1951 Second Portland Series
Joel S. Goldsmith
612B:1 – Questions on Treatment & Astrology 
& the Maker of Your Destiny

pdf-49px  JG 1951 – 612B1 Quest’s on Treatment

Ordinarily when a call comes, if you are at that point of development where you are not concerned about who the patient is or what the claim, then of course, there would be no different treatment. There would only be one treatment, and that would be your realization of the allness of God. And if you had that realization, if you really had that click, that feeling of the omnipresence of God, and if you had this sense that error in any form, regardless of its name or nature, or its suggestion, a temptation to believe in a selfhood apart from God, of course, that would be your whole treatment. As a matter of fact, I can conceive of many of you not even having to go that far.

I’ve called your attention to two statements in Mrs. Eddy’s writings that I think are magnificent in this direction: one is that “Mortality is a myth.” Now what difference what form of mortality it is, whether it’s the head or the foot, whether it’s unemployment? What difference what form of mortality, if it’s a myth, and you can understand that it’s a myth because of God being the life and soul of this earth, of this creation? Then one treatment you would need would be to remember anything along the line that mortality is a myth.

Mrs. Eddy gave a definition of treatment that has never, to my knowledge been surpassed. I would accept this quotation of hers as the highest form of treatment I have ever heard anywhere on earth. And this it is, “Treat a belief in disease as you would sin, with sudden dismissal.” There it is. Out of her own lips. “Treat a belief in disease as you would sin, with sudden dismissal.” That’s a treatment, no matter what the error may be, if, remember, you have arrived at that point of consciousness.

I have told this before, I was doing healing work before I went through class, my teacher knew it, and he knew how the healings were brought about. When I went through class, he gave no instruction on treatment. And of course, I was there to learn something about it, because I thought they knew something about treatment that was better than I knew. When the class was over and I asked him why he had given us nothing about treatment, he said “It was out of respect for you. I didn’t want to foul you up. You’re doing fine work without it.”

Now, if you are at a state of consciousness where you can accept Mrs. Eddy’s statement: “Treat a belief in disease as you would sin, with sudden dismissal.” Why? Because of its nothingness. That’s fine. That would be all the treatment you need, or the other statement: “Mortality is a myth.” So why should it bother me?

Now, scripture has two equal treatments. There are two statements of scripture that are equal to those of Mrs. Eddy’s, but we don’t need Mrs. Eddy, we can get them from scripture, if we like. In Isaiah it says: Cease ye from man whose breath is in his nostrils, for wherein is he to be accounted of. Now of course, anybody who says, “I’m sick, I’m dying, I’m poor, I’m out of work,” well certainly that’s man whose breath is in his nostrils. It isn’t the Son of God saying that, is it? According to that statement, why bother about this call at all? It’s not real. And the Master summed it up even more briefly, My kingdom is not of this world.” So why am I going to kick around the illusion; My kingdom is not of this world.

If you are at that state of consciousness where you can declare, “My kingdom is not of this world,” that’s my treatment. That’s fine, and you’ll have marvelous results with it. But if you are not, and you have to give a treatment, for heaven’s sake, don’t try to be so absolute. Be willing to come up to it if you can, and meanwhile, give your treatment. And your treatment can be as specific as you like. In the writings, you’ll find ten different paragraphs on treatment, and you’ll find that every treatment begins with the word God, and so forth.

Now, as to handling these specific things, yes, sometimes, when a claim is brought to us, as it says here, of eyesight, naturally thought turns to the thought that God is mind and that mind is the only activity of consciousness, therefore it must be the activity of what we call spiritual sight. So that would be specifically handling the idea. You wouldn’t be treating another person’s eyesight, but you would be, in your treatment, realizing God, the one mind, the infinite intelligence, as the activity of what we call sight.

If you are treating a tumor, it might come to you that since God is the substance of all form, there is nothing in the world of form that isn’t constituted of God. You can do that if that came to you. Remember, I’m not giving you this as a treatment because you might be treating a tumor, and have an entirely different treatment come to you. I’m only giving this as an illustration of what might be used.

The same way I said last night or the night before about the alcoholism; you see, that was a specific treatment, in knowing that what appeared in a bottle of whiskey had no power in and of itself for good or evil. That was a specific treatment. And the reason I was giving that specific treatment was that at that moment, it was necessary for me to do it. Had I been so high in consciousness as to say to that lady, “Go on home and forget it,” I would never have thought about the fact that whisky had no power. But it was necessary, at that moment to remember that whisky had no power.

I have had other cases of alcoholism where no such thought came to me at all; where it was just instantaneously alert and alive within me that God was the only substance, the only activity. And sometimes, not even that much of a conscious thought about it; just the awareness or feeling.

No one can ever tell you specifically how to treat. No one should ever tell you specifically how to treat, because when the claim is brought to your attention, you may not be on that level of consciousness where the person was who was telling you how to treat. How many times do you think busy practitioners get called on the phone and are so busy with other things that they forget the call entirely? And then get a call that night or the next day with a marvelous healing. You bite your lip and say, “Good, it’s a good thing you had a good practitioner because I didn’t remember.” Is that right? Yes, it happens, it happens. Why? Of course, the disease wasn’t a reality to begin with.

This is a true story. A Christian Science lecturer in London, England, had been traveling in the United States, and he got back to England, and one of his students met him in the hotel, and they had breakfast together and then walked into his office. Of course, there was mail piled up there. Right on top was a cablegram. He opened it and read it, and it was a cable from America of gratitude for a wonderful, instantaneous healing. He handed the cable to the student and said, you see what a wonderful practitioner your teacher is, now let’s see what he healed! So he went down through this pile and pulled out the other cable, which asked for treatment for some very serious condition. He said, “Now there you are, I can heal anything.” He hadn’t received the first cable at all, but it wasn’t necessary, was it? He was living in the consciousness of allness, and whoever it was that reached out, reached that spiritual consciousness.

Is that consciousness confined in a body? No. Does it have to be reached through the air? No. The moment you reach out to the Christ, that’s the answer. And at our present state of development, we sometimes reach out to the Christ of Joel, John, Mary, and so forth. And later on, we just reach out to the Christ. In the beginning of this work, we find it necessary to go to a practitioner and have a personal talk, and usually it takes a whole hour to get it out of our system, and some practitioners make the mistake of letting you come again and again and again and telling the same story all over again. It doesn’t do any good. That practitioner couldn’t humanly do anything for you no matter how many times you told your story, and the Christ can do it without hearing that repeated over and over and over again.