1956 Chicago Private Class
Joel S. Goldsmith
Establish God Realization
Tape 162A

pdf-49px  JSG 1956 – 162A Establish God Realization

Good morning

The last time that we were together like this, in New York, there were about thirty-three of us, and that included I guess, all of you who are here now, very nearly, and of course those others of our workers from the Pacific Northwest and Canada. That’s what made up the thirty-three. And of course there are others in England, in London and in Manchester, and in Amsterdam and Stockholm, Johannesburg, Capetown, and in four cities in Australia, who, if we could all be together, should be right here with us.

While we are in Seattle and Portland, those of the Northwest and the Pacific Coast will be with us, and these meetings will be held, as they were earlier this year, in each of the foreign cities where this work goes on.

Now the purpose of it you know. You couldn’t conduct a work like this: you couldn’t witness a message like this going out into the world, if there weren’t students here, there, and the other place, to carry on the local activity.

Just as the work of bringing through a message like the message of The Infinite Way is a one man job; you can’t have a committee bringing through a spiritual message, because spiritual messages are revelations, and a revelation can only come through an individual. In other words, if there is such a thing as an individual presentation of truth, you couldn’t expect Lao Tzu, or Buddha, or Krishna, or Jesus, or Mrs. Eddy, or anybody else to have a committee to bring it through from God. They would have to, in their own receptivity, bring it through. And that message would evolve in such a way as to carry with it the method of presentation. But that’s as far as an individual could go.

After that, if there weren’t others who caught that glimpse, who caught a spark of that fire, and wanted to dedicate themselves to it, that would be the end of the message, except for books in a library, or something of that kind. But always it happens that there are those in whom the fire is ignited, who catch the vision, pick up the torch, and carry on. And these all function in their own particular individual way; some in one direction and some in another.

Now in the ordinary unfoldment, as we have it in modern times, a message like this would be organized into a church, or into a metaphysical teaching, or center. And those who participate in the work, of course would be those who caught the original vision, and their work would be beautiful. But very soon it would begin to die, because each one of these workers, sooner or later, would find some friend or student or relative, who needed a job and had to have one, and had to be given something to do because they’re so nice, or they’re so deserving, and so your work would come to a quick end, because spiritual work cannot be carried on that way.

That’s what happens in all organizations. It’s originally brought out through a vision, and then the first thing you know, it’s carried on by those who have to have a job for one reason or another, or must be given something to do because they’re so nice, and so sweet, and so devoted, and all the other of these human things. Sometimes they have to be given jobs because they’re wealthy, and they contribute a lot, and other times for other reasons. But you may be assured of this; at the end, the work has to die because spiritual activity can’t be carried on that way.

Now in our work, there is no organization. There is no legal protection for anybody, and there are no jobs. Nor is it possible for anybody to give more than encouragement to another. It’s an impossibility to give them support. That has to come from their own developed state of consciousness or it cannot come at all. I’ll illustrate what I mean.

There was a time when I began this work in California, and we had over eight hundred class taught students in Los Angeles, and over a thousand class taught students in San Francisco. When I gave lectures, we had the maximum amount of people that the halls would hold where we lectured. And regardless of where it was; if the hall held four hundred and fifty, we usually had five hundred there. But if the hall held nine hundred, we had nine hundred and fifty. There were always more than we could accommodate.

That was true in Los Angeles and in San Francisco. We have had classes in San Francisco with a hundred and ninety-nine students sitting there in a closed class. This is eight years ago, nine years ago, and the same in Los Angeles. And not only that, but we had those classes twice a day, a morning and an evening session with that amount of students in it. And so it was that there were some who felt that they could carry on this work, and in San Francisco was a very fine young man, with good experience as a practitioner, seemingly had had fine success with The Infinite Way.

And so as this work opened up in Portland and Seattle, and in Detroit; those were the next three cities on the list, I turned over San Francisco to this young man, introduced him from the platform, told the students and everybody that he would take over the work. And he did, and six months later, he had a class with three students in it. That’s how the work ran down and away from him. And the reasons we don’t have to go into.

The basic reasons we know. He just didn’t have the consciousness to hold it or to develop his own, so that you might say it’s perfectly natural that those who are drawn to Joel would want to stick with Joel. Yes, that may be, and most of those may want to drift away from him, but then, with the consciousness, others would come to him. But it didn’t so happen. And so I went back to San Francisco and started all over again. And this time a lady wanted to take over the work, and she also had much experience as a practitioner, and I did the same with her as I had done with him: introduced her, turned the work over, started her in with lectures, had her on the platform.

Well, she lasted with it two years before she was down to seven. And there was nothing wrong with either of those people, except that they did not have the consciousness necessary to hold without the human aids that organization brings. And then of course, as you know, in Los Angeles, when the work was at its very, very height, when we had the Masonic Temple, and we had the Hollywood Athletic Club jam-packed to the very back walls with students in classes; we must have had two hundred in those classes, very close to it…Morning and evening sessions. And when we had Sunday lectures, we had to open two halls to hold them all.

And along comes a man with every qualification necessary, and I did the same with him: introduced him, had him on the platform, told the students he would take over. And I don’t remember how long he lasted, but it wasn’t long till he was down to thirty, out of all those hundreds. Now of course, according to those three students, it’s all my fault. I have too much personality. But that you know isn’t true. You know that personality and salesmanship has nothing to do with this work. There’s only one thing that has to do with this work, and that’s healings.