1955 New York Gotham Book Mart Lecture        Photo: Inez Marques
Joel S. Goldsmith
900A – Infinite Nature of Yourself

pdf-49px  JG 1955 – 900A Infinite Nature of Yourself

Now there isn’t anyone in this room who has ever done any healing work, who doesn’t know that that is the secret of healing. A practitioner or a teacher who hasn’t arrived at a place of consciousness where they hold no condemnation, no criticism, no judgment, but must always be ready to behold the spiritual nature of man, has no right to be in the work and never can be successful. It is an utter impossibility to see a human being, with human judgments, human opinions, and human criticisms and condemnations, and be a spiritual healer.

The example of that, of course, is the greatest healer, Christ Jesus. Have you ever, in any part of his work, found judgment, criticism, condemnation? No, no, no. To the adulterous woman, neither do I condemn thee. Who is going to cast the first stone? Who made me a ruler over you? Who made me a judge? Over and over and over again: Neither do I condemn thee; go and sin no more. Don’t enter the same state of consciousness that brought you to this pass, because it’ll come back on you and with something worse. But that won’t be because I condemn you or criticize you, because I’m going to forgive you seventy times seven. But you won’t be able to forgive yourself. The more you bring yourself back to your old state of consciousness, the more the evils of the world will press upon you.

Now, when you see this, remember this basic point. The harmony that you bring out into manifestation is the harmony that you first find within yourself. If I cannot find your perfection within me, I cannot find it out there in the external world. If I cannot find lack of judgment, criticism, condemnation for your faults, you cannot be healed of your faults; that is if you were looking to me for that help.

And in the same way, your trespasses will never be forgiven you while you are holding someone else in condemnation to their human faults. It doesn’t mean that they haven’t got human faults, it doesn’t mean they may not continue to have them, or they may not get worse, but that’s none of your business. Your business, my business, is to forgive seventy times seven, to hold no one in criticism, judgment, or condemnation. Our business is to serve, whether we serve spiritually by knowing the truth, or whether we serve in the human way of extending some human help, it makes no difference. It has to be done on both planes, the spiritual as well as the physical. But whatever we do, it comes up out of us, and then we find it in our own experience.

Now, when the Master was faced with a multitude of hungry people, did he go outside somewhere to feed them? No, he multiplied, he multiplied. From where did he multiply? Where would you multiply? You can only multiply with your consciousness—that’s all. You can only multiply from within your own being. Therefore, your supply can’t come to you externally. Ah yes, yes, in the early stages, when you are the Hebrews sitting at the feet of the Master, then the Master multiplies and feeds you, but the second day he gets mad at you if you come back, and he says, “What did you come back for? I fed you yesterday.” You should have learned the principle, because I wasn’t setting up free food kitchens. I wasn’t setting up temporary aid stations. I was teaching you a principle when I fed you. I’m going to do it once more, but don’t come back again.”

In other words, he was revealing, the kingdom of God is within you. The multiplier is within you. What is the multiplier of loaves and fishes? It is the contact that you make. What do you think is the healer? What do you think it is that enabled the Master to say, “Pick up thy bed and walk?” Well let’s follow Peter and John, is it, at the temple gate Beautiful, where the crippled man sits and begs. And the answer is:

Silver and gold have I none. Such as I have, give I unto thee. Rise, pick up thy bed and walk. And he leaped up and ran, but he Hebrews marveled. Why marvel ye, men of Israel, as if we, with our own understanding or our own power, had done this thing? The God of Abraham, the God of Jacob, the God of Israel hath done this thing. The same Spirit that raised up Jesus Christ from the dead, will quicken also your mortal body.

All right, now let’s go back to that. The God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob hath done this thing. Where is this God? Where is the God of Abraham, and the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob? It’s within you. That’s where the whole kingdom of God is—within you. Where is the same Spirit that raised up Jesus Christ from the dead? It’s within you; it’s within me. Therefore, if you would do multiplying of supply, if you would do healing work, you must bring the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, the same Spirit that raised up Jesus from the dead, you must bring that into manifestation.

And the way to do it is to make contact with It within, through meditation. When you meditate, when you turn within and realize the kingdom of God is within me, the same Spirit that raised up Jesus Christ from the dead is within me, the same Spirit that multiplied loaves and fishes is within me. All right Father, I’m going to sit here until you reveal it, and then you learn to sit and be patient, and at first you may only be able to sit one or two or three minutes, and it may come and it may not. It may take days, it may take weeks, it may take months before you actually make that first contact and find actually that that same God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob has sprung to life in you. The same Spirit that raised up Jesus Christ from the dead has come to aliveness in you. But when you feel it jump out here, somebody will say, “I’m better; I got a job; my ability is better than it was; my peace of mind is greater than it was.”

Something has changed in the outer realm because you touched this center, which is God, within you. Now remember, none of these miracles take place because you can recite these truths. None of these miracles take place, even if you could recite this tape. If you could learn it by heart and get up and deliver it tomorrow night, you may still not heal even a tiny headache.

But if you meditate, forget the words that I’ve said here tonight, they’re of no interest. Remember the idea: the kingdom of God is within you. I didn’t discover it, and I didn’t invent it. This is a revelation that’s as old as time, and one of the greatest of all revelators, Christ Jesus, has demonstrated it so clearly that even I, in my little way, have apprehended that truth and adopted it into my living … [words unclear] … if you can be patient enough with yourself until you make that contact, you too will find that the supplier of loaves and fishes is within you, that the healing Christ, with which Jesus healed … remember, Jesus didn’t do any healing work. He very frankly said that I can of my own self do nothing. It’s the Father within me that doeth the work.

When you can make contact with the Father within you, you’ll know why he said I cannot. You’ll know that it was not false modesty. You’ll know it wasn’t any mock humility. It was an actual truth. Jesus could never have healed a headache, any more than you will ever heal one or I will ever heal one. But if you make contact with that spiritual presence within you, It will multiply loaves and fishes, It will reform sinners, It will destroy the penalty for sin, It will wipe out lack and limitation, It will do all of these things. The same Spirit that raised Jesus Christ from the dead will do it now for us, only we must make the actual contact within our own being.

That is why meditation is the secret—the whole secret of the message of The Infinite Way. Without it, remember this, without meditation, The Infinite Way would be a philosophy of life, and it would just be a nice story about Joel Goldsmith’s life. But with meditation, it becomes a story of your life or anyone’s life who wishes to turn within. And that is why, you see, we have no organization and no membership, because we have nothing to offer. If you don’t contact the Father within you, The Infinite Way can’t do you any good. If you do contact the Father within you, you don’t need it anymore. It’s just as simple as that.