1955 Kailua Study Group
Joel S. Goldsmith
119B – Praise – Thanksgiving – Adoration

pdf-49px   119B Praise Thanksgiving Adoration

Now that particular form of communication is called spiritualism. It’s true that probably a great deal of what’s reported about it is not true. A good deal of it is undoubtedly imagination, and some of it is fraud. But there can be no doubt about it, that there is and can be a communication with those who have passed on. But that communication, in most cases, would be just as human as the communication here. In other words, it would consist probably of things known to us on the human plane. We might receive advice from someone who has passed on, not to cross the Pali today, to take the other way around, or to sell a stock that’s in the vault or to buy one, or we may be told that some one of our friends or relatives is going to pass on, or that one of our friends or relatives is going to have a beautiful experience.

Always the communication is on the human level, and it has to do with human affairs. That changes a little bit as these people who have passed on, some of them, do the same thing that we do here, become a little more spiritual through our studies and enlightenment, just as we are not the same people we were five years ago, not by a long sight. Whatever we have picked up of spiritual wisdom or metaphysical knowledge has lifted us in consciousness to a more spiritual state of being.

Well of course those who have passed on have that same opportunity as we have. They also may be as sinful as scarlet today, when they pass on, but they’re just as apt to be white as snow tomorrow, because their opportunities for expansion and development are just exactly the same as ours. And so, some of those who go further in spiritual development, may ultimately either give messages of a more spiritual nature, or if those that they give the communication to do not grow and are not able to receive spiritual communication, then they leave them entirely and find somebody else to communicate with or through.

Now all of this is in the realm of the human. None of this has to do with spiritual illumination from, let’s call it, illumined consciousness. Let us say that one is as illumined as Buddha, Lao Tzu, Jesus, John, Paul. Would you not say that that illumination is of God, that they have received their illumined consciousness of God? And if you do agree that any degree of spiritual illumination that we receive is of God, you must take the next step and agree that that state of illumined consciousness is immortal, that it can’t die, and it can’t go anyplace.

And so it is that illumined consciousness never dies; never passes on. It is always a state of omnipresent consciousness, just the same now, if I walk into this next room, I will be the same state of consciousness I am in this room. But if I pass on, I will still be the same state of illumined consciousness. That won’t die. That won’t change. That won’t go anyplace, and it will be right here and now available to anyone who wishes to avail themselves of it.

What happens to the body is of no concern, because the body is but an instrument, and the consciousness would go on regardless of where or what condition the body would find itself in. And so it is that we may safely and assuredly state that the mind that was in Christ Jesus never was crucified, never was entombed, hasn’t gone anywhere, is here, and is now. And therefore is just as available to us as it was available to the Hebrews of two thousand years ago. In fact, it is more available to us now than it was to ninety-nine percent of the Hebrews who lived there then. Why? Because it wasn’t available to them, because they never could comprehend it.

It takes a degree of spiritual consciousness to be able to comprehend and apprehend spiritual consciousness. And we know by the fact that only five hundred of them witnessed the resurrection, that the others had no access to the mind…Many of them had the benefit of healing from it, and that’s all they ever got from it. Like the Hebrews whom he fed, and then the next day they followed him across the sea to be fed again, and he came, “What did you come here for? Loaves and fishes? I fed you those yesterday.” Well that’s all they could see. They had no awareness higher than receiving loaves and fishes. They couldn’t comprehend the mind that was the multiplier of loaves and fishes.

And so it is that we may safely say that ninety-nine percent of the Hebrews who contacted the Master Christ Jesus, had no access whatsoever to the mind that was in Christ Jesus. They had a few healings from it, and feedings, and that was about all. So it is that we, who have so little interest in the loaves and fishes, have a deeper interest in the consciousness that produced or multiplied the loaves and fishes, and so we would have access to it. We wouldn’t be blinded by a few miracles, like walking on the water, or seeing a few dead people rise up. We would look behind that appearance and behold the Spirit of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob; the same Spirit that raised up Jesus Christ from the dead. We would behold It at work, and we would take those little minor miracles like raising the dead for granted.

