1955 New York Gotham Book Mart Lecture        Photo: Inez Marques
Joel S. Goldsmith
900A – Infinite Nature of Yourself

pdf-49px  JG 1955 – 900A Infinite Nature of Yourself

Once you have found the kingdom of God within you, then you have found your conscious union with God, and then you’ll find that all that the Father hath is yours. And then it won’t make any difference if you still belong to the Hebrew Church, the Protestant Church, the Catholic Church, or no church. Still, if you make the contact within you, the kingdom of God will be yours. Remember there was a God before there was a church. Remember there was a God before there was a temple or a synagogue. Remember there was a Christ before there was Abraham. Ah, that sounds strange, doesn’t it? There was a Christ before there was Abraham. And you know that there is a Christ unto the end of the world. That’s long after Jesus.

And so you see, Christ is a living reality, It is a presence and a power within you. It is the presence and power of God in every individual on the face of the globe, but dormant. Awake, thou that sleepest, and Christ shall give you light. This Christ, or Son of God, is dormant within every human being. Now, with some it lies so close to the surface that just the lightest touch with spiritual wisdom awakens it, brings it to life, and keeps one living and moving and having their being in God forever. With others, materiality has become … or intellectuality, sometimes, has become so pronounced that that spiritual spark cannot get through. And with these, it may take months, it may take years before we can sufficiently die to our human selfhood so that the Spirit may be reborn in us.

Die daily, Paul tells us. Die daily, be reborn of the spirit. How many days do we die? That depends on the degree of our grossness. It depends on the degree of our materiality. It depends on the degree of our … on purely material or mental means. Until the time comes when we can completely relax ourselves both from things and from thoughts, we cannot find the kingdom of God.

Now there are people who have found that the love of money is the root of all evil, and the love of the material realm separates them from the realization of God. But there are other people who don’t have that trouble; their trouble lies in the mental realm. They’re so busy holding on to thoughts that they can’t let God come through, and thoughts will interfere with God just as much as things will, because thoughts are just as material as things at times, and the thoughts that aren’t are effects anyhow.

No one can ever hold on to a thought and realize God, any more than they can hold on to things and realize God. Until we are able to release ourselves from things and from thoughts, we cannot realize God. Thoughts are an obstruction just like things are, but when we have died daily to our love of things and of thoughts, so that we can hold ourselves in an attitude or an atmosphere of expectancy, of hearing and receiving from within, then we are ready for the birth of the Christ. Then we are ready for the experience of the spiritual regeneration.

Yes, in the earlier days of our experience we hung on to aspirin and other material remedies and felt they were indispensable, and then the day came when we learned that thoughts were a little better than things, and we began to hold onto thoughts. Now comes the day when we have to let go of thoughts in order to find God—that which created all thought. It isn’t an easy step. None, if it is. Meditation isn’t, but it’s a worthwhile step, because the moment you have achieved it, you never have to look out here to person, place, or thing, for anything. You meditate, you achieve a realization of God’s presence, and then whatever it is or whoever it is that is necessary to your unfoldment appears as if by magic.

It is as if you had invisible wires out into the world, and you have: the invisible presence and power of God. Sometimes they are called angels. Yes, the very moment you make your contact with this presence and power within, only remember this … and please know that I’m speaking now only about the message of The Infinite Way, don’t go into meditation with a definite knowledge of what you want, or who, or when, or where, because in this work that would be fatal to demonstration. As a matter of fact, it would be impossible.

The reason is this: in The Infinite Way there is only one legitimate demonstration, that’s all. That’s the demonstration of the presence of God, nothing else. In our work, you cannot demonstrate supply. You cannot demonstrate companionship. You cannot demonstrate employment. You cannot demonstrate a home. You cannot demonstrate an automobile. You cannot demonstrate a parking space. You cannot demonstrate a vacation. In this work, and I say it frankly, honestly, there is no possible way to demonstrate anything. No way. We are not an employment agency, we are not a doctor, we’re not competitors for materia medica, we don’t reduce fevers or remove lumps.

In this work we have but one object, one goal, one aim, one ambition: To know thee, whom to know aright is life eternal. That’s all—to know Thee, God. Now, when God is our goal, and we have no other goal, then we find that the Master was a very, very wise teacher, when he said all these things will be added unto you. As a matter of fact, it isn’t quite true, they’re not added unto us, that must have been a mistranslation or a misinterpretation. They’re not added at all, they’re included. When we have God we have all. If we have all and don’t have God, we have nothing.

Don’t ever forget this. There are many, many people who have loads of wealth, and loads of health, and loads of family, and still commit suicide. There is one thing missing, and that is satisfaction, peace, and you can’t get that without first finding God. That is why too, in this work, please believe me … don’t ever think you can demonstrate safety. Don’t ever believe you can demonstrate security. Don’t ever think you can demonstrate peace of mind, because you can’t. The only one demonstration you can make is the realization of God’s presence. When you have that, you’ll find that you have settled down into peace of mind, and peace of soul, and peace of body, and peace of purse, and peace of about everything there is on earth.

But don’t try to achieve those things. Try to achieve one thing only: a conscious realization, feeling if you want to call it that, of God’s presence. When you have the feeling of God’s presence, it may take a day after that, or a week, or a month, but very soon you will find that, probably not major miracles open up, but minor ones do, and a succession of them until when you look back, you’ll say it was really a major one, because your life has been transformed. Whereas before, I was blind, now I see.

Please, above all things in this work, take my word for this, if you hope to achieve that degree of harmony and peace that everyone longs for, and to which everyone is entitled, give up the search for it, and be content to find God. When you find God, you’ll find that you have enough of everything in this world to satisfy you, even if by that time, it isn’t the things that you originally would have tried to demonstrate. By the time you get the things that you want, you’ll find you didn’t want them to begin with. And it’s really true; more true in this work than in anything I know, because I can think myself, of many, many, many of the things that I started out in life to achieve and haven’t achieved. I’m awfully grateful I haven’t achieved it too, because what I have achieved has given me, if not what the world calls happiness, at least it has given me a reason for living.