Truth Understood
1959 London Private Class for “25”
Joel S. Goldsmith
Tape 282A

pdf-49px  282A Truth Understood

Original transcript prepared by Zane Maser

Let us take this very Principle:  My conscious oneness with God constitutes my oneness with all spiritual being and idea.  As an affirmation, it’s too long and too involved.  As a truth to ponder, there’s a lot of meat in it, and bread, and wine, and water.  Let’s see what I can do with it.  My conscious oneness with God.  Why is that word “conscious” in there?  I know I’m one with God.  We’re all one with God.  That’s our relationship with Deity—oneness with God.  But, evidently my oneness with God isn’t bringing harmony into my life.  My oneness with God isn’t bringing healing, or health, or success.  Ah, but this says my conscious oneness with God.  There must be a step in there that I haven’t heretofore seen.  My conscious oneness.  I must be consciously one.  I must be conscious of my oneness.

Then, as I see that, it looks to me that almost every hour in the day I need to remind myself.  I am consciously one with God.  I and my Father are one this minute.  From now on, all that are with me, all that I have is thine, and I have to abide in that day and night and day and night, bring it back to conscious remembrance, until eventually something within me, “Oh, oh, oh, whereas before I was blind, now I see.”  And then, I have the awareness, the feeling, the consciousness that I am one with God.  And then, all of a sudden, I discover a miracle.  Everything necessary to my daily work begins to flow into my experience, whether in the form of people, messages, teachers, books, dollars, transportation.  It makes no difference.  Without any conscious effort on my part, whatever is necessary for this day’s experience flows to me.  I don’t work for it.  I don’t earn it.  I don’t deserve it.  It flows.  I find it at hand when I need it, usually a little bit before I need it, and that is the result of my conscious oneness with God.  And then, all of a sudden, here comes a book from across the sea that has just something in it that I need this day.  Here comes a person into my experience, and they provide just that which is necessary for this day.

So it is, as I go through life, now I’ve proven beyond all question of doubt that it is true my conscious oneness with God constitutes my oneness with everything and everybody necessary to my spiritual unfoldment and its evolvement on what we call the human plane.

Now, if I were running around looking for something deep or something advanced or something new, I would be overlooking this basic Principle, which has in my individual life really become one of the foundational stones.  Well, in the same way, take any Principle that appears in that book, “The Infinite Way,” and you’ll find that you can do the same with it.  In that book, the Principle is revealed that there is not good and evil.  The acceptance of the belief of good and evil is the cause of our difficulties.  And, some students will say, “Oh yes, that goes back to Genesis, but now let’s see what Jesus said, or what the Buddha said, or what somebody else said.”  Oh, let’s not worry about what they said yet.  We haven’t mastered that statement in Genesis.  Let’s go back there.  Let’s be willing.

Now, I’m faced day after day, as a human, with discords of every nature, limitation of every nature, and I must consciously bring to remembrance there’s not good and evil.  There’s only one power.  You’d be surprised how many days, weeks, and months I have to refute the evidence of the senses with that Principle, until eventually the same thing happens, “Oh, that’s right.  This isn’t a power.  There are no evil powers when God, God is the only power.”

So, we can go from Principle to Principle.  The Hebrew Hezekiah.  Here come our enemies twice as strong as we are.  Powerful weapons, more so than we have.  We’re afraid.  But the Hebrew prophet in his wisdom says, “They have only the arm of flesh.  Fear not.  They have only temporal power.”  And, they rested in his word, and the enemy began to fight among themselves and destroyed themselves.  And, this is a Principle.  And so I say is this true?  Is this true?  Because I’ve read the New Testament, I remember that that’s what the Master said.  You have heard it tell of old that you must fight back, but I’m saying you resist not evil.  Why did Jesus Christ say “resist not evil?”  Wasn’t he exposing us then to the dangers of evil?  Certainly, if he was a power, he must have discerned that evil is not a power, unless you fight it.  Hezekiah, he saw that also. Well, maybe these two fellows really have something.

So, we have a Principle, and we begin at each time that a form of evil appears before our gaze we go within.  Wait, wait, wait.  Put up thy sword.  Put up thy sword.  Resist not evil.  There’s only the arm of flesh—temporal power.  Don’t resist it.  Put up thy sword and rest in this word.

Now, you would practice that days, weeks, and months.  And then eventually, you’ll find that no matter what form of evil appears within your gaze, your ability just to rest back within yourself upon that word makes it fight itself out here and destroy itself and its form.

Now, these students who expect to escape all that that hard work, that application, that working with basic, fundamental Principles, they’re missing the way.  They can’t take the ultimate step and never will if they read it now until doomsday.  They never will accomplish it.  You might as well give them the “Oxford English Book of Mystical Verse” and say, “Here it is.  This is the ultimate, the last word.  Now go and demonstrate it.”  You know they won’t, and they can’t.  But, there’s the last word, and it’s the deepest.  Can’t do a thing with it, because these mystics had the experience, but they haven’t taught you how to have it, and that’s what’s lacking.

So it is.  I can say things to you that I can’t say to a beginner.  I can say things to those who’ve been around me for years, but I wouldn’t say to you.  And, I can watch each one as they either are making progress on the way or are digging a grave for themselves, a spiritual grave before them, because there is no way that I know of that you can avoid these elementary, basic Principles.

Now, I want to show you how this works out in our healing work.  Certainly, I’ve said in the book that eventually you can heal with a smile.  Actually, I didn’t say that you heal every case with a smile or every claim with a smile.  I merely said that you can do some healing work with a smile.  But, what is that smile based on?  Well, let me tell you.

There are three major Principles, which cover the healing work in The Infinite Way.  These Principles are not to be found anywhere else in religious literature, certainly not in metaphysical literature, certainly not as basic Principles that must be lived without deviation or exception.  And, these Principles must be applied, until consciousness is so illumined that perhaps Jesus could always say, “Just pick up your bed and walk or open your eyes.”  We don’t know.  There’s no record whether or not that was the way he always did.  We do know that he went apart for many, many days and maybe this is part of the work that he did.  It’s part of what I do.

God constitutes individual being.  The life of God is the life of your being.  The mind of God, the soul of God, the spirit of God, the soul of God or the soul which is God, the life which is God is your very being, constitutes the essence and fiber of your body; and God’s law is the only Law governing individual being—human, animal, vegetable, mineral.  God is the Law, and God is the Life.