Now, because of that, we have access to that mind that was in Christ Jesus to such a degree that by continually keeping ourselves in spiritual rhythm, ultimately the mind that was in Christ Jesus becomes our individual mind and experience, and we have no other. The same is true of every saint and seer and sage. They were given, by grace, a measure of the same consciousness attained by Jesus Christ. Even before Abraham, there were those who attained Christ consciousness.

Now whether it is the consciousness of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, or Moses, Elisha, Elijah, Isaiah, or whether it is the consciousness of Buddha, Lao Tzu, Jesus, John, Paul, actually it is the mind of God. That’s what It is. These men have demonstrated that they have no mind of their own to be born, or to lose, or to die. That God literally has become their individual consciousness; so isn’t that individual consciousness here and now where we are? It is. It requires us to open our consciousness to It.

Now then, there are those in the world, (you read of some of those experiences in Dr. Bucke’s book, Cosmic Consciousness), who just in a blinding flash have become aware of that Mind, that infinite divine consciousness, and had an experience. To some, it may have appeared as the mind of Buddha, if they were of the oriental experience, consciousness. And to others it may have come as the appearance of Jesus Christ. To others it has come in many other forms.

Dr. Bucke himself, when he had his experience of illumination, received it and knew that he received it from the consciousness of Walt Whitman. But it was no mental transference on the part of Walt Whitman. Walt Whitman had attained a measure of spiritual consciousness, that Mind that was in Christ Jesus. But when it came to Dr. Bucke, it appeared as the individual consciousness of Walt Whitman, which it was. But since individual also mean indivisible, it was still the Mind of God appearing as the mind of Walt Whitman. And so it is that there are those who have received illumination from the Mind of God, appearing as the mind of one of these who have attained God consciousness.

Now, one important thing that we must understand is this, that in each of these cases, as in our cases, it is an individual experience. It has nothing to do with what we do out in the world. It has to do with our realization of individual union with God. It’s something that takes place within ourselves, separate and apart from anybody else who is on the earth. We can’t share it with husband or wife or child or friend. Nor can we seek it in their company. No two people can seek this together.

Each one must retire to the inner sanctuary of their own being, and find their God experience there. Oh yes, we can find those who are either illumined or on the path of illumination, and we can like this, share something, but whether you have an experience, a God experience, in this room while we are all here, or whether you have it when you are at home all alone, you may even have it at the dinner table with your family, remember this. It is an individual experience taking place within you, and it doesn’t concern anybody else in this room, or at your table at home, or wherever you may be. Always, whether you are…You may by chance go to the stadium to witness some event and have it while you are there.

It has nothing to do with the thousands of people who are around you, and you can’t take them into the experience with you. You will still be an isolated individual in the midst of millions of individuals, having the experience alone. Or you may get the idea that you’re in the sanctity of your family life, and so you’re going to take them along with you too. You aren’t. You aren’t at all. You might as well forget every member of your family and all of your friends and relatives. Your children and your parents, forget them, because they cannot enter into this with you. You can share the unfolding truth that may lead them to the experience, and if you yourself are enlightened to any degree, you may help to lift them up to where they also can have the experience. That’s as far as you can go. The experience itself takes place within them, and it has to do purely with an experience that you have in relationship to God.

Now, it is for this reason that whatever of truth is revealed to us, is something that we must work with within ourselves, up to the point of realization. In other words, not try to share it, not try to heal somebody with it, not try to teach somebody it, except what we do silently. Rather, work with it within your own consciousness until you’ve achieved a measure of that light or experience, and then from there on you will be directed how, when, and where, and under what circumstances to share, to impart, to reveal. And ultimately you will have a part in God’s unfoldment to human consciousness, and you will play that part as practitioner, as healer, as teacher, lecturer, writer, in whatever way God chooses.