pdf-49px  466B The Transition to Christhood

1962 Pacific Palisades Special Class

Joel S. Goldsmith

466B – The Transition to Christhood

To live under grace then, means to give up the use of the law. Giving up the use of the law is giving up the use of a lot of beliefs, too. There was a time when we used to believe that because we were in spiritual work that God would see that we had ample supply, and then we found out that God didn’t much care whether we were in spiritual work or not. The supply just wasn’t there. As a matter of fact, to God there is no such thing as spiritual work. There isn’t anyone needing supply; therefore, there is no function on the part of God to supply. It is only when you move out from that belief that because you were born God owes you a living or God owes you supply, or because you are a good wife or a good husband or a good housewife or a good mother or a good employee or a good employer that you deserve supply. This is all in the realm of fiction. Nobody deserves supply. Everybody has infinite supply that recognizes their relationship to God. This is the only spiritual source of supply. Humanly, there are thousands of ways of getting money and properties and securities. Spiritually, there is only one way. It is not by earning it or deserving it. It is not by being worthy of it. It is not by giving God ten percent so that you get back ninety percent. It is not sacrificing to God. It is not spending so many hours a day in prayer to God. There is only one way to enjoy the infinite abundance of God and that is through knowing the truth.

The truth you have to know is your relationship to God. I and the Father are one. I, the Father and I, the Son are one and the Father is always saying, “Son, all that I have is thine.” And as long as I keep looking to I, I will be abundantly supplied. But what does this do to human nature? We have been taught for centuries that a husband owes his wife supply, and the wife really loves to believe it. It is so comforting to know this. He owes it to me, and in a state like California, he better give it too. If you come under the law here you’ll find no mercy.

Now, what does it take to release your husband from the obligation to support you? What kind of an effort do you think that it really makes inside of yourself to say, I free you; I loose you. I accept from you whatever, out of love, you give, and I accept that as the love of God, but I release you from human responsibility or legal responsibility, because I am accepting my divine relationship to God, and I am declaring that I and my Father are one, and my Father has infinite, infinite ways of bringing unto me that which is my own.”

Now you’ll find as a woman that this isn’t easy. We have centuries behind us of that belief that someone else is responsible for our women. But don’t think for a moment that this makes it easy for the men, because they have something equally serious that is holding them in bondage. They believe that their supply is from their business, their profession, their inheritance, their investments. They have to bring themselves … and of course, in this modern day, what the world would do without its social security and old age, I don’t know. But what do you think that it really takes for a man to go within and say, “I will continue to work and to love my work, but I release you from the strain of believing that my supply is dependent on you. I have my intimate relationship with my Source. I have my personal relationship with my Father. I and the Father are one.”

Think of the salesmen releasing his customers. I look not to you for my sales. I’m selling as part of my business, but thank God you have no control over my supply. I and my Father are one, and my supply is mine in relationship to my conscious awareness. Do you see how you are bringing yourself out from under the law of human belief, of human relationships, of human channels of supply and bringing yourself back under grace? No one can permanently bring you under grace but yourself.

Every time that a practitioner brings about a healing for you, physical, mental, moral, or financial, they have released you from whatever the law was that was operating and brought you under grace. That’s all there is to spiritual healing is releasing the patient from under the law, because remember, under the law there are certain germs which give you a cold; and certain germs that give you polio; certain germs which give you this, that, or the other thing, and this is the law, and if you’re very sensible you won’t tell the doctor that that’s not the law. It is the law. But, every time that you turn to a spiritual healer, the healer has to remove you from under the law and bring you under grace; to where that law of infection or contagion is not operating, or the law of food, or the law of climate.

You see there is no such thing as anyone separating you permanently from under the law or from under all of the law. It is something you do yourself. Your practitioner does it for you in that acute condition for which you turn for help, but if a practitioner could do it for you permanently and completely, he’d be too busy for you. The millionaires would hire him up right away, and he’d have no time left for you. But, you see, this is something that money will not buy. You cannot even hire a practitioner or teacher by the month, year, or life. It won’t work. You have to move from being under the law to being under grace. Surely, in any emergency, the practitioner who knows the truth can bring you out from under the law and place you under grace in that particular situation and the next one and the next one and the next one.

But remember, that it has been a universal experience that after a few years it doesn’t work anymore. In other words, sooner or later the student must begin to bring themselves out consciously from under the law and bring themselves under grace. They must, at some time or other, release themselves from old fashioned prayers or metaphysical prayers that seek to gain something, get something, receive something, achieve something, even from God, and you will notice this in some of our recent work in Hawaii. The amount of tapes that have been done on the subject of releasing God—release God and let Him go! Say outright: “You owe me nothing and I seek nothing from You or of You, for You have already imparted Yourself to me and all that Thou hast is mine.” And you’ll begin to live under that divine grace. Then you find that less and less you are under the law; less and less you are under the law of weather, climate, food; less and less you are under the law of infection, contagion; less and less you are under the law of age, calendars, and more and more you move into a life by grace. It is a gradual process. It is true that when we come to a culmination point, a transitional point, that something happens and in the twinkling of an eye we are completely under grace. In other words, at a certain period of our experience the fetters fall away, the law falls away, the past falls away, and we are under grace. Actually, we have brought ourselves there through the years of seeking God, seeking truth, seeking realization.

Because of our years of study and meditation we gradually slough off traits of human hood and thus prepare ourselves for a certain moment when it is like that of Saul of Tarsus, who for years and years and years had studied under the greatest masters; for years had devoted himself heart and soul to the temple and to his concept of God, and then in one blinding flash, he’s free. He realizes the Christ and Saul of Tarsus is dead and Paul is alive. And so we have a man now saying, “I can do all things through Christ. I live, yet not I, Christ liveth my life.”

That is what happens on the spiritual path. Day by day, we break some fetter of human experience. We drop some phase of humanness. We make that transition to where our prayer now is a benediction to the world or to you, to where we are no longer praying that we receive anything, but we are praying, “Father, forgive our enemies, they know not what they do. Father, forgive those who have despitefully used me. They know not what they do. Father, forgive all those who are not in Thy grace and bring them under Thy grace.”