Truth Understood
1959 London Private Class for “25”
Joel S. Goldsmith
Tape 282A

pdf-49px  282A Truth Understood

Good afternoon.

I’m very grateful that we have this opportunity of having this particular meeting in Masaltz studio, because it is very necessary for a work of this kind to be conducted in an atmosphere of spiritual activity.  The surroundings are important.  The atmosphere that is maintained is important, and the reason for this you will discern as we go further along.

This particular group we call the “group of 25.”  The way it got that name is that the very first group of this nature had 25 students in it.  And these groups now, which are functioning in every city where there has been class activity, is still called the group of 25, but it really doesn’t consist of 25 people.  It could be six people or two, or it could be 60 or 120, but it will still be called the group of 25, because in our minds the group of 25 has a certain function to perform, a function which is not performed by a closed class group.  It’s not performed by a practitioner group.  It is not performed by any other group in our work.  Always, the group of 25 is associated with a specific book.

Now, the reason for it:  Truth is really radical, so radical that very few people in any generation are able to accept it and still fewer to demonstrate it.  Truth is nothing at all like what we ordinarily believe truth to be.  Truth, contrary to usual expectations, is not a way of finding peace of mind, or peace of soul, or peace on earth.  Rather, I have come to bring a sword.  Not the sword that men fight with in battle but the sword of the Spirit that cuts us to pieces inside, and, in doing so, it deprives us of the very things that the world holds dear.  In other words, all the things the world is struggling to get, even those things that the world goes to church to get, the sword of the Spirit takes from us.  “My kingdom is not of this world” best describes that and those who go to God or to the spiritual path thinking to gain the things of this world probably would be better off if they jumped overbroad quickly, ended their sufferings as rapidly as possible.  “My kingdom is not of this world” is descriptive of the spiritual experience.  My word is not your word.  My thoughts are not your thoughts.  My ways are not your ways.  My peace I give unto you not as the world giveth.  All these things describe the spiritual path and none of these things of the average truth’s being seeking.

Anything at all that inflates the ego, that builds one’s own importance, that tends to indicate one’s spirituality or mastership, all of these things prove to be the barriers which keeps the seeker from the kingdom of God.  As long as the person has an earthly desire, they cannot achieve it—and to attain the highest until those are ready to leave mother and father, brother and sister for my sake.  In other words, become unattached to the things, the persons, the personalities, the qualities and the quantities of this world, the spiritual world isn’t attained.  Therefore, you must realize this that all of those who.  Well, let me put it this way rather.  Very few of those who come to a teaching such as ours are actually seeking the spiritual kingdom.  Very few are actually seeking the kingdom of God.  Very few are seeking a spiritual path of life.  The vast majority of those who come to us come because they have been led to believe that through God they can solve their immediate problem—a physical one, a mental one, a moral one, a financial one, one of human relationship.  And so to the vast majority of our students, and I’m convinced the students of all spiritual teachings, it is but a way in which they hope to attain human harmony.

In a measure, they do attain human harmony, because it is the nature of those who have attained any degree of illumination to dispel the mesmeric sense, which operates to separate individuals from their harmony.  Everyone in the world would be living the life of a child of God, which in their true identity they are, if it weren’t for a mesmeric sense, which has been generated by the universal belief in good and evil.  We were all in the Garden of Eden.  We were all spiritual beings.  We were all without sin, until we accepted the belief of good and evil.  We, not you and I as individuals, but when consciousness became imbued with this belief in two powers, we as individuals unconsciously accepted it.  And, this belief of two powers constitutes what we call carnal mind, or mortal mind, or the devil, or Satan; and this power is dispelled as soon as one of spiritual illumination comes along and breaks it.

Now, since you cannot break it for a person wholly, unless they themselves are willing to walk side by side with you, what happens is that when they come to a practitioner, a teacher and there’s a problem of physical body illness, the practitioner can break that karmic sense, but it doesn’t always change the consciousness of that individual, and, therefore, being in the same consciousness eventually they produce the same or other forms of discord.  In other words, “neither do I condemn thee but go and sin no more.”  If the individual, being freed of a mental, moral, physical, financial, or other difficulty were to say, “Oh, that’s beautiful.  I see now what the possibilities are of living in the spiritual life.  Bring me to that light.”  And, of course, the entire work of the spiritual ministry in any of its branches would be different.  But, as a rule, the individual says, “Oh, I’m so thankful.  I’m mailing you a check.”  And then, six months or a year later when something else has come upon them, they call again.  And, if that’s met, then again, “I’m so grateful.  Here’s another check.”

Even our own students, to a certain extent, will not go the full distance.  They will lead enough, or they’ll heal enough, or they’ll go to enough classes so that their own immediate problems or those within their family have some measure of relief; but they still do not catch the full vision, which says in Thy presence is fullness of life, or is fulfillment, or to know Him aright is life eternal.  In other words, even after they’ve had a dozen demonstrations of spiritual consciousness, they still do not awaken to the fact that the goal isn’t demonstrating away their problems.  The goal is to know Him aright in which knowledge life eternal or harmonious is discovered, or they do not realize that you do not use God to bring about conditional harmony.  You attain the conscious realization of God.  You come as an experience into the presence of God, and then the evils of this world are dissolved and disappear, so they no longer have that substance of the belief of two powers—the belief of good and evil.