1953 First New York Closed Class
Joel Goldsmith
53A – Questions and Answers

 JG 1953 – 53A Questions & Answers

Q: Can you say a few words about Christmas? Do you agree with Mrs. Eddy on this?

A: I have forgotten what Mrs. Eddy said except one statement about a feast of soul and a famine of sense, and of course, that statement is very true, but I don’t know otherwise what her thoughts were on Christmas. But I’ll tell you what my thought about Christmas is. It is an occasion. As a matter of fact, the copy has already gone in for my December Letter, and in it there is this word on Christmas, that Christmas is an occasion. It is a occasion, first of all, for the remembrance of the meaning of the Christ: the Christ born in our consciousness, and it is another occasion. It is an opportunity for love on what we call the human plane. It is an opportunity for the exchanging of gifts.

Now, because they say that Christmas has become commercialized doesn’t mean that we have to commercialize Christmas. Probably to some it has been commercialized. One thing is certain; we can come under the mesmerism to the extent that where we would like to send dollar remembrance we buy a five dollar gift because we’re a little bit afraid or ashamed of what might be said about us. We can overcome that ourselves and make Christmas a time for the remembrance of good, the remembrance of love, but within our own sense of it. So that if it is our sense of it to have a pretty little five cent card made, the five cent card will convey as much love as a dollar card, and in the same way the gift of a handkerchief or anything else will convey as much love as a diamond ring. It isn’t a matter of value or amount; it is a matter this: that it becomes an opportunity for the expression of love that exists between us, a love which too often we fail to express at other times of the year. It has been said to send me my flowers while I can smell them, and I believe in that, and also send me my gifts while I can enjoy them, but for heavens sake, do not make it an excuse or an opportunity for showing off or for being extravagant or vulgar. No. Christmas can be and should be an occasion. As long as the Christian world accepts it as a remembrance of the Christ, then let us accept it as a remembrance of the Christ. We can do that without going to church services and we can do it going to church services if it will suit our family best. In the same way, giving of gifts, I believe, should be confined to those to whom we wish, at that moment, to convey some idea of our love. Personally, I do not believe in being so absolute as to ignore Christmas or Easter or birthdays or any other occasion for showing each other how we feel for each other. That’s how I feel about it.