1951 Second Portland Series
Joel S. Goldsmith
612B:1 – Questions on Treatment & Astrology 
& the Maker of Your Destiny

pdf-49px  JG 1951 – 612B1 Quest’s on Treatment

And so it is, at all times, only one claim and one person is brought to our thought at a time, so we can only give one treatment for that particular incident or occasion. Now, when we are in meditation or when we are reading scripture or metaphysics, it is true, that we will have unfoldments of God and because of that, there may have been ten patients calling on us and all of them receive the benefit of that unfoldment. But you remember, we were not treating the ten.

I’m going to illustrate that again with an experience in Boston. On one of those February days when we had the city full of grippe and flu, I went home one night with something like twenty odd calls that had come in from people with cold, grippe, and flu. When I got to my office the next morning, enough more so that altogether, I had thirty-three cases, if you want to call them cases, of different degrees of cold, flu, and grippe. Now at one o’clock, I looked at my appointment book to see who had the next appointment, and I beheld a very strange thing. I had no appointments from one to two. And this was at a time in my practice when that never happened. There was no such thing, and my appointments were fifteen minutes, and there were four every hour, all day.

That looked like a miracle, God must have put that hour there because I had not intentionally done it. And so, I thought well, God, there’s a message here for me, so I closed the door, just as if I were busy and sat down and said, “Now Father, let’s get together on this. Why have I got this hour? As I sat there meditating, this came to me very clearly: There are not thirty-three cases of flu; there is only one belief of infection and contagion. Oh-h. That’s quite different. Now I only have one case, and that case is the belief in infection and contagion.

Well, what’s the truth about infection and contagion, and then the answer came back, since God is the only cause and creator, if there is such a thing as infection, God must be the infector, and if there is such a thing as contagion, the only contagion there could be would be that which God would infect with and that would be his own qualities: life, truth, and love. And who’s afraid of that kind of contagion and infection? Before I left my office that afternoon, I did not have any of those thirty-three patients. They were clear.

The next day, I had a call to go out to the Christian Science Benevolent Home in Pleasant View and the girl at the desk said that about one third of the patients at the home there had the grippe or flu or colds and about twenty five percent of the help. And not meaning to say it, it just came out too quickly, I said, “That’s your fault.”

She looked up, “My fault?’

“Why certainly. Don’t you know that you are the doorkeeper in the house of the Lord? Isn’t that what you’re sitting at this desk for, as a doorkeeper?”

“Well, yes.”

“What did you let it in for? It had to come in through the door. You know what came in here was the belief of infection and contagion, wasn’t it.”

She said, “Yes.”

“Well, somebody had to open the door and let it in. It only takes one to close the door. And in as much as you are the doorkeeper, it seems to me you’re the one to get busy and ask yourself, ‘Can a belief in a selfhood apart from God enter the doorway of God, can it enter God’s temple, divine Consciousness, individual consciousness? See what happens.’”

She said, “That’s an idea.”

And she called me the next day and said they were pretty close to being clear there at the Benevolent Home. She had worked on that idea all day. Now she was not trying to give one treatment to all those people, you understand that, don’t you? She was merely trying to clear her own consciousness as I was in my office of the belief in a selfhood or a condition apart from God, and of course, those who were tuned in, got the benefit of it.

Never in our work do we give single treatments to a multiplicity of people. Never, never. Every claim is met at the point of contact. You will find this in the writings. Every point, every claim is met at the point of contact. For instance, if a claim is brought to my attention this minute, it doesn’t make a difference if I hear somebody coughing, I see something out here, I get a telephone message—the moment it registers in my thought, that is the moment of the treatment. That is the moment when I am being tempted to believe in a selfhood apart from God.

I don’t have to tell you that if I walked along the street and felt the temptation to break into a jewelry store window and run away, that if I sat down to temporize and think about it, and say I’ll give myself a treatment tonight, it might be too late. I might succumb to the temptation, and that would be too bad. The time to meet the temptation is when it is presented, then you have no difficulty with it afterward.

Now, believe me, there is no such thing as giving a treatment tonight. Don’t ever believe that. Don’t ever believe that you are wholly honest if you tell someone, “I’ll give you a treatment an hour from now.” You can’t do it; it’s too late. You’ve let in the temptation; you’ve taken in the claim. Five minutes from now is too late. By the time you sit around, working with it, or waiting for it, you’ve accepted it. Then it’s the blind leading the blind.

Remember that the only thing that constitutes a practitioner is an individual who is one with God, that is one with Truth. So if you believe in the call that is coming to you, to the extent of saying, “I’ll do something about it later,” haven’t you accepted it as well as the patient? Now the patient’s waiting for you to get rid of it, and you’re waiting for time to get rid of it. No, no, no. Every claim must be met at the point of contact. That means that as soon as you hear the call, as soon as you receive the call for help, that is the instant when your treatment must take place, whatever the nature of the treatment is. Whether or not you want to realize something specific, or whether you just want to snap your fingers and say, “Well, mortality is a myth, that has nothing to do with me.” Regardless of what your treatment is to be, it must be at the minute of contact. Don’t you see that?

You hear three cars smash up out there, don’t wait till you get home tonight to give them a treatment. Mortal belief may have given them a treatment before you get to it, and it will be too late. Now would be the time to know that only the activity of God is taking place and only the activity of immortal, eternal life is going on, but know it now. Then you give the fellow out there the chance to get up and walk away. Not have to be healed later.

Every claim, regardless of its name or nature, must be met at the point of contact with your thought. That instant—whether it’s on the telephone, whether you are opening your mail, and you find a request for help in your mail, or whether you are just walking along the street.

I have told this story, I think before. This is one my teacher told me, my Christian Science teacher. He was walking along the street one day and he had a terrible feeling of death around him. At the same time, he thought of a man, a patient, who was having great financial difficulties, business difficulties, and he associated the call with that man, and he immediately gave a treatment. Immediately, walking along the street, gave a treatment in the realization of one life, the only life, the all life, and so forth.

He said a few days later this man walked into his office and said, “I had a very, very strange experience. I just about thought I couldn’t pull out of this, so I went to Chicago and decided to commit suicide. I wrote my note, was sitting at the desk, put the gun up to my temple and somebody knocked it out of my hands. I thought that was a sign for me not to use it. You see that? Supposing he had been so busy walking along the street that he was going to give a treatment later. No. That was the very instant that the treatment was necessary. The call had come to him even without telephones and without mail. Why, because he, himself, was living in his conscious oneness with God, and he was made aware of everything necessary for him to know.

Always if you keep your conversation in heaven; if you keep living in your conscious oneness with God, everything that’s necessary for you to know at any time will be given to you. It will come in the form of your own thought; it might come in the form of a picture you see. It’ll come in some form to you so that you will know it. Now, all you have to do is to realize your conscious oneness with God all the time. Twenty hours a day, twenty-four hours a day, eighteen—as many hours as you are awake, and remember it while falling asleep, so you remain in this body of consciousness while you’re sleeping. Your conscious oneness with God makes everything available to you.