Original Iwihub.com transcript. Transcriber: Zane Maser, proofread by Hilda Soon

The Secret Work of the Original “25” 5/6
1956 Barbizon Plaza Private Class for “25”
by Joel S. Goldsmith
Tape 153A

  Tape 153A The Secret Work of the Original 25

You know, in the early days of Christian Science, the members were so enthused and had such responsibilities that they got together, worked like Trojans, and they built million-dollar churches, two-million dollar churches, two-and-a-half million dollar churches. Just a little handful did that. Now, all they ask is people come in and put in a dime to sit in them. If you asked them to build a million-dollar church, they’d think you were being commercial. Do you see that? It is in the same way that things will be demanded of you that will not be demanded of later Infinite Way students, because your united consciousness will have raised up this Temple of The Infinite Way; and the rest of all those will merely have to be invited to walk in and partake of that which your consciousness built. So, the greater responsibility always rests on pioneers; and I feel it would be better for the world if all these religious teachings died every generation and let some new pioneers be raised up, so that they could unite in building these edifices, even if they were material edifices, just for the point of showing that the Word can become flesh. Do you see that?

All right, that now is the first part of what I’ve asked you here to hear. And the second part goes much further. In 1950, the Voice told me to stop work on the first of October and to prepare for a new work. Personal things interfered, and the Voice told me to wait until 1952. And again, personal matters interfered, and I was told to wait until 1953. Then I was told to wait until further notice, and I received that notice in January to begin now a new work. And, it started in Honolulu. I started it there with Mr. Knarl and Emma Lindsey. And then, later to that, Mr. Starkey came down and joined us and then three other students in Honolulu, and that consists of our entire group there that started this new work. And, as we were doing this new work, the impulsion was given to me to bring it to our students in New York, and so you can see while I didn’t ask anyone of you to come here, you can see why you were brought here. It was necessary that all who are the basis of our work be here to unite in this work.

However, if I invited you here that would have been a human activity, and you may not have been meant even to do the work. And so, I wouldn’t tell anybody about it. Now, it is whom God brings to us, and God brings them to this meeting those ones God has designated to carry on this work. I don’t have to tell you what a disgraceful thing it is that, whereas in the beginning, Jesus fed the multitudes, healed the multitudes, and made the demonstration of supply for his followers. In the early days of Christian Science, Mrs. Eddy bore the entire brunt of making the demonstration for her followers—healings, supply, money, everything necessary. She didn’t ask the field to support her. She supported the field. And The Infinite Way at no time have we asked the field to support us, but we have supported the field, spiritually and some cases even financially, and in every case financially born the activity of the thing. But, do you want to know something that the church reverses all that now and says to its people, “You must support me. You must support the church. You must support the ministry.” You know why? Because the only thing that governs the church is the same thing that governs government—material sense. They don’t acknowledge that they have enough spiritual sense to support you. They ask you to support them.

We can’t be guilty of that. Our only support for each other is in the degree of our spiritual enlightenment. Don’t ever ask your patients or students to support you. You support them spiritually. You support them and if necessary even with finances, not taking the burden of their living on your shoulder but being a temporary help for them. If they ask for bread, don’t give them a stone. If they say they’re hungry, don’t give them merely a prayer. Give them something to eat and some clothing. Prove by your own demonstration that you not only can, through the Christ, be fed and clothed yourself but that you can feed and clothe the multitudes who are led to you. Don’t ever ask for support. You be the one to give the support, until such time as you unite like this and say, “We are one.” And even then, don’t ever depend on anyone, not even your students for support. Depend only on your Christ.

Now, this material sense is responsible for our world as it is today. As long as we are human beings or live in a world of human beings, there is going to be unfair competition, lying, advertising, wars, rumors of wars; and this can only end when spiritual sense takes the place of material sense. You can illustrate that in this room. In the degree that there is material sense in this room, there is greed, envy, jealousy, malice, lust, seeking, self-seeking, so forth and so on. In the degree that there is no material sense but only spiritual sense, there is love, sharing, cooperation, healing, giving. You see that?

Now, supposing we here were to agree that every one of the Ten Commandments could be removed from this room, and that we could get along without any laws against stealing, or any laws against adultery, or any laws against this, that, or the other thing. That we don’t need them; that we’re not here to get anything from each other but if anything to share and give, cooperate. Well, that would be spiritual sense.

Now then, when spiritual sense—spiritual Consciousness—envelops this globe, that is when there will be no more wars, no more poverty, no more ignorance, no more fear. You are all familiar with the fact that on page 40 of “The Infinite Way,” there is this passage that spiritual consciousness destroys material sense, destroys the bondage to material sense, breaks up material ties, so that we have no obligations to each other of any material nature. Our only obligation is to love one another. You have also heard me refer to our work as a “spiritual underground.” But now, I’m here to tell you that since January this has been in operation consciously around the globe.

When you go home, you will call to yourself the one, or two, or three students whom you consider to be the outstanding spiritual student in your group. You will call unto you that one, two, or three whom you feel have so far left their nets that if you say to them, “You will have to come to my home once a day, six days every week, and if you have the opportunity Sunday also, seven times a week. Regardless of whatever other obligations you may have, I have to see you in my home or in my office every single day of the week.” Don’t ask anyone else. Don’t ask anyone whose obligations and duties are such that they would say, “Oh, I would love to do it, but I can’t.” Don’t let yourself get slapped in the face with that. You want only if it’s one in your community, if there are three fine, if there are five still better, but be sure they are people who are devoted students of The Infinite Way who are not mixing themselves up with Christian Science, Unity, New Thought, and The Infinite Way and thinking of themselves as being on this path. They aren’t. You want, as I want in this room, only those who are dedicating themselves to The Infinite Way.

So, I want you to have in your room, for this purpose, only those whom you feel have left other teachings and are dedicated to spiritual living through the message of The Infinite Way. Now, I don’t mean there aren’t other ways to dedicating yourself to spiritual living, but I’m not interested in those at this moment. I’m only interested in those who are dedicating themselves to spiritual living through The Infinite Way, and it is for this purpose.

When they unite with you once a day, you will realize this. We’re not interested in demonstrating peace on earth. We’re not interested in demonstrating prosperity for any nation or for the world. We’re not interested in demonstrating anything for anybody. We come together for one purpose, to sit in the silence and realize Christ—Christ Omnipresent, Omni-active in human consciousness. That covers the whole globe.

You sit in that silence, until you achieve your “click,” until you achieve your realization of the Presence. When you have realized It, you will then realize that the Christ realized in your consciousness is now operative and operating in individual consciousness throughout the globe—those who have died and gone on, those who are on earth, and those who have not yet been born. Do you see that? Now, you suggest spiritualizing those who are on earth, because they’re going to pass off and the next generation are going to be as bad off as we were. No, no, no. You are to sit in the silence, until you realize Christ, until you have the feeling of the very presence of Christ in you. Then, when you have realized that, you’ll realize that my realization of the Christ makes the Christ available in human consciousness throughout the globe—past, present, and future.