1959 Hawaiian Village Closed Class
Joel S. Goldsmith
265A – Spiritual Power – Mental Power

pdf-49px  JG 1959 – 265A Spiritual Power Mental Power

Good evening. I’m sure that most of you know that any teaching has to be conducted in steps, because there are states and stages of consciousness, and we are prepared at one time for a teaching, and at another time for something further or deeper, and still further along in our experience we begin to get ready for some of the mysteries of life.

Now ordinarily speaking, metaphysical teaching consists only of the veneer of the subject—of the very, you might say, outside layer. There is very little metaphysical teaching that goes any deeper than what I would call primary grades; most of it is in the realm of kindergarten and some little of it is on the level of primary grades. I don’t know of any teaching available to the public that I can think of that goes any deeper than what might comparatively be called fourth grade or fifth grade schooling. And the reason is that spiritual truth is shocking; spiritual truth can hardly be accepted at all, by a human being, until they have had sufficient light to lift them above that primary grade of receptivity.

This is likewise true of mental teachings. I don’t know of any mental teachings that go any further than what would seem to me to be primary grade teaching, and for the same reason that if the truth were known about the mind—no I won’t say that; the truth is known, but if the truth were taught openly, about the mind, there would be far too much of people hurting themselves by experiments for which they were not prepared, and then there would also be too much use of mind power in wrong directions. Probably it is for this reason that the truth about the mind doesn’t at all reach the public; whereas, the truth about the Spirit doesn’t reach it, because it wouldn’t be comprehended. It is available, but it has to be found, and then it isn’t understood until one is prepared for it.

Now I can illustrate that by answering this question first, and incidentally I might tell you this: that before coming into this room I was upstairs meditating, and in my meditation, the subject of this class tonight unfolded in its completeness; then when I read these questions, I know right well that I was in tune with this group of students, and it’s a natural thing that these questions should be here. But, I’m not yet quite so certain that you will accept the answers, for that will depend on your own inner being and how far you have come.

Now here’s the first question: How can spiritual harmony be established in the functioning of mechanical or electrical equipment? Is it possible to prevent mechanical or electronic parts from wearing out or becoming defective?

Now, just think how far your understanding will have to go for you to accept the fact that to a certain degree the answer is yes, it can be so. You see how at first it seems absolutely improbable and impossible that the functioning of mechanical or electrical equipment is possible, through these studies. Now actually it cannot be done spiritually, but it can be done mentally.

I cannot tell you how many times I have had students tell me and write me of experiences of their automobile getting out of order, in some serious way, and yet their being able to go as far as a garage or the next stop, and then to be told that it was absolutely impossible for them to reach there—that the brake, or whatever it was, was of such a nature that the car absolutely could not have reached there. But here it is! Or how many times I have been told of experiences of those who have run out of gas, and kept going until they reached the next station where they could find it.

Now of course, I know that to the human mind, this is impossible, and it is for this reason that these things cannot be taught more openly than they are. I’m going to go another step and tell you this: that this question came up, not about mechanical things, but about living things—in Seattle, in one of our classworks,  and I set out to show the students what could be done.

Now on Monday, no on Sunday, the entire center was fixed up with beautiful cut roses—they were on the platform and on the sides of the church and the back of the church; and more cut roses were in my study, in that center. And I said that “If I can prove this, these roses in this study will be just as fresh when we finish this class on Saturday night, as they are today on Sunday.” And that’s the way they were. They hadn’t opened, they were still buds, and they were still fresh. Those outside weren’t. This is not a spiritual demonstration. This is a proof that what we call “matter” isn’t matter at all—it’s mind; it’s mind in formation, it is mind expressed. And the reason I knew that was that I know what mind is, and I have seen how it functions in the body.

Now remember this: there are three states of consciousness. That is: the material sense, the mental, and the spiritual. In the days before the middle of the last century, this was considered a material universe, to such an extent that even Materia Medica practice was almost entirely material; it was the application of remedies—whether pills or powders or liquid or herbs or plasters or heat or cold, but practically all of the medical practice was material, as if your body were a piece of matter, something had gotten out of order and the doctors are going to take that material body and in some way get it back functioning. And that was about the major mode of practice of the healing art.

Now, in the middle, or before the middle of the last century—no no, before that, it was in the century before—that Anton Messmer discovered the relationship between mind and body. And he performed experiments, and he did healing work by an essence of mind, which in some way governed the action of the body; and evidently he was successful enough with it in Germany, that he was invited to England and to France. And he must have had quite some success there, because he was driven out of business by those who felt it was probably too competitive.

However, because there was a grain of truth in his teaching, it couldn’t die. And so, between that and the last century, a greater unfoldment took place as to the relationship between mind and body, or what you would call mind and matter. And so, there was introduced into the world teachings like: originally Christian Science—which was mind over matter; New Thought—which was mind over matter or mind controlling matter; psychology, psyche-atry, psychiatry (is that it?) psychiatry, and psychosomatic medicine. In all of these, the power of the mind is recognized as having something to do with the harmony of the body. Now it isn’t necessary at this point, to say that there are some erroneous concepts in all of those teachings; there are. And that part of those teaching which are incorrect will ultimately be corrected. But it is recognized, universally now, that there is a relationship between mind and body.

Now, as some of the Christian Science teaching through Mrs. Eddy evolved, another step was taken, and it became known that there is a relationship between God, Spirit, and the body, health and the mind. Here is a newspaper article quoting Dr. C.G. Jung, the psychiatrist, and he says this: “Among all my patients in the second half of life, every one of them fell ill because he had lost what the living religions of every age have given their followers, and none of them has been really healed, who did not regain his religious outlook.” So you see that with a recognition of that nature, and the recognition of the nature of spiritual healing itself, we do know that that which is called Spirit, or God, does function in the mental life and in the physical life.

Now, in the days when there was only the subject of body as matter and remedies as matter, the world was living in that particular dimension—material dimension, and living totally unaware of the fact that it was surrounded with a mental universe, a mental consciousness, a mental dimension. Oh, that was ignored. Everything was matter and materiality, material force and material power, and here we were surrounded, all of this time, with a tremendous mental force. So then from the 1800’s up to this present time we find that more and more is becoming known about the mental universe and its activities.