 inmates.  And, the result in them was so noticeable that I was invited by the head to come and have a talk with him and to address these 15 men, and I did.

Now, here I’m sitting facing 15 men all of whom are convicted criminals not in their right minds.  And, I have to be able to say, “God made all that was made.  All that God made is good.  Anything God did not make was not made.  Therefore, God made man in His own image and likeness with all the qualities of God, and so God constitutes your being.  God is the nature and the fiber of your being.  God is the law of your being, and your nature is Godly.  There isn’t a sin or a disease in your whole nature.  Your nature is Godly, because God made it.  What God did not make was not made; therefore, all there is to you is the nature, and character, and quality of God-Being.”

Now, remember that if that weren’t a single-pointed conviction within my own being, I couldn’t look at 15 such men and say that.  It is only because, throughout the years, this has been my inner life, my inner conviction, my inner assurance, so that whether I’m looking at man, woman, or child, saint or sinner, I’m realizing God constitutes individual being.  God made man in His own image and likeness, and man is pure, and his nature is pure, and that’s all there is to man.

Now, as a result of my entire life spent searching, I discovered this.  There is no such thing as an evil man or woman.  There is no such thing as a sick man or woman.  All evil is impersonal.  It has its source in what some ancient mystic called the “devil” in one evening where the evil won.  There never was more than one evil.  There never was more than one evil one.  So, all evil has its origin in what was called the devil that somewhere a mistake was made, and the devil was considered an opponent of God, an opposition to God, in warfare with God; and, of course, with that nonsense, God’s been at war with the devil ever since but hasn’t achieved a victory.  And, God is never going to achieve a victory over the devil.

Now, actually the meaning of that word “devil” was the source of evil but not a power, because all there is to that source of evil is this belief in two powers—good and evil.  So, therefore, it isn’t an entity or a nice entity.  It isn’t a law, cause, or a substance.  It’s a belief.  We have this proven when the Master is faced with three temptations.  The devil presents those temptations, but the devil wasn’t a power.  The only power the devil had was to present the temptations.  Well, as the Master didn’t accept them, that ends it.  There’s no more devil, and there’s no more power.  The only evil would have been the acceptance, and you can’t blame the devil for that.  You have to blame the individual for that.  The devil has no function but to tempt with the belief in good and evil.

Later, Paul, I guess, gives it a different name, a better name for our purpose.  He calls it the “carnal mind.”  But, Paul ended his career in failure.  He knew nothing but imprisonment, punishment, beatings, persecution, being driven from city to city.  Why?  He said the carnal mind is enmity against God, so it is that Paul spent all his days fighting the carnal mind.  Of course, it’ll lick you, because there isn’t any “it.”  The carnal mind is a temptation to believe in two powers.  Had Paul recognized that he would have gone through and carried his message far and wide, but the governments wouldn’t even have known he was there.  The authorities wouldn’t have known he was in town.  The government doesn’t have to know it.  The newspapers don’t have to know it.  Nobody has to know it, unless you are fighting them.  But, when you can agree that carnal mind is the seat and source of envy, jealousy, malice, anti-Christ.  Carnal mind is the source and seat of poverty, lack, wars, but the carnal mind is a temptation.  Then, you can rest in that word.  You don’t fight it.  You rest in it.

Now, in this discovery, there are two principles or three.  Your first principle God is individual being, but in this other there’s two.  The impersonalization of error, which means taking it away from person, not giving it a person in whom, on whom, or for whom to operate.  And, you can only do that when instead of looking into your patient or student to see and uncover their errors, instead of looking into them to see their faults and trying to correct them.  When you can say, “I don’t care who it is and what it is.  It’s not of man.  It’s of the carnal mind, and the carnal mind is not a power against God, because God is infinite.  There can’t be a power against God.  There can’t be a warfare against God.  There’s nothing to war with God.”

Certainly, the belief that two times two is five does not war with the mathematical principle two times two is four.  It just hangs around as a belief, which I sometimes grab hold of when I figure my checkbook.  Now, I can’t blame that on anybody.  If I were alert, I wouldn’t allow it to creep in.  If we are alert, we don’t accept the temptation to believe in two powers; but if we do not spend days, weeks, months, and years developing this consciousness that is able to impersonalize evil, throw it into the carnal mind and then nothingize it as the arm of flesh or nothingness, we have no healing Principle that will stand up.  All we’re doing is one day having a faith healing like, “Oh, God will do it,” and the next day trying to nullify this mental power, and then the third day is wondering where we’re making our mistake, or “Oh, I hated my mother-in-law yesterday and maybe that’s what’s doing this to me today.”

You see when Jesus said that you are to become as little children, he didn’t mean to go around looking for deep truths or advanced truths.  Here are three simple truths:  God constitutes individual being.  God made all that was made.  All evil is impersonal.  Don’t ever attach it to a person.  All evil is impersonal.  It has its source in the carnal mind, and the carnal mind is only a belief in good and evil.  Nothing I.  Drop it.  It’s the arm of flesh.

And, as you build this consciousness, you do your healing work, but if you think to do them through The Infinite Way and in no other way there would be three principles, you’ll miss the way.

Now, that doesn’t mean that eventually you won’t arrive at a point.  I have arrived at a point where probably 60, 70, 80 percent of my healing work is not done with going through this routine, because like we learn 12 times 12 by two times two and two times one, one times two, one times one.  Ah, it’s 144.  Eventually, we come to the place where 12 times 12 equals 144, so eventually we come to the place where I can call it like that nothingness.  But, don’t believe for a minute that I can do it with every case or with every individual….