1956 Chicago Private Class
Joel S. Goldsmith
Establish God Realization
Tape 162A

pdf-49px  JSG 1956 – 162A Establish God Realization

Now we who constitute this group, and the others who belong right here with us in this room, are a part who, by their own state of consciousness have drawn themselves here, because no one has been invited just because they were whoever they may be, or for any ulterior purpose or motive. They have demonstrated themselves into the group. And therefore it is to be assumed that they have some function to perform in this work.

I haven’t the faintest idea what function all will perform. I already see some of those who are natural healers, who are just naturally going to follow through and do a fine healing work. And they of course will be good teachers, because the ability to heal will enable them to tell what it is and how it is that healings are accomplished; and by their very consciousness, will enable them to help others.

The main concern at this moment is this: It isn’t The Infinite Way—that’s not your concern. The world, that isn’t your concern. The affairs of this world that is not your concern. At this moment there is only one thing that is your concern, and that is the degree of your God contact. If you never heal a case, if you never teach a student, if you never play a part in the world’s affairs, none of that’s important, not a bit. There’s only one important thing, and that’s your relationship with God.

You owe nothing to this world, and you have nothing to give this world. You owe nothing to your patients or your students. You owe nothing to The Infinite Way.

You owe to yourself one deep debt, and you’re never going to be out of that debt. You owe it to yourself to make your God contact, and to maintain it, and to see that you make it every day of the week, and that you maintain it every day of the week. That is your function in life; make that God contact and keep it.

Forget the world, forget trying to save the world, and forget your patients, and forget your students, and forget The Infinite Way. Forget everything. Have only one goal and one ambition, and that is to make and maintain your individual relationship with God, your individual contact with God. Then out of that contact, if opportunity presents itself to you to do healing work, to do teaching work, to do lecture work, to support this activity in any way, from material dollars to spiritual support—do it. But do it only as an added thing, as an extra thing. Do it only as a consequence, as a direct result of your daily spiritual contact.

Now I can say this to you, because truthfully, this has always been my attitude. I have no feeling of wanting to save the world. I have no feeling of wanting even to save you. I have no feeling about students or patients. I have no feeling about this world at all. I have only one feeling, and that is that I can’t live, separate and apart from my God contact, and the minute I come out of it a little bit, I’m in misery, and so I have to get back into it. And it so happens that through that contact, this work has developed and been drawn to me, and I fulfill it.

If I had the nerve I’d run a thousand miles away from it, ten thousand miles, and hide. But I’m just afraid to, for fear of what my Papa upstairs will do to me if I renege. But for my own sake and my own comfort, be assured of this that going into class work is more punishment to me than taking a physical whipping. I don’t seek it. I don’t look for it. And not all the profits or money that could be involved in it can make me do it more than when I can’t get out of it. And that’s a strange thing, but it’s the truth, and it always has been the truth.

Class work and lecture work is punishment to me, and I do it only because this inner urge forces me to it, and the people keep writing and writing, and phoning and wiring, and cabling and coming, and I just feel I can’t go back on it or neglect it, because maybe that’s why I was given this God contact to begin with. And so, as many times as I’ve promised to stop, the next think you know, I’m back at it again. But believe me, it isn’t a thing that you would want to go into voluntarily. It isn’t, because it’s a … whatever it is, it is anyhow, and it isn’t nice.

The fruitage is beautiful, but it really and truly tears you to pieces inside—Probably because of the responsibility. I can see now why, after “The Infinite Way” was written, that I had an office on Hawthorne Avenue in Hollywood, and thought I was going to sit there two hours every morning and two hours every afternoon and do some healing work, and then go to Farmer’s Market for two hours to have some nice lunch out in the sunshine, and every Friday afternoon go down to Desert Hot Springs, and come back Monday noon.

I really had a program like that. I started that. But the first thing you know, classes developed in Desert Hot Springs and Hollywood. No, my real life isn’t the life of this public work. My real life is my inner life and my God contact, and that’s what I live for. And what I do externally is only the result of that. And I can say the same thing to you, that if you’ll give up all idea or concern for this outer world, if it wants to destroy itself with bombs or going back to Socialism, you just have to let it.

But if it can be saved, it can only be saved, not by human means or human concern, but if there develop ten righteous men, or the equivalent of that in a country like this, then it could be saved. But those men would have to live so close in their God contact that their contact would be felt out in the political world, or the government world, or the economic world. We in this work have already seen how The Infinite Way is reaching into political circles, government circles, educational circles, the press. Many different parts of the world are being indirectly, and in some case directly influenced and affected by Infinite Way activities and by individuals who have been touched by it.

That’s fine. If that has happened, and I’ve seen it happen, it isn’t because I have personality. It is because I have had God contact, and these people have been drawn to that God contact. Many of them didn’t even know me personally, to know whether I had a personality, or whether I was young or old, or Clark Gableish or not. Of course after they meet me, they know I am, in a manner of speaking.

Now let us see this in its right light. If we can forget the world and our duties to the world, and our obligations to the world or to anyone else, and realize that we have only one obligation, and that is to make and maintain our God contact, to commune so many times a day that ultimately the light dawns; then it naturally follows that those will be attracted to us who are seeking that which we have. And some will be attracted for the loaves and fishes, which is all right too, because they too open up in other ways.