1956 Chicago Private Class
Joel S. Goldsmith
Establish God Realization
Tape 162A

pdf-49px  JSG 1956 – 162A Establish God Realization

If you can’t heal, you can’t teach. There’s no use about it. You haven’t anything to teach if you can’t heal, because all you’ve got is lip service. All you’ve got is words in a book. And therefore, no one is going to really go far in this work unless they can heal. But if they can heal, there’s no limit to where they’re going to go. No limit whatsoever, because number one, the deeper spiritual student of course, loves the message for its message sake, and when he finds a spiritual message, is grateful for it and shares liberally with the activity.

But your average student has very little interest in God or a spiritual message, except as it is a means toward which they get their health. And so their measure of gratitude is usually in proportion to the healings they get. Very seldom do you find checks in your mail, or dollars, except from those that you’re working with in the healing work, and usually the size of it is in proportion to the healing they enjoy. That is your average experience in your average work.

However, with others, those that catch the vision and catch the spark, and enter into it, they become a part of the message right from the beginning, and right from the beginning they are helping to support the whole spiritual activity. And regardless of whether they are seeking a healing, or regardless of whether they receive a healing, every once in a while you’ll find their checks coming in as sharing, “put this into the work,” or “do this with it,” or “do the other with it,” so forth and so on.

But the point that I’m making is that once you start doing healing work, you have an abundance of supply. I’ve never known a practitioner who really and truly did healing work, who didn’t have much more supply than they really needed in their experience. Because somehow spiritual healing does bring out a deep sense of gratitude. That, shall we call it gratitude or money that comes in, enables the practitioner then to support their activity and expand it. And so I say that to those who heal, there’s no limit to where they can go in the spiritual work.

So it becomes necessary for those who do catch this vision, to improve themselves in the healing work, because without it, I say frankly, there’s no place to go. There would be in an organization, because you could be a trustee, or a director, or a executor of the will, or a member of the publishing board, or a salaried lecturer. But that can’t ever be with us. Nobody will ever lecture with us unless they do it through their own developed state of consciousness and are able to show that groups come together to hear them lecture. If they do, there’s no stopping them, because we have no rules.

If they haven’t got the state of consciousness to draw unto them those who want to listen to them, they will just never lecture. So it is with teaching. I can see from the experience I’ve had that there’s no way in this work to create a teacher. I could authorize one, but I’d have no assurance that after I did, that they’d ever have a student. And we all know that that’s true. Most of us from our Science background know that even though there are not many Christian Science teachers in all the world, still there are a lot of them that never have a full class, even of thirty. And that’s with authorization, and titles, and the backing of the whole church.

Think what it would be with us, where there was no such tremendous recognition. Nobody would get to first base as a teacher, unless they drew their own unto themselves. And that takes place only with the activity of the Christ. And that is attested to by healings. The question comes up: aren’t there individuals who have the Christ, who do not heal? And the answer is yes, of course, there are millions of people in the world who have a full measure of the Christ, and are not healers, because the Christ isn’t only a healing agency.

The Christ has many ministries, and there are people that could have lots and lots of activities in the world without ever doing an ounce of healing work. In fact, one of the very few mystics that America has ever had, not only never did healing work, but didn’t believe in it. And that was Rufus Jones of the Quaker movement. That man had a deeper Christ realization, certainly deeper than anyone we know of in American literature. And he not only didn’t heal, but he didn’t believe in it. He has a paragraph in his writings, which says you must not look to God to perform miracles, to stop disease, to prevent accidents, to save you if you are in a burning building, or anything that would in any way benefit you in the human world.

And yet that man had a deep, deep, deep spiritual realization, Christ consciousness, and truly was a mystic. But on that one point he had this blind spot, which is a heritage from orthodox religion, because there are many people who have had God contact, who have had so deep a training and teaching in not expecting God into the human picture, that of course, they not only can’t see it, but when it’s presented to them, they can’t believe it. The Orientals could show you ten mystics for every Occidental one, and none of them healers. And yet as you meet them, you know right well they’ve had God contact, and they’re spiritually illumined.

So it may be that for one reason or another, we will have those who have spiritual illumination, but it does not take the form of them doing healing work. They may do other works that are equal importance, and I can easily see that it might even be greater in importance than healing work. And when that happens then, they must not believe that they are failures because they can’t heal, because they may be functioning in a state of consciousness that has an entirely different mission.

It would be a terrible thing if God only had one facet, and that was healing. Well that isn’t true. Healing is only one of the facets of the Christ consciousness. And the Christ consciousness can make itself evident in music, in literature, in art. It can make itself evident in influencing the affairs of the world. It can bring forth the birth of new ideas into the world that can benefit humanity, just through a mystical contact, a contact with God, and yet have no relationship at all to healing, because there are those who have no concern and no thought for such thing as bodies. You will usually find that those who make the best healers, have themselves been through terrific ills, and so their attention is centered more on healing than those who have never experienced physical ills and don’t even understand them, probably have no patience with them.

So I am not trying to say to you that you can measure your spiritual development by your healing power or teaching power. I am only saying this, that in our particular work, you will not be able to carry on a public ministry, unless you are doing healing work, because nine-tenths of those who come to you aren’t interested in you, or in your God, or in your message; they are interested in getting healing primarily. And then through that, some day they may develop an interest, or an interest may be born in them, because your contact with them may open the spiritual centers of their being.

Now that happens all the time, that people come to us who have absolutely no interest in anything beyond the fact that the doctors can’t heal them, and maybe we can. And some of those people eventually turn around and become wonderful workers and wonderful seekers on the spiritual path. But that is because they have been open to it. Their thought wasn’t on it originally. Their thought was open to it through the contact with their practitioner or their teacher. The contact opened the soul area of their being.

Once in a while, of course, you come across individuals who have no interest at all in healing, but who are hungry after God, and they having no problems, or none that bother them very much, have nothing to do but center their entire attention on attaining God realization.