Original Iwihub.com transcript. Transcriber: Eunice Lee and proofread by Zane Maser.

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Discovery of My Self
1962 Chicago Closed Class
Joel S. Goldsmith
Tape 468A

And if you want more land, go up on higher building. We have them a hundred thirty-eight stories in New York. Pretty soon we’ll go up to higher buildings than that, look out further, and claim more land. Here was our Colonel Glenn. Just look, he saw half the world at one time, and God could say to him, “That’s all yours.” And it was. He encompassed this whole world, and it was his. Try to take away from him this world now. He knows he conquered it, and yet not he by himself. The I that is you and the I that is me and the I of all of the scientists and inventors that went into the discovery. They conquered this earth all the way to the moon. They possess it all the way to the moon. True, nobody has a guaranteed title to it. We all own it in joint ownership as joint heirs in God.

But just think, a materialistic way of life that says, “Let’s bankrupt ten thousand farms in order to have a solid dollar,” or “Let’s all go broke and have one pair of pants for twenty men.” Think of that concept of life, and think of this one. “I and my Father are one. I am in my Father and my Father in me, and I have access to all the heavenly riches. I have access to all of the creative Principle of this world. I can look back into space, into eternity, and claim it all, and enjoy as much of it as I need for my daily use.”

Think, think of what happens in the first instant when you separate yourself from your body and realize that you don’t exist as a body, you exist as I. And at first, you’re a mystery to yourself. Who am I? Where am I? Why am I? And as you begin to ponder those things, you are in contemplation, in meditation, in communion, and with what? With the Source that is within you, because all of this, you see, is taking place within you. All of this contemplation, all of this search is taking place within you. You’re not speaking to man whose breath is in his nostril. You’re not discussing truth with anybody. You’re going to the secret place of the most High within yourself and contemplating truth within your own consciousness, discovering your own identity, discovering your abiding place in God, discovering your oneness with your Source, discovering the infinite nature of your Source, the infinite nature of the Source to which you have access.

You see, the search for God is the discovery of oneself, the discovery of one’s own identity. There’s no greater experience in all of life than the discovery of our own identity and of our own dwelling place, finding out where we really live.

You know, it is a natural thing for us to be very proud of being Americans. It’s just as normal and right for the Canadians to be proud they’re Canadians, the English to be proud they’re English, the Germans to be proud they’re Germans. It’s normal and natural and right in the materialistic way of life. You’d be surprised what happens to all that naturalness when you have discovered this I and discovered that we are all brothers and sisters regardless of the flag that flies over us, or the color of our skin, or the church to which we belong or don’t belong, and then discover, discover it isn’t really true. I never was limited to a country, to a nation, to a state. I’m limited only to the kingdom of God, and there I’m of the household of God, heir of God, joint heir with every spiritual being on the face of the globe. One great family. One great spiritual brotherhood.

And oh, what a wonderful thing it is to rise above all the limitations of personal sense. It doesn’t make us any poorer citizens. It makes us better citizens, but better citizens because we respect the citizenship of the other fellow. We don’t try to destroy his citizenship any more than we want our citizenship destroyed. We want to live in fellowship. And this is the only real citizenship there is, and you can’t experience it, until you realize the nature of your true identity, and then find that whether we’re Jew or Greek, bond or free, that actually we are all one in that spiritual household.

You cannot truthfully say that you are far along on the spiritual path, until you have begun to realize the nature of your identity, of your being. You have not gone far enough on the spiritual path, until you have begun to realize that you are not a material being or body, that you are not finite, that you are not limited in time or space; and it is only when you catch glimpses of the I that I really am that you can see that you’re not confined in this body. Later on, you’ll see you are not confined in this room. Eventually, you discover that you can be anywhere at any time because of your oneness with the I that I AM, which is really Omnipresence.

You’ll understand why in spiritual healing it is possible for absent healings to work, whether the patient is one mile away or ten thousand miles away. You’ll discover that you are never any further from your patient than their own breathing. You are as close to your patient as their breathing, and your patient is as close to the practitioner as their breathing, for I and the Father are one. And we are not in timeless space, we are in God, and God is in me.

Oh, the discovery of our identity. This is the beginning of the spiritual path, and it doesn’t end, until you hear a still, small voice that says, “Be still, and know that I am God.” When you come to this point, life is a resting, a relaxing in the Spirit. Life is lived without taking thought—not without thinking, but without taking thought. Without anxiety, without care, without disturbance, except such as our friends and relatives bring us, because they will not accept the way of freedom; and we still have to go along with them. We don’t throw our friends and relatives in the sea just because they’re not spiritually awakened, and so we take on the burden of their experience, until they too awaken. But otherwise, it’s a glorious life, a wonderful life as you realize your identity and then find that your identity is anchored in the Soul of God.

Well, perhaps we’ll have more about this tomorrow afternoon. At least we can pray. Pray. Pray. How shall we pray? How shall we pray between tonight and tomorrow?

Let’s see if we can pray without asking God for anything between tonight and tomorrow afternoon. Let’s see if we can pray without wanting a single thing of God, except more light on this subject. Let’s see if we can get along between tonight and tomorrow afternoon without praying for food, or clothing, or housing, or health and confine our prayers exclusively within ourselves, remember. We’re not going to pray outside ourselves or up to the sky. We’re praying within ourselves, “More light, more light, Father. Speak, Lord, thy servant heareth.” Let’s take that for our prayer between tonight and tomorrow afternoon. “Speak, Lord, thy servant heareth.” Address that to someplace within yourself. Not within your body, within yourself. Turn within. “Speak, Lord, thy servant heareth,” and keep that receptive attitude, as if you’re expecting every moment that that Voice of God is going to shout, thunder in your ears, and say, “How blind you’ve been all of these years. Here I have been in the midst of you.” And then, you’ll be able to understand the next words. “Come unto Me, Me inside of you, and leave your burdens there.”

Thank you.