1955 New York Gotham Book Mart Lecture        Photo: Inez Marques
Joel S. Goldsmith
900A – Infinite Nature of Yourself

pdf-49px  JG 1955 – 900A Infinite Nature of Yourself

In other words, the substance of our health, and the substance of our supply, the substance of our companionship, the substance of our skills or abilities all lie within us, and we must first contact them there. We must first make a contact with some inner presence. Actually it must come to a point of a response from within, so that you can feel that jump in there, you can feel that deep breath, or you can feel a warmth go over your body, or you can feel a smile come to your lips. Something takes place within you which enables you to say, “Oh, thank you Father. That was it.”

When that happens to you, that which you have been seeking will quickly appear in the outer realm, whether it was health, or guidance, or protection, or supply, or greater skill, greater ability, greater inspiration. Whatever it is that we are seeking in the outer realm will in its natural order appear, if we contact the source of it, which is within our own being.

Now just think of this, that we seem to be looking out through these eyes at a great big world, and our human teaching is that whatever it is we want, we can get out there and bring it to us. And this is a complete reversal. This says that whatever is out there belongs to the other fellow, that we must go for what we want within ourselves.

Scripturally, it says, Cast thy bread upon the waters. Why should you cast your bread upon the waters? So that it can come back to you. How can you do it if you don’t already have the bread? Ah, but you do. You have bread, you have wine, you have water, and you have meat. What is your bread, wine, water, and meat? The word I. I am the bread of life. I am the wine and the water and the meat. Where is I? I is in here; I am voicing it, and that I is bread, and meat, and wine, and water, and if I want to enjoy any of it, I have to cast it out on the waters so it can come back to me.

In other words, somewhere or other you have read this, that whatever we would have, we must give. And whatever it is that we give, is what we have. What we receive is not ours. It is that of the one who gave it, and it returns to them. Ours is that which we give. We have scriptural authority for that in the twenty-fifth Chapter of Matthew. It begins along about the thirty-third verse, I believe.

When I was in prison, ye visited me. When I was sick, ye comforted me. When I was naked, ye clothed me. When I was an hungered ye fed me. Oh, Master, oh Master, when saw we thee an hungered, and fed thee; when saw we thee naked, and clothed thee; when saw we thee in prison, and visited thee? Inasmuch as ye have done it unto the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.

And he says those who do that find their seats in heaven.

Harmony, completeness, wholeness, perfection, that’s the only heaven there is. And so it is, that which flows out from us is that which we have. Would we be forgiven? You can’t be. Forgive us our debts as we … in proportion as we forgive those who trespass against us. Do you see that? Only what we give in service, in love, in truth. It’s the same way on the higher plane. No one is ever going to know the truth about you, unless you start it by knowing the truth about God and this world. When you begin knowing …  oh, let’s put it in my own case: When I began to know that God is your individual being, when I began to know that God is your soul, when I began to know that God is the very meat, wine, water, bread unto your experience, when I began to know that God is a law of forgiveness operating within you, that is when all those who come in contact with me, say, “Isn’t he a nice fellow.”

Yes, yes, and that’s what did it. Not anything that was done externally, but the mere fact that I am able to perceive the Christ of you, enables you, or those with whom I come in contact, to find and recognize the Christ within me. Many of you have undoubtedly been to metaphysical practitioners, and undoubtedly most of you have been to those who really know their business, and you know by that, that when you go into the presence of a spiritual practitioner or teacher, the first thing you find there is love and understanding.

And why is that? Do they love you? No, they don’t know them, but by their spiritual illumination they have learned that God is the reality of you, and therefore, they’re in love with you long before they met you. And you felt that as you came into their presence, and you began to respond in kind. In the same way, the whole of the healing process is called knowing the truth. So whenever an individual begins to know the truth about you, about your spiritual nature, that is when you begin to respond with health, healing, harmony, and whatever it is that appears to be lacking in your experience.

And so it is that when you begin to know the truth about anyone, about everyone, that you bring out that truth within them. We had a very interesting experience, oh, probably three or four years ago, out in Portland, Oregon, where I was asked to conduct a twenty or twenty-five minute noon meeting for business men and women in the downtown district. And we started on the very first day with some Bible passages, and these Bible passages were references to this very thing, revealing that Christ, the spiritual Son of God, is our true identity, revealing that God is individual being. And we were led to experiment for a week.

The experiment went something like this, that from the moment that we leave this room, from the moment we step out into the hall, we will begin to recognize God as the individuality, as the law, and the reality of every individual we meet, of every person. We will begin to acknowledge God or the Son of God to sit behind the eyes of everyone we meet. We will begin to understand that love, which is God, animates every individual, every person. And you know what happened.

The very first thing that happened was that although these meetings had been going on for several years, neither the elevator operator nor the superintendent of the building had ever been interested enough even to come in to hear a meeting, and within three days both of them were in there, and both of them have since become very, very good students, never missing lectures or class work in Portland.

Now, before the week was over, we were told of wonderful experiences of people going into department stores or shops, and there finding a complete reversal of what they had experienced before. Instead of negligent clerks, there were attentive clerks. Instead of ugly clerks, there were very considerate clerks, and so forth and so on. In three of our class periods, we had this happen. One was that of a young girl going out of our night class and going down to the coffee shop for some tea before retiring, and there finding a man at the opposite end of the counter intoxicated and boisterous. And in her secret place of the most High, began the realization, right here, in spite of appearances, is the Christ, the Son of God. Right here is the spiritual entity which God created in the beginning. And this man walked all the way across the restaurant and sat down by this girl and said, “Won’t you talk to me about God?” And he kept her there for thirty minutes talking about God, and then he said, “This will never happen again, and he went out.”

And then we had in Honolulu the same experience: a night class, girl going home on a bus, man very boisterously intoxicated, and in this same capacity of secretly and silently realizing the true nature of man, when this man came to his stop, he tapped her on the shoulder, he was sitting in back of her, and he said, “Thanks Miss, for praying for me; I’m perfectly all right.” Three times that has happened to us in class work. Merely because of an ability on the part of an individual to cast their bread upon the waters. In other words, to give out, thereby bring back.