Original Iwihub.com transcript. Transcriber: Zane Maser, proofread by Hilda Soon

The Secret Work of the Original “25” 6/6
1956 Barbizon Plaza Private Class for “25”
by Joel S. Goldsmith
Tape 153A

  Tape 153A The Secret Work of the Original 25

Do you not see that if Christ were active in your consciousness and mine, there couldn’t be a sin, disease, death in the room?  Do you not see that?  Do you not see that if one person sat in this chair and had a realization of the Christ that everybody in the room would feel it?  You have seen that.  You’ve seen that not only in our work, but surely you’ve seen it in Christian Science work when one of the very spiritually minded lecturers is on the platform.  It’s just full of healings, just full of healings.  When the others are on there, nothing happens.  You see that?  The same thing is true here.  You have all seen that in groups when we’ve had wonderful healings when I was on the platform.  You’ve all seen wonderful healings in our class work.  That’s just with one individual realizing the Christ.  Now, just think when two or more are gathered together and realize the Christ and realize that if there are ten righteous men in the city, what would happen?  The whole city would be saved.  Do you see that?

Now, we’re not going to demonstrate anything for anybody, and we’re not interested in whether the world’s at peace or at war temporarily, or in poverty or in lack.  What we are interested in is that we individually attain a Christ realization, an actual awareness of the Presence of God.  Then having attained it, realize that the Christ realized in our consciousness is Omnipresent and Omni-active in the consciousness of individuals throughout the globe—past, present, and future.  And, you will find that that realized Christ will dispel material things.  Just as a practitioner realizing spiritual activity in his consciousness removes the materiality from the patient, resulting in their healing, so does the realized Christ in my consciousness remove even the desire for sin, disease, death in another consciousness.  So, it is that with you.

Now, before this trip is over, just think before this week is over, we will send twenty people out into twenty cities realizing the Christ every single day of the week and realizing it not merely for themselves or for The Infinite Way but for human consciousness—past, present, and future.  We may even set free those that are in torment on the other side of the grave.  We may even set free those who would come to earth as new babes, stillborn, crippled, deformed mentally or physically.  We may set them free.  Half the action is or may be of this realized Christ is so that that no one is yet in a position to know it, except that it has been given to me to do this work and to pass it on to you to do this work.

Need I say to you this is secret.  Need I say that it’s never to be spoken of to anybody, except the one or two that you call unto yourself and that nobody else is to know about it.  You are not to write anybody about it or tell anybody that it is a spiritual underground.  We don’t want to be thought madmen or madwomen.  We don’t want the law to think that we’ve gone crazy and are going to interfere.  We don’t want the church to believe that we’re trying to destroy it.  We’re not interested in the church whether it lives or dies, but they’re apt to get the impression that we’d like to hurry its death.  We don’t have to.  It’s doing a good job for itself.  Now then, and not the church will die out as an institution.  The nature of the church will die, and it will be reborn spiritually.

You know, when I was in England, the Congregational Church of England sanctioned spiritual healing and set aside a sum of money for any of its ministers who wish to study spiritual healing, to study it.  And, I had the privilege of being for four hours with two ministers who were interested, and one of them is beginning the study and practice of spiritual healing in the Congregational Church of England.  Brother Mandus is working with many over there in the Church of England and the Congregational Church also who are beginning to take up this work, so forth and so on.  So, you see that it isn’t that the church will ever be destroyed, but the materialistic nature of the church will be destroyed so that Christ will be raised up inside the church; and the church will become a healing temple.  And, it makes no difference whether it’s a Hebrew church or Protestant or Catholic.  In time, every church will become a center for healing, which means a center for bringing Christ realized into individual consciousness.  There are loads of ministers interested in that.  I can tell you of one in the United States who is a very well-known Protestant minister who is working with hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of copies of Infinite Way writings among hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of his students and patients.  See that?  That’s the way it’s going inside the church, as well as outside the church.

Now, there are some things that are too sacred to talk about.  There are some people, friends of mine, mystics, who have asked me to write a book on my own inner, spiritual life, and I’ve always refused.  And, the reason is that what takes place inside of me is something so sacred I couldn’t tell; I don’t know if I could tell it to my mother, and my mother has been my closest pal.  It’s a thing that I can’t talk about.  When I was in England this last trip, I was awakened early in the morning, and God gave me two articles—one called, “The Monastic Life” and one called, “The Mystic Life. ” And, do you know that I have never been able to publish them or print them?  I, I, I hesitate; I draw back at putting such a thing where the un-illumined saw it, can tread on it.  But, it’s going to be published in England.

Now, that is the way you are to consider this work that we are doing, this group of twenty odd who constitute now this backbone of The Infinite Way—sacred and therefore secret.  Let nobody know it but the one or two that you invite to partake in it; and please be very sure that they are dedicated to The Infinite Way message, because you’ll find it very embarrassing if sometime they break away from you, and then go outside, and start talking about this thing, this newly conceived babe, which hasn’t been born yet, which we’re still carrying in our spiritual womb.  We certainly don’t want the world banging up against it and banging at it.  Let us prove it before we talk about it.

I already have seen evidence and so has Mrs. Lindsey and so has Mr. Knarl, so has Mr. Starkey.  They have seen evidence of what this will do in the world and how far reaching it is and how many in far places have responded to what we have already done in Honolulu.  Some day, you will see what happens through your realization of this, and it will astound you.  But until you do, why talk about it when you don’t know yet whether or not it will work, except that something within you says, “I know it’s right.”  But, wait for a little more proof, and even then don’t be too free with it.  This that I’m giving you today is the most sacred thing in my life, and, if you violate it, you’re not only violating your own sacredness but mine.  I’m trusting you with my “pearl.”  I’m giving you the pearl that has been given to me.  Treat it as a pearl, if not for your sake for mine.  And, do not permit anyone who comes to you to discuss it with their husbands, or wives, or anyone else who may be close to them.  This is a sacred work, and it must be kept a secret work, until such time as, well, as it becomes possible to speak of it.  But, this isn’t the time.  This is the time for demonstration of the Christ, realization of the Christ.

Don’t think for a moment that you need a big group.  Please be just as happy to have one person, if you have confidence in their spiritual integrity.  Don’t endanger your work by having one extra one for the sake of numbers or one hundred for the sake of numbers.  Don’t do that.  And, I’ll tell you another reason.  It’s as useless as having twenty practitioners work on one case.  You only need one, if it’s a dedicated one.  It’s all right to have twenty, if you’re sure that all twenty are equally dedicated, but the mere fact of having twenty instead one won’t help your case one single bit.

And so, this is a good afternoon, and an Aloha, and a caution to keep this sacred and secret.