1955 New York Gotham Book Mart Lecture        Photo: Inez Marques
Joel S. Goldsmith
900A – Infinite Nature of Yourself

pdf-49px  JG 1955 – 900A Infinite Nature of Yourself

And you know that’s something worth having. It isn’t too many years ago that I was on my death bed and knew it, and knew that that was the night of my going. But with it came the realization, just think what a failure my life has been. I haven’t even repaid my mother for the birth pangs she suffered. I think I’d better stay here a while and see if I can’t do better. And you know, it’s a wonderful thing to at last come to a place where you can say, well, at least I have gained what my mother would like me to have gained; I have gained an inner sense of contentment, of peace, of satisfaction, of a conviction that there’s a God, and after all, that is a major accomplishment.

There aren’t many people on earth who believe in God. Lots of people will say they believe in God, but by that they believe there is a God, but they believe it in the same way that we probably believe there are people on some of the other planets. We hope so, at any rate. And so we hope there is a God, but we haven’t had the experience, so we don’t really know.

If you abide in meditation, if you seriously take up the work of meditation, eventually you will have an experience, and then after that there’ll be no question whether there’s a God or whether you believe in it, or whether or not the world believes in it. You will know, and nobody will be able to shake your belief by saying, “Oh, if there were a God, there wouldn’t be so much sin, disease, and death in the world,” because by that time you will know why there is sin, disease, and death in the world: because people haven’t achieved the experience of God. And separate and apart from God, anything can happen in this world … anything. This whole world is a world of chance, luck, or what have you, except in proportion as we attain a contact with God. Then we are God-governed, God-maintained, God-sustained. Then we can say, “I am the bread, and I am the wine, and I am the water.” It is all within me.

Now, Browning’s poem tells us, truth is within ourselves. We must make way for the imprisoned splendor to escape. And I give it to you as the basis of The Infinite Way that life, truth, and love, an infinity of supply, harmony, wholeness, completeness, and perfection already exist within you, and you will never be able to get them from the outside. But you can release them from within you so that they escape to the without. Then you’ll be fed always as the Master was. “I can give you water, living water.” If you drink it, you’ll never know death, because it flows out. This word of God, which is life eternal, flows out.

If it flows out, it can’t flow to. Oh no. The flowing at this minute from me to you is a temporary thing, like the Master’s healing the sick and feeding the hungry. Those were temporary things, and he said so. If I go not away, the Comforter will not come to you, so if I feed you today, it’s to show you a principle. If I heal you today, it’s to show you a principle, but don’t go on leaning on it, because you’re drawing on my light. You must light the lights within your own being, and I give it to you in this wise: meditation is the way.

The kingdom of God is within you; find it there. You don’t have to go to India, you don’t have to go to Rome, you don’t have to go to Boston, and you don’t have to come to Hawaii. The kingdom of God is within—right where you are.

It is a nice thing to go to those teachers who have achieved some measure of spiritual illumination, because they, as the Master said, can be the way, the truth, and the life to you, and can help you, though they cannot save you from taking the last mile yourself. But they can help you and lift you up to a point of apprehension. For that reason then, if you find your teacher in any nation on the globe or any city, be happy to go there, even if you have to sell all that you have to go there. But go there remembering that it is that the Christ of you may be revealed to you so that you in turn can go and do likewise.

Thank You.