Original Iwihub.com transcript. Transcriber: Zane Maser, proofread by Hilda Soon

The Secret Work of the Original “25” 4/6
1956 Barbizon Plaza Private Class for “25”
by Joel S. Goldsmith
Tape 153A

  Tape 153A The Secret Work of the Original 25

Now then, that entails this. First of all, in recognizing yourself now as a part of The Infinite Way, please realize that The Infinite Way is an activity that is getting worldwide and therefore requires worldwide support—include The Infinite Way in your financial program. But far and above that, remember this. This is a spiritual activity. It doesn’t require a lot of money. It requires a lot of spiritual devotion. That’s what we need—spiritual support, united support. It needs this group of twenty-odd people to sit down and know that each other is being successful in their field. Not that you are being successful in your city. That’s a lot of nonsense. You’ll never be successful in your city separate and apart from everybody’s success in their cities; and you’ll never be successful, if I’m not successful in a worldwide way. And, I can’t be successful by myself, except in proportion to your success in your community. If you are healing in your community, then The Infinite Way is a success. If you are not healing in your community, The Infinite Way is a failure in your community. And, if you all fail to heal in your community, there’s no Infinite Way on earth, so remember that the only existence The Infinite Way has is in your healing capacity. My healing capacity has raised us up to this degree. My healing capacity has raised you up to this degree, but as the Master told us, “If I go not away, the Comforter will not come to you.”

So that I, as a person, cannot be here to raise it up all over the world and for all times; and so you unite, and in turn, your students will unite. And always remember this. All of the healing movements that have died and even those that are existing today are dead. They died for lack of healing. If you travel this United States or the world, you will find what I have found. Christian Science is successful in those churches where there are successful Christian Science healers. And where there are no Christian Science healers, the church is a flop and a failure. There are some churches that are packed to the gills today and some that are empty. It has nothing to do with the teaching of Christian Science. It has to do with the individual healing capacity of the practitioners. The same thing is true in our work. You could make The Infinite Way boom in your community until you’d think it was Billy Graham, if you were doing the healing work, but The Infinite Way will never be heard of in your community, except in your proportion to your healing work. Why, because the healing work is the visible evidence of your invisible, spiritual development.

I got that from the Master. He was asked, “Art thou He that should come?” John the Baptist doubts it, because he’s in prison, and nobody’s coming to rescue him. And he begins to question, “Here’s this fellow I introduced. Is he really the Christ?” But Jesus doesn’t say yes or no. He says, “Go show John what things you have seen.” The sick are healed. The eyes..the blind have their eyes opened. The deaf have their ears opened. The dead are raised, to the poor the gospel is preached. Do you think it would be any different today? No. If you asked us is The Infinite Way true? Get used to saying, “Yes.” Can you demonstrate it? Can you prove it? Can you bring healing? Can you bring comforting for those who mourn? Can you free the slave of alcohol from its false desire? Can you free the slave of sensuality from their desire? Well, that’s the only thing that will tell whether or not The Infinite Way is true.

And so, remember this. The question must come to you inevitably, “Is The Infinite Way something for today, or is it something for eternity?” Now, I can give you the answer. The Infinite Way is only for that length of time in which there is a healing consciousness to be individually expressed in the world. When The Infinite Way no longer heals, it will be out of existence. So far, it has developed around the world through my individual efforts. It has sprung up, as many of you have seen, in city after city where I have individually done healing work, but that does not go on forever. You are in the position now of carrying that on in your community. It is you who have to prove The Infinite Way. Not me. I have proven it to you and to some people in your community. You have to carry on the burden of proof. If you can do it, The Infinite Way will flourish in your community. When you can’t do it, if someone else isn’t raised up, it will no longer flourish. The whole activity is dependent on the healing ministry, because the healing ministry, in this age, is the evidence of God with us. It is the evidence of our spiritual attainment. Once you can show to people that there is a healing power and that there is a comforting power and a supplying power, then they are ready to take the next step and align themselves with that power, which is God. Do you see that? All right.

So, as you succeed in your individual community, it is my function and those of all of us to help each other spiritually prosper in each other’s community, to know that the same healing Consciousness that is operating in your community is operating in all the communities all over the world. To know that as God is the individual identity and capacity of you, so God is the individual identity and capacity of every student of The Infinite Way all over the globe.

But, you can’t take that for granted, because I’m going to tell you an age-old secret. God isn’t of any use to anybody and Christ isn’t of any use to anybody. It is only the realization of God or the realization of Christ that does the work. I’ll tell you a secret. God is Omnipresent. God is equally present all over the world, but the all over the world are steeped in sin, disease, death, lack, limitation, wars and rumors of wars, and fears of wars, for God is no good to them; and Christ is no good to them and never will be. It isn’t God. It isn’t Christ. It’s God realized, Christ realized that does the work. That is why if you go to Jesus Christ you get an instantaneous healing. If you go to the disciples, it might take two or three treatments before you get it. If you go to one of our practitioners, you may get a wonderful result and another one you may get long, drawn-out results. What’s the difference? God is the same. Christ is the same. And The Infinite Way message is the same, but your degree of realization isn’t the same.

And so it is, that the secret our work is this. God realized, Christ realized is the Savior unto every situation. Without that realization, the fact that there is a God is of no benefit to anyone. Men are rotting away with disease, poverty, wars, and fears of more wars to come. And yet, God IS. And God is preached in all the churches. Hasn’t stopped bombs being thrown. Hasn’t stopped infection and contagion. Oh no. It isn’t God that does these things. God is in His Holy Temple performing Its Work. But, it’s only a success in proportion to our realization of it. And so it is that your individual realization of Christhood will result in healings in your community and in proportion as you waste your time on something else, in that proportion will your community and the other communities not benefit.

And so, we start with asking of you, first of all, I don’t think so much asking you as telling you, that you are now united. I don’t think that any of you have the capacity to refuse or to withdraw. I don’t think that I would have been led to speak to you, if the time hadn’t come when it was too late for you to back out. Personally, I am a little bashful about asking for things, for fear I’d be refused. That’s why I was never a good salesman. I couldn’t ask a buyer for an order. I was always afraid of being refused, and I don’t like to be refused. So, I think I was led to wait until you haven’t the capacity to refuse, so there’s no use asking you to unite, I think I’ll have to tell you, you have been united. You are a part of a worldwide activity, and more than this, you are the “first twenty” in the entire history of The Infinite Way work to be united. Before you there was none. After you there will be others, but there will never be another first twenty. Do you understand that? Do you understand the responsibility that that entails, because in later times less will be demanded of people?