1959 Hawaiian Village Closed Class
Joel S. Goldsmith
265A – Spiritual Power – Mental Power

pdf-49px  JG 1959 – 265A Spiritual Power Mental Power

Now it has been done, people have used the power of their mind to get other people’s money, and other people’s property, and other people’s business; they have used the power of mind to benefit themselves at the expense of others. It is a destructive thing, but don’t for a minute doubt that it can be done, otherwise you will be living with your head in the sand.

Now the mind has two powers, and that is “good and evil.” Do you not understand that this body, in and of itself, can never be good or bad? Do you not know—you probably haven’t thought of it, but you can now—that your body can’t steal? Do you know that your body, in and of itself, can’t be immoral, or do an immoral thing, or commit an immoral act? Don’t you know that? Of course you do. There has to be a mind; there has to be something you call “I,” and all the body can do is carry out the instructions of the mind; and if the mind says “give,” the body gives, the hand gives; if the mind says “withhold,” then the hand withholds; and if the mind says “steal,” then the hand steals, or tries to. And so it is, the mind is always governing the body on the human level.

It is only the person too steeped in mental inertia, who lets the body control the mind—then we have a kleptomaniac; they can’t help it, their hand just reaches out and steals, although the mind doesn’t want it to, but the mind has no control over that body. And there are people of sensual appetites who cannot control their appetite, whether for drink, or for drugs, or for food… on all branches; and they have no control over their body. Their body has control over them, but that is because they have surrendered the power of their own mind, and they’ve let the body run away with it—as you might let a garden run away and become overrun with weeds, if you’re too lazy to get out there and take care of it. But normally the body can’t steal; the body can’t overeat or over drink; the body can’t do anything of itself—if there is enough control, so that you know that, “No, I govern the action of this body,” that “I” being me through the mind.

Now then, it is so with health. Health can be maintained mentally by keeping the mind imbued with truth—the mind imbued with truth will create and maintain health in the body. Mind imbued either with ignorance or error permits the body to disintegrate and to develop its ill health, but remember, this is all on the mental plane.

Now, because there is an interrelation between Spirit, mind, and body, in our stage of unfoldment, we cannot reach the spiritual level without first going through the mind. There are a few exceptions to that. There have been some people receive divine grace, and automatically are imbued with the Spirit without ever having to learn the truth of being—sometimes without ever learning it in their lifetime, and yet always living spiritually. But there are not many such, and it would be foolish for us to wait around to see if that particular spiritual lightning was going to strike us. We may as well acknowledge this: that for us, we will have to reach the spiritual levels through the mind, but not using the mind as “mind power” as you would do if you were going to heal just mentally; but use the mind as an avenue of awareness through which you learn truth, the letter of truth—and then by that learning and practicing the letter of truth, you develop your soul powers or spiritual powers, and then ultimately get beyond the need for even the use of the mind in that direction.

Now don’t ever believe that you want to get rid of the mind that was one of the old Christian Science mistakes: trying to nullify the mind or the body. Let’s not get rid of the mind or of the body; let’s have both mind and body for their proper usage. The body is an instrument in which we are now functioning, or through which we are now functioning. It’s a very handy instrument when you want to walk down the street or drive a car or go somewhere. It’s a very wonderful thing to have eyes to see with and ears to hear with and a mouth to… tongue to speak with—it’s all beautiful, let’s not try to get rid of it. It’s a wonderful thing to have a mind that functions clearly and intelligently, let’s not try to get rid of it.

The one thing in this work that is taught in The Infinite Way is: do not use the mind as a power, because then you’re leaving yourself back on this mental-physical plane without consideration for the highest and the real, which is the spiritual. When you reach the spiritual plane, both mind and body are instruments for God. Then there’s no limit to the understanding, the inspiration, the art, the literature, the music, the invention, the science that can come through a mind that has made contact with God—no limitation whatsoever. Now you can’t do that strictly on the mental plane; you cannot! You can increase its skill and ability, but only to the extent of the limitations of mind itself. But once, once you open yourself to the higher consciousness, there is absolutely no limit to what can be revealed, in and through your mind, and then brought forth by the skill of your fingers or your body.

So it is that in answering this question: actually, I doubt that it could be demonstrated that you could maintain mechanical or electrical equipment very long, through mental means; although I am absolutely convinced that it can be done throughout any period when it is of necessity to our experience. In other words, if we run out of gasoline I am definitely convinced that we can run that car until gasoline is available; although I don’t believe that we can stop using gasoline entirely and depend on the activity of mind. And so it is, that in the case of a brake, I’m certain that our activity would in some way hold it together until we could arrive at the place where it could be corrected; but I doubt very much if we could continue to use it very long, without disaster.

Now, the same is true of this plant life. By mental means, you can increase your crops; and by mental means, you can decrease them. But to bring forth a permanent demonstration of multiplication of the “loaves and fishes,” it would be necessary to go further than the operation of mind. It would be necessary to be touched or to reach the realm of Spirit—then there is no limitation, but neither would there be a violation of natural law. In other words, you might double the amount of flowers on this plant, but it would not be in violation of nature, it would be because something in nature itself, that is not now being used, would be brought into use. In other words, the fullness of the life of this plant may not now be in action; the activity of the Spirit would see to it that every seed came alive and bore fruit.

Mrs. Eddy wrote in, I believe it’s in the textbook, that: “The day will come when a thief will not have to enter your home, but you will carry your goods to the thief.” I’m sure that’s not often quoted, and I’m sure there are not many people who believe it, but I’m sure now that in the view of the success that was originally had by subliminal perception, you must know that it’s true. If the powers of the mind are used in that direction, you can be made to deliver yourself and your property.

You say “this is frightening;” of course it is, of course it is! That’s why England has absolutely refused to permit the practice of subliminal advertising in England. The Advertising Society of Great Britain has refused permission for it to be used; the government has refused; the radio, the television stations have refused; they have unanimously refused to permit its use; because, if it can be used, it can be used to make you give up your money for anything that they wish to advertise—whether or not you need it, whether or not you can afford it. When last month they tried to pass a bill in the California legislature, to outlaw its practice, they failed to pass it. The interests behind the advertising were too strong, and it is now legal to do all the stealing you want in California, as long as you do it mentally—if you can do it.