Truth Understood
1959 London Private Class for “25”
Joel S. Goldsmith
Tape 282A

pdf-49px  282A Truth Understood

In God consciousness or Christ consciousness, there are not two powers.  This is the whole secret of Christ consciousness that an individual, even though he be a Hebrew rabbi, can turn around and say to the crippled man, “What did hinder you?  Pick up your bed and walk.”  In other words, there aren’t two powers operating, so get up and walk; or it can say to the blind man, “Open your eyes.”  Not I will turn to God and have God heal you, or not that I am a spiritual Light and I have spiritual power and will heal you.  Not at all but merely open your eyes or pick up a little dirt and put some spittle on it and heal it with that to show how unnecessary any power is.  To the Hebrew, spittle is a sign of contempt; therefore, to heal blindness with spittle means really to show you that the lowest possible form of power that can be of nothingness, yet it heals blindness.  In other words, there is no power to blindness, and so you don’t need a power to heal it.  There’s no power to paralysis, therefore, you don’t need a power to heal it.  Therefore, Christ mind, Christ consciousness, which is the consciousness of Adam in the Garden of Eden, is that which recognizes but one power and that the creative, maintaining, and sustaining power which is God.

Now, once we understand that we have a goal—and that goal isn’t to heal disease or get rid of sin.  That goal isn’t to get people to obey the Ten Commandments.  That goal is to bring those who are ready for it and willing to pay the price.  You have to sell all that you have for this goal.  You don’t get it with spare change, and you don’t get it with part-time study.  You sell all that you have for this goal, but when you have it, you have God realization.  And, in the presence of God, there are no errors, no evils, no sins, no destruction, no wars, no condemnation; so that when you have attained only a measure of it, you are then ready to witness the dissolution of the problems of the world.

Now, our world of our students, there must be in each city a small group.  It may have in it only two people.  It may have 22.  It really makes no difference how many.  What counts is that there is such a group who has, first of all, agreed within themselves that God is not their servant.  God is not to be used to get rid of our problems or to bring us harmony, but rather that we are the servants and that we are to yield ourselves as servants to God to be used, to show forth God’s glory, God’s wisdom, God’s tolerance, God’s strength—not to have it as of our own.  It can never be.  We can only be instruments, avenues, channels in which God manifests His own glory and His own spiritual power.

Therefore, these who comprise these groups must never forget that as Jesus said, “I can of my own self do nothing,” so must we never believe that we are ever going to be more than that nothing and only in the degree of that nothing can the grace of God be made manifest.  While we have a will, a desire of our own, a goal of our own, we have a barrier that separates us from the activity and demonstration of God’s grace.  So then, if only a few of us exist in a city who have realized this and who are not in this work for fame, or fortune, or glory, but who realize that regardless of what degree of manifestation they show forth that it is still God’s demonstration, not yours or mine.

Then, we are ready for the next step, that is, abiding constantly and consciously in this realization for thou art with me and all that I have is thine.  Living without conscious will in the sense I will never leave you nor forsake you, then I have no struggle in life, because that I which is ever with me performs that which is given me to do.  I am the bread, and the wine, and the water, and the meat, and life eternal, and the resurrection; therefore, I have no conscious effort to make to earn a living, or gain supply, or increase my longevity.  As a matter of fact, I have the opposite.  I have a releasing of personal effort in the realization that there is an I within me that is greater than he that is in the world.  That there is an I, which is my meat, my wine, my water, my supply, my companionship, my transportation—all that’s necessary for my unfoldment.

Then, there’s the next step.  God is the eternal lawgiver.  God is Spirit.  That the only law there can be is spiritual Law.  That means Law, which is reality or power.  Now, as against that, you know, we have material law and mental law.  We have the laws of infection and contagion.  We have the laws of heredity.  We have the laws of weather and of climate, the laws of food.  Oh, we have so many laws in the world, but in the realization of God and God as the only lawgiver, you nullify every material and mental law that comes within range of your consciousness.

Now, those of you who have done any healing work have already proven that whether the person has flu, or grippe, or measles, or scarlet fever, or any of these things that are called infectious or contagious, that your realization of truth becomes the law unto them and nullifies those material laws.  Every time you’ve healed disease in any form in any individual what you’ve actually done is prove the law that disease wasn’t really law.  It only acted as law because of the universal acceptance of two powers, of two laws.  But, in your realization of God as Spirit and all Law as spiritual, all you’ve done in healing is to prove that there is no other Law but law of God.  All these material laws, all these mental laws were only laws while there’s an acceptance of two powers—good and evil.

In my work, I’ve had the opportunity of working with people who have been caught on the psychic path and who have come under terrible experiences, experiences not alone that would wreck their physical life but have wrecked their mental life.  And, in every single case, I have been able to release them through the realization that all these mental powers of those whether on this plane or the other plane are not power.  They’re definitely not power, except in the experience of those who either ignorantly have accepted them or consciously wanted the experience of them.  Therefore, they are as much a law unto them as drowning would be in our dream while we’re dreaming, but drowning would have no further existence or result once we awaken.

So it is, this work proves beyond all question of doubt that material law and mental law can exist and operate only in the degree that this universal belief in two powers exists, that wherever an individual consciously brings to bear the understanding of law as being of Spirit that the material law and the mental law dissolve and disappear and the consequences with them.

Now, when you have come to this point of perception, you realize, well, let me put it this way, for this is how it began.  I realize that sin, disease, death, lack, limitation, wars, and all of these evils will continue to exist on earth as long as the belief in two powers exists.  And, therefore, just as I can bring freedom to an individual only by releasing him or her from the material or mental law that’s binding them, so this world can only be released from its wars, individual or national, international, as the world is released from the belief in two powers—good and evil.