pdf-49px  466B The Transition to Christhood

1962 Pacific Palisades Special Class

Joel S. Goldsmith

466B – The Transition to Christhood

So it is, you will discover war cannot enter your life if it has been ruled out of your consciousness. It cannot be ruled out of your consciousness while you are living on the human plane which is under the law. It can only be ruled out of your consciousness if you will accept yourself as Christ or a disciple or apostle of Christ and say,

“I have removed myself from this side to this side. I am now sitting at that place where my life is a forgiveness, a benediction, a blessing, and no evil can come nigh me because I’m not seeking anything. I’m not even seeking good, and as long as I’m not seeking, I’m not going to receive. I will always be and this is our real nature: Being. I and the Father are one, in being, in essence. I and the Father are being life. We are being eternal life. I am immortal life.”

When do you move from that seat at the foot of the Master that says give me life; when do you move to the seat beside the Master and say, “Thou hast given me life eternal. I am life eternal? When do we move from asking the Master to be fed, to saying: “Thou hast fed me with truth, and now I know all that God is I am. All that the Father hath is mine.” And now move up here on the platform.

Do you see that? This is a transition in consciousness and we can bring it about if we will start that battle with ourselves that will start the very moment that we realize what happened to us this week, that we had the privilege taken away from us of going to God for something—or to man—and we had to sit still and say, “No.” Even out in the middle of the Pacific Ocean in a rubber boat all that God is I am, and all that the Father hath is mine. Even in the midst of a prison, or a prison of sin, or a prison of disease, I’m going to close my eyes to the appearance and say, “No more begging, no more pleading, no more looking out. Now realizing, thank you Father, all that God is, I am. That which I am seeking I am. All that the Father hath is mine. Here, where I am is holy ground. For here the Spirit of the Lord is, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is Liberty.

Yes. This week has for us involved a movement in consciousness, a transition in consciousness from sitting at the feet of the Master to sitting up on the platform with the Master and saying, “I have received from the Master, from Truth; I have received life eternal. I have received divine grace. I have received the assurance of my oneness with God. Now, it’s my turn to share, to bless, to pray.”

In praying for the world there is one mode and means of prayer that will do more to break the evils of the human mind than anything else, and that is this: Realize that God, Spirit, is omnipotence, and therefore the mind of man is not power. The will of man is not power. The way of man is not power. All power is in God, Spirit, and therefore, there is no power in the carnal mind or mortal mind or human mind, whichever way you call it. All power, and remember this: Christ is not a temporal power that goes out and destroys enemies. Christ is not a temporal power that goes out and kills your enemy soldiers. Christ is not a power that can go out and help you get a better bargain at someone else’s expense. Christ is the gentle Presence that establishes peace in the heart, mind, and souls of men.

Look upon Christ as the gentle influence that cements men in their spiritual relationship. Do not look on God or Christ as a temporal power that you can invoke to go out and do something, but understand this: that the carnal mind of man is not power and the gentle influence of the Christ is the dissolving of all that is adamant in human consciousness.

To pray for the world means to look out. We had this here in one of the tapes in this room. Almost see this globe in front of you, of the universe, and feel your hands or your love going out around that globe, saying:

“Father, forgive them. They know not what they do. I pray that thy sins be forgiven thee. I pray that Christ dwells in thy heart. I pray that no penalties ever be inflicted upon you for the past. I pray that you know spiritual freedom, spiritual justice, spiritual life, and spiritual law.”

Hold that globe this way in a whole armful of love, understanding, and forgiveness and allow no thought of victory to enter your mind. No victory over man; no victory over ideologies; no victory over countries. Not victories—peace. There never can be peace when there are victories, because with every victory there is a loss and the loser must always think about the next gain. Never think of victories, think of peace.

My peace give I unto you. Keep that globe in your arms. My peace give I unto you, not as the world giveth, my peace, spiritual peace; the peace that brings with it forgiveness, comfort. My comfort give I unto you—spiritual comfort.

Remember, you have moved. You’re not sitting by the feet of the Master. You’re sitting on the platform with the Master and therefore, you have the equal right as a disciple and apostle to place your arms around the globe and say, “My peace give I unto thee, not as the world giveth. My grace is thy sufficiency. Not charity, not benevolence, not somebody’s generous pocket book. My grace is thy sufficiency.” You are speaking out as a disciple of the Master.

The most difficult situation arises with yourself in the early months when you have to consciously resist the temptation to want something and desire something as if you were out there at the feet of the Master. You have to consciously remember, no, you gave up that seat to those who are not yet aware. Now, your seat is on the platform. You’re sitting up there, a co-worker with the Christ of God. Your function is no longer to receive, but to bestow. Your function is not to get but to give.

Your question that you must ask yourself every morning is, “What have I in the house? What have I in the house? And then, throughout the day, as the opportunity comes to bestow the bread of life, the meat, the wine, the water, the life, the resurrection; remember that that’s the path you’ve embarked on and again it is like degrees.

The spiritual life is lived in degrees, like a fraternal order. First degree, second degree, third degree, all the way up to the thirty-third degree and you have voluntarily surrendered your rights as a first degree or a second degree and you have claimed for yourself the title of the third degree. You have claimed for yourself discipleship with the Master and therefore, you can’t anymore go back to being the person in the first and the second degree. Now, you must be the one who shares the light of the third degree with those coming up through the first and the second degree and therefore, each day you have to remember what have I in the house from my standpoint—my standpoint now of a disciple, an apostle, and you’ll find you’re living your life in a different dimension and certainly you’ll find that you’re living under grace because now, like the disciples, you can go out without purse or script and find that your needs will be met without taking thought.

Are we still under the law or are we under grace? That depends on which side of the platform you’re sitting on. It depends on whether you are looking out at people remembering what they owe you and seeing to it that you get it or whether you have come to realize your relationship with God and you can understand yourself to be the bestower, the giver, the sharer of His glory. You’re not giving anything of yourself You won’t be one penny poorer after you give away a thousand, because it isn’t yours that you’re giving; that too determines whether you’re under the law or under grace.

Do you believe that your personal possessions are yours or do you see that the earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof, and God is just expressing them through me, and that makes of us transfer agents. We’re not givers of our own. We’re not givers of ourself. We’re merely transfer agents. The earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof; and Son, all that I have is thine. And keep your eyes on that word I, all that I have is thine. I and the Father being one, I have Allness to give, to share, to bestow.

And so it is that in this week we’ve moved from out there to up here on the platform.

Thank you.