pdf-49px  466B The Transition to Christhood

1962 Pacific Palisades Special Class

Joel S. Goldsmith

466B – The Transition to Christhood

Good afternoon…There is a question. Are we still under law or are we under grace? And we almost can answer that ourselves if we stop to think of what has taken place this past week on the subject of prayer. Can you for a moment think of praying, in some way, that you will not be asking for anything, expecting anything, desiring anything? Could you possibly think in your mind of a prayer that would have in it no element at all of wanting to benefit from the prayer?

Now, this sounds very gentle as I give it to you, but I can assure you that when you think it over tonight, it could make you very angry, because if you ever seriously undertake to pray; pray without ceasing, but pray prayers that have in them no desire, no expectancy, no wish for the getting of anything, receiving, of attaining of anything, you will find that before you can successfully attain to that degree of spiritual praying that you’ll nearly tear yourself to pieces.

It becomes so difficult to take the attitude of, “God, I don’t want anything; I don’t need anything; I’m not coming to you for anything. I’m releasing you. You have no responsibility to me whatsoever. There is nothing that I need. There is nothing that You’ve got that I want,” and then think of all the different things that come up in your life that you have believed for centuries God could give you. Then you’ll see what a terrible tearing apart of ourselves it is once we begin to live this other life.

There is a statement in our text book The Infinite Way, which, if it were understood, would make a lot of enemies for me. My good fortune is that only my friends have understood it, and I keep praying that it will always be that way, because this statement says, “That which I am seeking I am.” Now, what does that do to your sense of prayer? That which I am seeking…. What am I seeking? Truth: I am the truth. Am I seeking God? I am God. Am I seeking supply? I am the bread, the meat, the wine, and the water. Am I seeking health? I am the resurrection and the life.

Why you know, that one sentence in that book could change a person’s entire life, and it would, if it were understood and if we develop the capacity to live it. So that, at any moment that a thought would come to mind of, “I need; I want; I desire; I wish I had,” or at any moment that our thought would reach out to God for anything and this sentence would come back to us: That which I am seeking, I am. Then, you’d find that your muscles would tense. Your face would get rigid, because now you’ve got to stand there. I can’t desire anything. I can’t want anything. I can’t even go to God for anything. I have to abide in this truth: That which I am seeking I am.

I am the way. I am the truth. The kingdom of God is neither lo here, nor lo there. I am. Oh, do you see what happens? Well, it is the same way. If you are abiding under the truth that I and my Father are one, you are under grace, because you are living by such promises as Son, thou art ever with Me and all that I have is thine. Now, just take that scriptural promise: All that I have is thine. I, it all comes back to I, All that I have.

Now, I the Father and I the Son are one, according to Scripture and according to revealed mystical truth I and my Father are one. I the Father and I the Son are one. Therefore, what has I the Father that I the Son hasn’t got, if I the Father and I the Son are one? Ah, but the point is now to live in that constant remembrance: All that the Father hath is mine for I, the Father and I the Son is one and that keeps you from reaching out to God.

And of course, it breaks all attachment to this world. It keeps you [from] reaching out to man whose breath is in his nostrils. You no longer expect justice from man or love or benevolence or anything else. You know now that all that I receive I am to receive from the Father and yet not receive, because all that is embodied in the Father is embodied in the Son, and prayer has to be that constant recognition. “Thank you Father, I am. Not I need, not I want, not I shall be or should be or even I deserve to be, but I am.”

Now think of a prisoner in prison saying I am free, and yet, that has to be the attitude. Since I and my Father are one and all that the Father hath is mine, the freedom of the Christ is the freedom of my individual being, and in spite of all appearances, we have to live and move in that consciousness. Supposing that instead of the prison of that nature, supposing we are imprisoned in an appetite, a sin, a disease. In spite of the appearance we know now there is no use of praying to God to release me from my diseases because God isn’t anymore going to do it for me than for all those people in the hospitals. There has to be a different truth than praying to God for something and here it is: The spiritual freedom of the Father is the spiritual freedom of the Son. Where the Spirit of the Lord is there is liberty, and since I, the Father and I, the Son are one, then the Spirit of the Lord is where I am. Here where I am God is. The place whereon I stand is holy ground because I and the Father are one. And you see, you are now abiding in truth.

Well, as you abide in truth you will find that the prison bars, whether they are iron bars or disease bars or sin bars, they begin to break. Sometimes miracles happen in a flash and sometimes it takes days, weeks, months for these miracles to dissolve the particular fetters that bind us, but the point is that there must be a constant living, moving, and having your being in the truth that I am the truth.

Not there is a truth that will free me; not there is a God that will heal me, but I and my Father are one and all that the Father hath is mine. The place whereon I stand is holy ground because the Spirit of the Lord God is here where I am. The kingdom of God is neither lo here nor lo there. It is within me. Then, why am I praying for anything when I have Omniscience within me, the All-knowing? Why am I praying for anything if I have Omnipotence within me, the All-power? Why am I praying to a God when I have Omnipresence within me? In other words, God is no further from me than my own breathing, and since God is the All-knowing, I do not have to pray to God for anything. I have to abide in the truth of my oneness with God.

Now you see nothing enters your experience except through your consciousness. Nothing! Nothing! Whatever it is that you are to experience in your life you must experience through your own consciousness. There is no outside God, and there is no outside devil. There are no outside laws. Whatever it is that is operating in you is operating through and in your own consciousness, and it is one of two things: You either have a consciousness of truth or a consciousness of ignorance of truth. If you are ignorant of truth, you are not made free. If you know the truth, the truth will make you free. Therefore, it is knowing or consciousness. You must consciously know the truth, not sit around waiting for some mysterious God to do something for you because you are charitable or kind or moral. It won’t work. It is your abiding in the truth; your abiding in the word and letting the word abide in you; your abiding in God and letting God abide in you. You are the one who is doing it.

Now, in any given moment when you turn away from … well you know that metaphysical cliché about p-r-e-y-i-n-g on God. The moment you stop preying, with a p-r-e-y, you will find that you have discovered the secret of answered prayer. The moment you are no longer the parasite seeking to draw something from God and live in the realization, “That which I am seeking, I am. I the Father and I the Son are one and by my consciously knowing this truth I am abiding in the consciousness of truth. I am abiding in the Word and the Word is abiding in me.” Now I have to hold to that while ignoring the appearances that would testify to my present lacks and limitations. We can’t deny that we have lacks and limitations at the moment. They’re too apparent, but we can begin to ignore them while we abide in the truth and let the truth dissolve them, dissipate them.