1953 First New York Closed Class
Joel Goldsmith
53A – Questions and Answers

pdf-49px JG 1953 – 53A Questions & Answers

Q. And this has to do with Genesis, giving us the fruit of the tree and all of our food, and there being no authority for killing any living thing, such as cattle for food. And of course, reminding us that Jesus fed loaves and fishes for the multitude.

A. There again, it’s a question of mixing up God the spirit and our human sense of good. There is no question about it that in divine Consciousness there is no such thing as the killing of anything. There is no such thing as the destruction of anything in God’s creation. That is why, as we rise high enough in consciousness we no longer look upon snakes as venomous, poisonous, destructive. We no longer come in contact with wild beasts. In the kingdom of God there is no such thing, nor is there any such thing on earth, except as we, in our sense of separation from God, have labeled these such. We have labeled these—that is the human world has. We have accepted that, and we find it so to be.

In the same way we have built up this sense of requiring meat and fish, and we have it so. It has nothing to do with God’s kingdom. God never ordained that we should eat meat. On the other hand, while we are in this sense of existence, we will appear to require it. That doesn’t mean that many, many, many people haven’t given up the use of meat and fared well. Oh, certainly, meat is not an absolute necessity even from the human standpoint because there are plenty of foods that have all of the qualities of meat, and in giving up meat, one would not give up any of those qualities that are supposed to be in or of meat, and therefore, even humanly, meat is not essential. More so, spiritually as people rise higher and higher in consciousness, they require less and less of meat and ultimately find themselves not using it at all, and not even being concerned about substituting the equivalent since there is a great mystery.

This has been covered in a Seattle Class in which the unfoldment came that consciousness embodies all food value, not food itself. Food is an effect, and food will have the effect upon us which we give it. That can be proven right here in this room by noting the people who are thin and eat the same food as those who are stout. The food that makes one thin makes another stout. The food that is food to one is poison to another. The food that is tasteful to one is distasteful to another. How can that be? How can the same piece of food be tasteful and distasteful? How can the same piece of food be fattening and not fattening. It isn’t food that contains these qualities; it is our consciousness that contains these qualities and the food reflects whatever power we give to it. And so it is, meat is not an essential. We give to meat its power. No other food is essential. As a matter of fact, we could reduce the amount of food we eat to a capsule full and still derive the full amount of nourishment from it because it is our consciousness that has the nourishment, not the food. You can watch that if you experiment with it.

Q. When an individual who has passed from our presence comes to our remembrance the feeling of a glow of love surrounds us. What is the interpretation?

A. I don’t know as there is any one thing that can be called an interpretation. I think it would be a matter of opinion or experience. There are times when an individual that has passed comes to our remembrance, and the significance may be that they have made themselves a part of our experience and are bringing love to us, protection, healing, harmony. It may well be that a glow is going out from us to that individual.

A subject arises here that we cannot take the time to discuss, and that is the nature of the experience after our passing. It is a subject that requires months and months even to talk about and years to experience. Those of you who have a Christian Science background will remember Mrs. Eddy’s statement that good can flow to us from the departed. She must have written that from some personal experience. She says good can flow to us from the departed but not evil, so she must have spoken from some sense of personal experience. I have had the experience several times of the presence of those who, to our sense have departed, and always with a sense of love and a sense of protection and a sense of good presence. I have never had an evil experience that I am consciously aware of. And so I would say that, in answer to this, we should expect, since life is eternal, that no one has ever passed very far away from us, and for this reason, their presence is with us with the same degree of love and probably more even than before. That is how I would see it.

Q. If there is only one being, am I all that is being?

A. Well, certainly, if you are not referring to “I” as Joel. If you are thinking of I in the terms of God, certainly, I am all that is being. The moment you try, though, to say, “Am I, Joel, all that is being”, you are immediately hoping to wipe out the rest of the family. That is not a possibility. I, God, am all that is being, and I, God, am being Joel and Mary and John and all the rest of those in the world. I, God, am the only being. Is there any other being?, says Isaiah. Oh, no! There is no other being. I am all, and before Me, besides Me, there is no other. That I is God, infinitely manifested as your being and mine, infinitely manifested as animal, vegetable, and mineral kingdom. That I is the only I that exists, and it appears universally as our individual being. The person, though, who says I am the only being, looks out here and wonders what to do with all the rest of the people, but they have this much enlightenment: If I were not the only being, you would not be benefiting from me. If I weren’t your consciousness, you would not be benefiting from this truth. But if the I out there weren’t my consciousness, we wouldn’t be here together and aware of each other. God is aware of itself as infinite individuality—infinite individual being. God is the only being in this room and we individually are that being.

There again, words are so meaningless. You know what I’ve just said has absolutely no meaning at all if you read it from a dictionary meaning—none. Unless God has given you the grace to discern spiritually what I have said, it’s contradictory and it’s almost crazy. Like all spiritual truth it doesn’t make sense to the natural man. The things of God cannot be known by the natural man. Unless you can spiritually feel the truth of this, it isn’t truth to you because humanly it doesn’t make sense. If it did, we would go out on the street corner and tell it to everybody, and by tomorrow, we’d have universal peace. But because the world hasn’t got the soul faculties developed, they cannot comprehend or apprehend spiritual truth. Having eyes they see not. Having ears they hear not. And so it becomes necessary for us, in all of this teaching of scripture, to remember: Do not try to make it add up through human sense because always the Bible comes out two times two is five unless you have the divine grace to read it spiritually.