1956 Chicago Private Class
Joel S. Goldsmith
Establish God Realization
Tape 162A

pdf-49px  JSG 1956 – 162A Establish God Realization

Now there are mystics in this world who never talk. There is one man I know who for twenty some years was in a monastery, with no more talking than what was necessary for daily eating or that type of association. And yet that man’s influence has been felt on earth in many, many far places, many far places. It isn’t man who speaks; it’s God who speaks through a mystic. It isn’t man who heals in spiritual work; it’s the function of God to dispel the illusions, the realized Christ that dispels the illusions of sense.

And so you see, it isn’t really what you say, because regardless of what you say, if it isn’t backed up by realization, clouds without rain, no power, cold print, cold words, cold books. When realization is there, it isn’t necessary to say very much. “I’ll help you,” or “Just drop it. Be not afraid, call me tomorrow.” Some simple thing like that does all the work, whereas the person who starts in to expound to their patients or students all the truths that are in the book usually wearies them, and then gives them a headache in addition to their other complaint.

Our work is not done by words: it’s done by a God contact. Then, when called upon for instruction, then the words flow, but they are words that are backed by consciousness, backed by the power that comes through realization. Without that, we might as well save our words.

Well I think that’s our message for this morning. And we’ll stop for a minute and meditate, and then if there is anything else, we’ll say it.

Those who constitute these small groups, who’ve brought themselves here, must realize this. At one time you might have said that Joel Goldsmith and The Infinite Way, the book The Infinite Way, were one and the same, and their interests were the same. Today you must realize that even without a Joel Goldsmith, The Infinite Way is going to go on. And therefore, The Infinite Way is as much yours as it is mine, if it has ignited a spark in you, a love for it, a devotion to it. So please remember this then. No individual can conduct a world work. It has to be made up of those who love it and who are devoted to it.

Now remember this. The money that comes in to me through all avenues of work, is only my money insofar as I have to eat and be clothed and have a place to live in or a room to stop in. But beyond that, that money is The Infinite Way money. That money has provided books and tapes in Australia when they couldn’t be paid for, books and money in England when it couldn’t be paid for, books and money in Africa, when it couldn’t be paid for. That money has paid for all these trips. All the money that’s come in in classes, the money that’s come in in lectures, money that’s come in through royalties on books—every direction, has gone right out again in paying these trips to carry this message around the world.

It is established, the work, in many places, so that there’s no such thing as personal wealth in this work. There is only the money that comes in and is used in Infinite Way activity, and as I say, there is always enough left over for my particular individual comfort, or that of my family obligations. The same thing will eventually prove true in your experience. As you have income from this work, regardless of what source it is, you’ll never be able to look on it as a personal possession. You never will.

You’ll see that it doesn’t belong to you that you have given up your personal life that your life is devoted to a spiritual cause and a spiritual activity. Therefore, beyond the normal, comfortable living expenses, any indulgence would interfere with your spiritual development. And therefore you too will find that that money will go into your spiritual activity to bless those who come into the range of your activity.

Begin to understand this: You cannot attain personal glory or personal wealth through this work. Because if you succeed, it will only be because you’ve given up your own life in order to glorify the principle; to glorify the realization of Christ. And everything you have will be as devoted to it as our martyrs of old gave their lives in the arenas, or gave their wealth to their churches. They gave themselves. The further you go in this work, the less ability you have to withhold, because there’ll be less of you in evidence. If you aren’t feeling that, remember, you aren’t having a deep enough God contact. No man finds his own life in this work, until he’s lost his life, until he is absolutely only an instrument that’s walking around on earth, performing that which is given him to do.

Until that time, he has no right to believe that he’s in a spiritual ministry, none at all. I think often of that line in the picture of Caruso, where he says that at one time I thought I had a voice. Now I know the voice has me. And it is true. Art, talent, doesn’t belong to an individual. The individual belongs to it. And if necessary, he has to sacrifice himself in letting it be expressed.

I guess that’s it. Thank you.