1956 Chicago Private Class
Joel S. Goldsmith
Establish God Realization
Tape 162A

pdf-49px  JSG 1956 – 162A Establish God Realization

Others will be attracted because of the influence that this brings into their lives, or into their jobs, or positions, or economic strata, or political, or art, literature. And in that way then, you become an influence in the world. And with some, it will be as a practitioner doing healing work and teaching work, and sending others out into the work. With others though, it will be in such a way that the spiritual import of life finds an outlet through their writings. It makes no difference whether they are books or plays or newspaper articles, or whether it is some form of art that may come through, or some form of music.

But the spiritual import will find outlets through all those different ways. It would be a terrible thing to believe that God only intends that we heal everybody’s body. That’s a terrible thing. As a matter of fact, the Spirit of God must permeate art, literature, music. The Spirit of God must permeate our press, and it must permeate our politics. It must permeate our new ways of economic systems. It must even bring through a higher sense of income tax forms. I mean that seriously. The spiritual touch must be made manifest, the word must be made flesh in every human form.

And so it will be that as the Spirit of God touches some, it will open them to being an influence in the political world, or the commercial world, or the artistic world. Others of course, will be in the healing and teaching work in this way: others in literature and so on. But that spiritual touch will permeate this world. And that is the entire import of the meaning of the message of The Infinite Way. Actually I’ve said over and over again, healing is not our major point. If it were, it would be nice just to go to all the Veteran’s Hospitals and heal the boys who are there because of the blunders of our older generation.

But supposing we could go into those hospitals and set all those boys free. What would they do with their freedom? And you’d find that it really wouldn’t be worthwhile. They’d get into ten times more mischief out in the world than they are where they are, unless they get themselves out by means of their spiritual development. You’d be surprised what answers you’ll get when you start asking people, “What do you want to be healed for? What do you want to do after you get healed?” And the answers will shock you.

Our purpose is not the healing of the physical body. Our purpose is spiritual regeneration. Our work is bringing to light a spiritual way of life. Our function is to give the world—give back to the world that which so many of the mystics and mystical teachings of old knew and gave their people: a conscious contact with God and all the blessings that flow through that. And then health becomes, of course, incidental to it. But not only incidental, but a necessary following. You cannot have an uplifted spiritual consciousness and very much of a diseased body. They don’t go well together. And spiritual regeneration does affect the body, the same as it affects the purse, the same as it affects one’s art and literature.

And so I say to you that first of all, realize that you have one supreme duty that is, as a student of The Infinite Way, and that supreme duty is to make and maintain your spiritual contact with God. Until you do that, you haven’t much to offer in the activity of The Infinite Way, because it needs so very little of a human nature. So far, all the finances it has needed has just come in, without any appeals, without any requests, without any demands. And workers in the different activities seem to appear as they are needed, and we don’t need many; so that we have very little need of anything that anyone can contribute, unless and until they have made that God contact.

And then of course, that’s what we need. We need all of that they’ve got. Every single bit of it, because that is what makes this work flourish. That is what draws this world unto us. That is why this work has not only gained recognition in many countries, but why it has gained the respect of thinking people, of intelligent people, business people, literary people, and religious people.

We had a complaint last week about our lecture audiences. They were too nicely dressed, looked too nice and refined and cultured. Maybe so. Maybe so, but it is something for which I am very happy, that I know that the message of The Infinite Way does have an appeal to those who are, shall we say, people of discrimination, of thought, of reasoning power, of goodwill, and that’s the way it should always be. Those who haven’t achieved that may achieve it through The Infinite Way, but I’m sure you’ll find that it will always be true that as this work goes on, regardless of what level people come into this work at, eventually they too will find themselves in the position of being well-appearing to the world, and in the world’s language.

Now since we here have been drawn to this because of our God contact, and each has experienced it in some degree, that experience must be given back to the world. Until we experience it, we owe the world nothing. After we experience it, we owe it all to the world, to be given back to the world. And in accordance with a vision which I explained to you in New York in March, and which you have seen in the monthly Letters since, every one of our students, but more especially these inner groups, should be devoting three periods every single day of the week to God realization. Not for themselves, not for The Infinite Way, not for their patients, not for their students, not for their families; purely for God realization, in the realization that God realized establishes peace on earth. God realized destroys mortal sense, material sense. God realized is an influence in human experience.

Now heretofore, the teaching has been that God is love, or Christ is ever present, and so forth and so on. But it isn’t true, and we in The Infinite Way know that it isn’t true. The presence of God and the presence of Christ, even though it fills all space, does absolutely nothing for this world. The only power of the Christ in this world, is in the power of realization. If there were no Jesus walking up and down Galilee, realizing Christ, there would be no healing and feeding of the multitudes.

Had there been no Moses to realize, “I am that I am,” the Hebrews might still have been in Egypt making bricks without straw. Had there been no Elijah or Elisha to consciously realize Christ, there may have been no spiritual regeneration for the Hebrews of that particular era. Had there been no Paul, with his individual realization of Christ, “I can do all things through Christ, which strengtheneth me,”  “I live, yet not I; Christ liveth my life” there would not have been the seven churches. There would not have been the spread of Christianity across to the European countries. There would not have been these teachings that we find in the Pauline writings. There would have been much loss to us in the world, had there been no Paul—St. Paul, with his actual God consciousness, God realization, Christ realization.

Had there been no Mrs. Eddy, we don’t have any evidence that there ever would have been a spiritual healing ministry on earth today. True, mental healing began with Mr. Quimby. True, there was a Dr. Evans and a several others of his students that started doing a little work, but probably most of you don’t even know that. Probably you don’t even know where to find their books, because they’re out of print. They’ve been out of print for sixty years. When you do find one, they sell for twenty or thirty or forty dollars.