1959 Hawaiian Village Closed Class
Joel S. Goldsmith
263A – Three Principles and Their Practice

pdf-49px  263A Three Principles & Their Practice

Everything in your life is either an activity of your consciousness expressing itself or your unwillingness to let your consciousness express itself, and therefore become a blotting paper for the beliefs of good and evil that permeate the world. You either become a blotting paper and take it all in, and respond to it, and show it forth, or else you become master of your fate, and captain of your soul, but only by an act of consciousness.

Not by, “Oh, God will take care of it.” There is no such God. There must be an activity of truth in your consciousness, and that activity of truth has to be built, no matter what form of treatment you give. It has to be built around the principle that there is only one power, that nothing but God and the activity of God is power, and that any sense of evil is impersonal, and is nothing but the activity of the fleshly mind or the arm of flesh or nothingness.

Every treatment has to be built around those principles. It makes no difference whether you’re going up in an airplane or down in a submarine. It doesn’t make any difference if you’re going to war, and you’re going to be at the front, or whether this is going to be the front from overhead.

It makes no difference what the nature of the human claim is, it has to be consciously handled, and every so-called treatment or realization must embody those three things: The realization of one power, not a protection from evil power, but the realized knowledge, truth that God, Itself is infinite, and only God is power, and every appearance is but this mesmeric influence, the temptation of the devil coming to our consciousness to be accepted or rejected, and it has to be consciously rejected.

That’s why I said last night that really the one thing the world is suffering from is mental inertia. It won’t wake up and think. It doesn’t want to think conscious thoughts. It wants to look at pictures. It doesn’t want to give voice to concrete truth. It doesn’t want to sit back and live with truth. It wants to depend on a God. It wants to depend on—and it’s an unknown God—and not only that, but a God that’s failed mankind for thousands of years, but it’s so easy to sit back and… “God will do it.” God won’t do anything. God is doing, and don’t ever believe, for a moment, that God is going to do anything a minute from now that God isn’t doing now.

Don’t think for a minute that you’re ever going to know enough truth that you can influence God to do something for you or anyone else. Don’t ever think that you’re going to be that spiritual that God is ever going to be your servant, or going to fulfill your wishes, or your hopes, or your desires. There is no such God. God is, and God is is-ing this very second. God is being this very second, and God is being all that God can be. There is no way for God to change. God is the same yesterday, today, and forever more. God is from everlasting to everlasting. Don’t try to get God to be anything or do anything. God is. But, the responsibility is on your shoulders. Awaken thou that sleepest; Christ will give thee light. But wake up to the fact that your experience is going to be your own state of consciousness objectified.

Now if you want to lie around all day long just reading books, that’s probably what you’ll exemplify, and that’s what your life will bear witness to. If you insist on going around all day without living consciously in the realization of God—omnipresent God, omnipotent God, omniscient God, here and now, the all and only power, and then impersonalizing all phases of evil, and realizing that they exist only as the arm of flesh or nothingness. If you won’t do that, you won’t bring harmony into your experience. In proportion as you do this—and Paul called it praying without ceasing.

The strange part of it is that for about a year it’s hard work, because we forget more than we remember, and it’s usually ten or eleven o’clock in the morning before we remember how much we have forgotten that we should have been consciously knowing since seven o’clock, and then we have to start in at noon to make up for lost time. By the time we get into bed at night we’ve really got ourselves in a jam, because we have to get up now to undo all of the forgetting that we have done throughout the day. It is a discipline for a year.

You try just a simple thing. Make an agreement with yourself that you will never eat a bite of food of any kind or drink a drop of any kind of a drink without consciously recognizing that God is the source, and then count how many times you forgot that when the end of the day comes around. And then you’ll know how difficult this is. But watch the magical effects in your life if you do reach a place where you don’t forget, and you do consciously recognize with every bite of food, and with every bit of drink, that but for God it would not be here, but for God’s grace you wouldn’t have it, but for God’s grace it wouldn’t be on earth, but for God’s grace you wouldn’t have it, but for God’s grace you wouldn’t be digesting it.

Come to the realization that the very trifling acts of your day: waking up in the morning, sleeping at night, cannot be performed without an activity of God, an activity of this invisible Spirit and find out what happens when you begin to acknowledge Him in all thy ways. See what happens as you consciously remember when you get into your automobile that God drives not only your car, but since there is only one being, one selfhood, God drives all cars. It is your conscious recognition of this that sets you free from these statistical beliefs. For a year this is difficult work. Sometimes it may be a little longer than a year, but eventually something beautiful begins to happen.

You don’t have to consciously think; these things come to thought of their own accord. They automatically arise within you, and then it isn’t long until you really understand what Paul meant, “I live, yet not I; Christ liveth my life.” After that then, there is no, or very little, of this conscious effort. Now, it all flows from within. Now it all comes to you. You don’t have to go searching after it.

The idea is, of course, that we are searching for God in our early experience, whereas no one should ever have coined that term, because it’s incorrect. It’s God that’s searching for us, and we have to learn to let God catch up, and that’s what eventually happens to us. We find that we’ve just been using a lot of energy that we didn’t have to use if only we’d realized that God is chasing us. Then be quiet, and let Him catch up.

Now, let’s have a nice rest and move around. Do what you like.