Original Iwihub.com transcript. Transcriber: Zane Maser, proofread by Hilda Soon

The Secret Work of the Original “25” 3/6
1956 Barbizon Plaza Private Class for “25”
by Joel S. Goldsmith
Tape 153A

  Tape 153A The Secret Work of the Original 25

Now, you came into this room, twenty-odd individuals, living in certain cities and being responsible for your local work, but when you go out, you go out united in me, united in this Infinite Way; and you are as responsible for my success as I am for yours. You are as responsible for The Infinite Way success in Bulgaria as you are in your hometown. And if, as it looks possible, we are called into Russia, it will be your function spiritually to go into Russia with me or any other place that this call comes. You have got to consider yourself a part of me, and a part of my activity, or a part of the activity of those who continue in this work. Everyone in this room must rise above the human traits of envy, jealousy, self-seeking, self-interest, and when they’re tempted with those things, meet them within themselves, realizing for what they are—temptations to obstruct this work.

Now, as you know, God raised up Mr. Starkey here to fill in this New York work, and manage it, and organize it, and do everything necessary to the fulfilling of this work out of his other career. Evidently, when God is ready for work to be done, He has a way of raising up somebody to do it, even if He has to insult them, as I insulted Mr. Starkey at one time by telling him that his career as an actor was all over; and he’d have to give up the idea of it, which he didn’t like. But, God has a way of doing those things. Do you see? And so it is, as you know that Emma Lindsey over here has taken part in every one of the activities at headquarters and taken over the management of them. When the opportunity came for somebody to be raised up, somebody was raised up to do the work, and the only thing necessary for the success is the consecration and devotion to do it.

In the same way years ago, I really think that it’s impossible for anybody to believe this, I was called into the Louisville, Kentucky field because of a feud in the Christian Science Church, and I was the practitioner in that feud. Seems ridiculous to believe that that’s true now, but it was so. And out of it, what has happened? Well, just look at the wonderful work we have down there in Kentucky and understand that again people whom I never knew, Mrs. Phelps here and Mr. Martin over there, never knew, never heard of, didn’t know they were in existence, were raised up in that field to do this work and how beautifully they have carried on, can only be known by those who know how the work has developed there. And if you want to know a little bit about it, I’ll tell you that Mr. Martin invited me a couple of years ago to Louisville to talk to his students, because there were about thirty, but when we got to the hall there were a hundred and eight.

Now, those are the things that have happened in this work. One place after another, God has raised up people whom I never knew, had no way of knowing. As a matter of fact, over here our little Cincinnati girl. We had nobody in Cincinnati, but we had two girls out in Hawaii, and they decided their sister in Cincinnati ought to know something about The Infinite Way. Well, they were right. She’s been conducting the work there ever since and developed it into a very healthy activity. Do you see what I’m getting at? That when God has a need, God raises up “seed” to carry on this work. I don’t, and you won’t, but by your spiritual activity, you will help raise up seed all over this globe to do it, whether I’m on the scene or not. You will still raise up seed, if you are not jealous of one another, or envious, or wanting to sit in high places.

Yes, it’s true. You’ve often heard the accusation that I have pets, and you’ve never heard me deny it. I have pets. There isn’t any question about that but look around and see who my pets are. They’re the people who are devoting themselves in one way or another to the unfoldment of God. They’re not devoting themselves to me. They’re devoting themselves to God. Some of them I see at very rare intervals. Some I hear from more often, some less. But, they’re my pets, just the same; and they’re my pets in proportion to their devotion to a spiritual message and to the activity of God. No other way. Nobody gets themselves into this room by pull. Nobody can pay money to get into this room. Nobody can come in here, because they’re young and blonde. I think I’ve grown beyond the young and blonde. But, anybody anywhere in the world can get into this close circle that’s around me by their devotion to this message, and many of you have seen that in operation in many cities. You know it’s true. All right.

First now, you realize that as you leave this room you go out as a part of The Infinite Way itself, not merely The Infinite Way in your locality but The Infinite Way in its infinity—The Infinite Way anywhere and everywhere. By the lesson this morning, you must know that I am Omnipresent. That I am you; therefore, the I of you is Omnipresent, so you can be just as effective in Africa and Europe as you can be in your hometown, if you will but devote some period of your day to being a worldwide individual. That rests with you.