1951 Second Portland Series
Joel S. Goldsmith
612B:1 – Questions on Treatment & Astrology 
& the Maker of Your Destiny

pdf-49px  JG 1951 – 612B1 Quest’s on Treatment

As we go on in this work, we come to a place where we say, “Oh, surely, I know now, I don’t have to speak to my practitioner, I’ll call them on the telephone, or I’ll send a telegram. I’ll get an absent treatment. Well, you just watch, the day will be coming when you won’t even go that far, and you will receive the healing just the same. You will find the personal contact isn’t an actual necessity, and if it is, just the merest, “Hello, get busy,” will be enough. Why, because there isn’t a Christian Science practitioner or any metaphysical practitioner in the world that has a power of healing anything. Not a one.

The Christ of their consciousness does the work, and they have developed that Christ through study, through meditation, through association with those on the path, through the devotion of their lives to a spiritual purpose, they have evolved or developed their spiritual state of consciousness, and the moment you touch that, you should have your healing. And you do have in some measure, and some day we’ll have it in the fullness and instantaneously.

So satisfy yourself in my writings on treatment, because they represent twenty years of actual experience, and I wouldn’t withdraw a word of them, but I will say this that you can advance above any of them, and will as you learn those. You rise from one to another to that place where you will find that your whole treatment will be a very, very quick realization of some kind.

Don’t try to go into deeper water than is possible. Don’t try faith healing, don’t try, “Oh, God is all,” unless you have an actual awareness of it, you’ll let your patient down. You have got to have the conviction. Sometimes, it may be necessary for you to sit up all night to arrive at that point of conviction. And if it is, don’t be afraid to do it. I’m not. When I get a case of that kind, if it’s necessary to sit up all night, I haven’t any hesitancy in doing it, or in working for an hour or two or three for the realization, stopping and going back again. Why? Because I have found that it’s an utter impossibility living the life as we do with all of our radios blaring and news and all that, I find that it’s not a possibility for me to always be at this top level of consciousness. I may feel it humanly, but it isn’t always there, and so, if I find a call coming to me that disturbs me, that doesn’t give me the right reaction within, don’t you think for a minute that I don’t sit in meditation and sometimes go through some of these treatments to arrive at that state of consciousness, because I do.

The object of the work is to arrive at a place where you are satisfied with your treatment; where you have the feeling, all is well. If you don’t have that, keep working. In one way or another, keep working, until you arrive at that point. Because it isn’t your human knowledge that does the healing, it isn’t your human holiness; it is arriving at a point of conviction. That’s what does the work. There must be that conviction there.

Mrs. Eddy has another beautiful statement along that line: “When the practitioner realizes the truth, the patient is free.” But you know, she says, when the practitioner realizes the truth, not just knows the truth, or states the truth, realizes. Now, I say that same thing in a different way. I say when you get the “click;” when you get that feeling of Omnipresence; when you get that feeling that God is on the scene; let’s call it a feeling of assurance, when you are no longer concerned about your patient, you have realized the truth, and then you will find that your patient is free.

But until then, you just have to keep trying. If your patient calls up tomorrow, “I’m worse,” you have to go back at it. Or if “I’m not quite as well,” you have to go back. Stick, stick, stick, as long as the patient will stick with you; you stick with the patient. When the patient gets tired of you, they’ll let you know and will go seek another practitioner. And that’s their right. They should be free agent. Well once a person asks you for help and you have given it, they are not your patient any more. From the moment you have given the treatment, they belong to themselves and they can take themselves anywhere they want.

Don’t get to looking for anybody to be your patient or to keep coming back to you. Every time you give a treatment, set them free. Know that they have the right to go anywhere where God leads them, because otherwise you are just going to try to hold them in bondage to your human selfhood, and they aren’t going to find healing that way. It might help your supply a little bit for a while, but in the end you lose more by it than you gain. Never try to hold a patient one minute after you have given them the treatment. Realize that at that minute they are free. If five minutes later they want to call another practitioner that is their prerogative.

It’s the same way with our students. Our duty as teachers is not out here; it’s up here. It’s to maintain our own integrity so they get whatever benefit is possible, but when anyone out here feels that this is not their way or this is not their teaching or this is not their teacher, heavens, let them find it wherever and however they will. And it is the same with our Sunday lectures or our study group. When a person doesn’t feel like coming to a lecture, if they want to stay away once or a hundred times…. Remember, they’re fulfilling their own destiny in accord with their unfoldment from God. Never make the mistake of telling them that by coming to your service or your lecture, that they will be benefited. They will only be benefited by going where God directs them. Let each one be God directed.

That is why, if you ever engage in this work, follow the line that I have done, when you’re introduced, don’t allow any adjectives about yourself or about the work or how wonderful you are. Just your message and state it, and whether it’s wonderful or not, let the other out here do it. And in advertising, we don’t have to advertise. If we want to send out an announcement or even publish one in the paper, that Sunday morning is going to be an Infinite Way lecture, just let it say so, but let’s not put anything around it that would entice anyone in. Just let them know that it is going to be, and let Christ drive them there or away from there.

Always let everyone be free. Don’t have a personal sense of responsibility for anyone. Your responsibility is to your own inner integrity. That is your own conscious oneness with God. If you’re maintaining that, you are maintaining your oneness with every bit of spiritual good that belongs to you and you won’t have to advertise for it or solicit it or hold on to it when it comes to you, but rather loose it and let it go. And you’ll find that it works.

On this subject of treatment, please don’t be bound or limited by anybody’s concept of treatment, not even mine. I don’t want it. There is what I know about treatment in those books. In addition to that, what I have given in class. Use it as it fits your own consciousness and then go on from there. And you may evolve something better than has ever been known. But if you don’t rely on the Christ to do it for you, if you rely on what someone says, you never will evolve.

If we give no heed to an individual patient as such, then wouldn’t one treatment suffice for any number of patients? That would depend on your consciousness, wouldn’t it? First place, it isn’t your treatment that does anything for a patient, it’s their contact with your consciousness. Now, it is an impossibility to give one treatment to a lot of patients. Why? Because only one patient at a time has been able to get through to you to ask for help. And the treatment is supposed to have been given at the instant of the request. Now there was only one request. Mrs. Jones called on the telephone and asked for help. And at that instant, the treatment was given. How could you have given a group treatment when only one person was asking for help?