1956 Chicago Private Class
Joel S. Goldsmith
Establish God Realization
Tape 162A

pdf-49px  JSG 1956 – 162A Establish God Realization

And the only reason is that they give evidence to the fact that once upon a time there was mental and spiritual healing begun. But it died. It just died a death, until Mrs. Eddy came along with her vision, carried it further, and saw to it that it reached the world in printed form that remained in printed form, and in other forms that has enabled the world to be compelled now, to investigate the subject of spiritual healing.

So you see that it isn’t God, it isn’t Christ, separate and apart from some individual’s realization of it. And just the same in your community. If there isn’t a practitioner in your community to whom you can go, then so far as your community’s concerned, there just as well not be a God or a Christ. But when you have a practitioner or two or three, who make their God contact daily, and has Christ realization, then you have a community to which people can come, drop their burden, receive some measure of healing and teaching in proportion to their own receptivity and devotion, since you can’t give them more than they can carry away. And there you have it again. Christ realized is a healing agent.

Christ realized destroys material sense. Christ realized changes the whole picture in individual life. I’ve seen it in community life, national life, and international life; on small scales, because there are so few in the world, doing that Christ realization out in the world and for the world.

Now it becomes our function then, to make our individual contact not less than three times a day for the world. And realize that the activity of that Christ, realized in our consciousness, is dispelling mortal, material sense, wherever it may be on earth, or in the after life, or in the before life. Wherever these evils that affect humanity come from, whether from the thoughts of people on earth, or an impersonal thought behind it; whether from those who have departed, or those who haven’t yet been born; there is only one way to remove it from consciousness, and that is through the realization of the Christ.

Realize Christ.

Get that feel of the presence, that awareness of the stirring within, and then realize its function now, is to destroy mortal, material sense and to raise up the Son of God on earth. Then, if you do that three times in each day, the rest of your day you can spend doing it for yourself, your family, your patients, your practice, your student body, The Infinite Way as a world activity. Do it any way you like, but be busy at it, and be busy at it many, many times a day.

We can’t say this to our students out in the field: they are at this point living their own lives for themselves and for their families, and with no other thought of this except what benefit it’s going to be to them. But it is the few groups we have like this, who have risen to a point where at least they are going to devote part of their life, in fact by now it should be the greater part of their life, to the benefit of patients, students, and the world at large, and certainly this Infinite Way activity.

Now when I make my contact within, and feel that spiritual urge, a message comes forth out of me that is wonderfully received, it blesses, it heals, it instructs. When that same Spirit is realized in you, it will do the same thing, because it is no respecter of persons. And that is all you have to bring to your work, is that God contact. Without it, I would be as blank as the gas station attendants on the corner, so far as spiritual things are concerned. With it, the whole power of God flows through. You are in exactly the same light. You may be a very estimable human being, and you may mean the world to your mother, but you mean nothing to the spiritual life of the world, except in proportion to your spiritual contact.

When you have that, the Spirit of God flows out from you in blessing. And as I say, it may go out as healing work, but don’t be concerned if it doesn’t. There are other forms of spiritual life, and the activity of God, of the Christ, must permeate all life.

Wouldn’t it be a noble thing if through spiritual consciousness, the literature of the world is raised up, and the radio programs, and the consciousness of our political workers, and so forth—business, labor? And all of that does come with a realized Christ.

So let no one be concerned if their particular field isn’t healing or teaching, but rather let the Spirit instruct them in which their field is. But for those who are doing, having tape recording sessions, those who are offering themselves to the world in that form, let them know, and you yourselves, let it be known to you through me, that your whole value to your work lies not in the machine you use, or the tapes you have, but in what degree of God contact you attain when you present the machine or the tapes. The machine and the tapes will not carry the work itself.

The experience you’ve had also shows you that you could go into some Christian Science churches and be raised into heaven by the reader in the desk, and go into others and fall asleep. And they’re both reading out of the same book. So it isn’t the books, and it isn’t the word, but it’s the consciousness of the individual in the desk that determines what degree of numbers come into the church and what degree of healing takes place after they get there.

The same with lecturers. I had occasion one time to learn at the lecture bureau in Boston, that there were certain of our lecturers, the Christian Science lecturers, who had never less than two, five, six, seven, ten healings reported every time they gave a lecture in public. And you know that there were some of the lecture board that never had a healing in a whole lecture season. Yet they were all talking the same principle, all talking the same truth.

But you see, it isn’t the truth. The Master says, Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free. It’s the truth that actually becomes embodied in your consciousness. It is the truth that is a spiritual demonstration, not words in a book. This morning, sometime very early this morning, I was awakened and made this note.

“You will not establish health or harmony by thinking thoughts or knowing the truth. It is when these cease that the truth I am establishes or expresses itself as My peace. Thus God is in action, rather than a human being doing something, or thinking something, or knowing something. The harmony comes through when human thought is still.”