Truth Understood
1959 London Private Class for “25”
Joel S. Goldsmith
Tape 282A

pdf-49px  282A Truth Understood

Original transcript prepared by Zane Maser

Now, it is not a difficult thing when an individual comes to us if we know this Principle to bring them their freedom.  It can’t always happen in a day, because every individual isn’t ready to surrender.  They can be released from a particular sin or a particular disease of the day, week, or month, but that’s a minor thing, because sooner or later they’ll go back with another.  But, they cannot be released from the belief of good and evil, until they themselves are ready to take the necessary steps leading there.

So that the question comes in:  How then can this be of benefit to the world?  And, so it was that in order to show me how it could, my first experience of an application, a misunderstanding to a problem greater than an individual one was when I was asked to help when a city had an epidemic of measles, of scarlet fever that was about to close the school.  And, a member of the Broad of Education was a Unity student asked the Broad before ordering the schools closed for consent to have metaphysical help.  And, the Board said, “Well, it can’t do any harm; go ahead and try it.”  And, I believe it was two Unity—long time ago—I think it was two Unity practitioners and myself were invited to work on that and within 30 hours not one single new case was reported, probably was the end of 30 hours.  And, it was broken.  The schools were not closed.

And, I saw that we can go much further than just healing an individual or even leading an individual into Christhood.  We really can begin to break these laws that bind humanity.  And after that, as you know, many, many opportunities have come to me for activities in the business world, and in each case we are proving that nothing binds humanity, except the carnal mind, which is a belief in two powers.  And, as soon as this is nullified, even in the experience of an individual, the fetters begin to fall.  And so, we are going into wider and wider activities with this unfoldment.

Now, for the groups of 25, there is a function, which will lead to one, or two, or three in each group eventually going further but not without taking this first step.  Frankly here, I would like to tell you that I witness in every part of the world students who fancy that they’re on the spiritual path, fancy even that they have a desire for truth.  I don’t know how really they can fool themselves that way, but the human race does seem able to completely fool itself.  And, they will say, “Now, no, I don’t want to read any of the books.  No, I don’t want to hear any of the early tapes, only those of the last, the latest, the deepest.”

Well, I’d like to play piano, and I’d like a teacher who could just give me what’s necessary to be a concert pianist.  Start me right in today and get me on the platform next month.

It is ludicrous.  You don’t know how strange it sounds when I hear these comments.  “Is this the latest tape?  Is that the last class?  Is that one of the deep ones?”  Nothing very, very honest about this.  There aren’t any deep ones.  There aren’t any simple ones.  This message hasn’t changes since “The Infinite Way” was written.  There hasn’t been a thing added to it.  There hasn’t been a thing taken from it.  “The Infinite Way” is a textbook.  It is made up of the spiritual Principles, which have revealed themselves to me in my 16 years at that time—16 years of actual healing work and the 13 years that preceded it in study.  Twenty-nine years went into that book.  I haven’t found any reason to change a sentence.  The only thing that’s been added is the “Chapter of Wisdoms,” which in no wise deviates from the Principles but merely states some of them from a mystical standpoint in sort of a capsule form.

So that all of the rest of these books are you might call them exemplifications or enlargements of particular Principles.  For instance, my consciousness oneness with God constitutes my oneness with all spiritual being and idea.  This is virtually like saying, “I and the Father are one and all the Father hath is mine.”  Just another way of saying that.  But we have a book, “Metaphysical Notes,” and that entire book is a restatement of the one sentence.  It’s strange that you can say that one sentence in as many different ways as it is stated in that book, but that’s what that book is—a full and complete enlargement of one sentence.  So it is with each of the books.  They reveal one or more facets, or ideas, or Principles.  Every one of them can be found in the book, “The Infinite Way.”

You might ask then what reason exists for them.  The only reason for these other books is that it isn’t given to human nature to be able to study.  If it were possible for a human to study, they wouldn’t have to go any further than Lao Tzu’s Way, or the Bhagavad Gita, or the Gospel of John.  There are five major teachings, each one of which are about 5,000 words in length.  Nobody needs any more than just one of those—part of one normally would be enough for anybody.  And, I can assure you that “The Infinite Way” would be enough for anybody, but it just isn’t given to us as humans.  We haven’t evolved far enough.  You may not know this.  You do know it, but I mean you may not consciously realize it.  It’s only 400 years since we had the printed word.  Well now, you know in 400 years we just haven’t evolved far enough to be able to comprehend the printed word.  We haven’t developed the faculty that can absorb it.

Yes, we can have what is known as a “blah” complex that enables us to memorize what we read but not to understand, not to imbibe, not to realize; and, therefore, we have these truths presented to us in the Bible, which should really be enough for anybody.  But, we must go further.  We must have further light and enlightenment, until each of us reaches a statement, a quotation, or a state of consciousness, which awakens us.  And, the person who can do it for one does not necessarily do it for another.  The book that does it for one does not necessarily do it for another.  The approach that does it for one does not necessarily do it for another, and so we go from one to another until we find that one, which awakens us.  Then, when we’re awakened, we can state it in enough different ways as to be able to write a hundred books, and yet it will be the one Truth, the one Word, the one Message.

Now, it takes an individual a long time before they come out and become separate from those who are still seeking to use truth for a purpose to where they come to the realization that I’m seeking truth for Truth.  I’m seeking God for God, and at the same time realize that once I attain God, I attain the fullness of life.  To know Him aright is life eternal, and complete, and perfect.  Then, it becomes necessary to take that step whereby we know these specific Principles.  Now, we will not learn them by looking around for advanced teachings.  We will not learn them by looking for deep teachings, because we have to have the foundation of specific Principles even to open our own consciousness.  Let me illustrate that.