Original Iwihub.com transcript. Transcriber: Zane Maser, proofread by Hilda Soon

The Secret Work of the Original “25” 1/6
1956 Barbizon Plaza Private Class for “25”
by Joel S. Goldsmith
Tape 153A

  pdf-49pxTape 153A The Secret Work of the Original 25

Good afternoon.  And I repeat that you will hear a different message today than you have heard before in this Infinite Way work, because I have asked you here today not to receive something but to give something.  As a matter of fact, I’m going to make many, many demands on you today and other days that we will meet here together.

The reason that you are here and not the other members of the morning or evening classes is that you have been in The Infinite Way work the longest period of time.  All of you have been in this work between five and nearly ten years, and some few were with me even before The Infinite Way began.  And each one of you have been taking some part in Infinite Way work, that is, become connected with the activity of the message of The Infinite Way.  And it is for that reason that you are here and not the others.  In the evening closed class, there are those, many of whom are with us for the first time, and they are here to get whatever we have to give, share, impart.  There are those in the morning class who are here to further develop themselves in learning how The Infinite Way is lived and how it is practiced, more especially of its application to the healing work.

But, your years of study have brought you to the place where you know the letter of Truth, as it is given in the message of The Infinite Way, and to some degree you have attained the spirit of Truth.  In some measure, you have attained the mind that was in Christ Jesus, and for this reason, you have attracted to you people out in the world wanting to know something of the spiritual life.  And so, you are either conducting tape recordings or you are doing healing work or both, and in other ways teaching the message of The Infinite Way, in one way or another.

Now, as you have seen, we do not authorize anybody to be an Infinite Way worker.  We do not authorize practitioners.  We do not ordain teachers or ministers, so that if you are in the work, you are in it because your consciousness has been developed to the place where people are being attracted to you.  I haven’t sent your people to you, as you so well know, and I have no intention ever of sending anybody to anybody, for the reason that our principle revelation is that it is the state of your own individual consciousness that determines your place and position in life.  And so, if you have leanings toward the spiritual and toward work in the spiritual, it will have to be your own devotion to it that will develop your consciousness and attract to you those whom you can serve.

In the past, some of you have depended on organizations to supply you with patients, or students, or listings, or ordinations, or diplomas.  But when you come to The Infinite Way, you’ll find we have none of those things to give you.  You have to demonstrate your own way in this work, and you can only demonstrate it in the degree of your attainment of that mind that was also in Christ Jesus—spiritual Consciousness.  I can’t do that for you.  I can merely be a teacher of the Word, and I can impart to those who are willing to receive it some measure of that Consciousness.  But I can’t go out and build you a practice, or student body, or a reading public for your writing.  You have to do that for yourself.

Now, you already know this, because you’re in the work, and you know how little help I’ve been to you, except in the degree of spiritual impartation.  You know that humanly I don’t lift my finger for you and wouldn’t.  I would rather you fail than succeed through my efforts or my recommendation.  The sooner you get back into bookkeeping, or clerking, or dressmaking the better, if you cannot succeed on the degree of your spiritual unfoldment.  And The Infinite Way is in the same position.  It would be better not to have practitioners or teachers than to have those who are still dependent on human modes and means for their advancement or their success.

It was a strange thing that after a long time in the business world—22 years—nearly all of which had been nominally successful that when I came to the actual point of going into the practice of healing work, I was broke.  I was without funds and had to begin from scratch.  All I had was $250, which I borrowed on my First World War bonus.  By that time, I had lost all my friends and relatives who were assured of my insanity and so would in no wise help me.  That was the beginning of my work, and at that time, I did not have one single patient paying me any money.  I had several patients I was helping, but they knew I was in the business world and probably were sure I was still prosperous and so were giving nothing for their spiritual help.  And so I went into the practice with this $250 and nothing behind me but God and had to build up and develop from that point.  And as some of you know, before I withdrew, I had one of the most successful works in that line of work.

Well, perhaps it was coincidental.  But, just before The Infinite Way began, all that I had earned and saved in my healing work was taken from me, so that when I came into The Infinite Way, my total assets were well under $3,000, and of that it cost $1,500 to bring out the first Infinite Way book.  And so you see, that when I say to you that you must begin with nothing but God, it’s because I have twice had the experience and have found that it’s practical, and possible, and can be done.  Now, when I came into the Christian Science practice, I had no patients—of the Christian Science field—but it grew.  But, when I came into The Infinite Way, I lost my Christian Science practice, and so The Infinite Way, it had to evolve out of that.  So, again I can say to you from experience, it can be done, and, not only it can be done, it must be done.

Now notice this.  From the very beginning of The Infinite Way, I have asked you for nothing.  Every bit of financing has been done by the same Mind that wrote the book, “The Infinite Way.”  And it has paid every ounce of its way, whether in the publication of books, whether in travel, whether in hotel bills, airplane rides, or what not.  The Consciousness that is The Infinite Way has provided for all of that, so that there has never been a need to ask anyone anytime for even a single dollar.  Now, that condition still exists.  Every activity, even these three trips around the world, and four trips to Europe, and two trips to South Africa, even that has all been financed without asking one single person for one single penny.  And that will continue also.

I’m merely reciting this to you, not for the purpose of raising funds, but for the purpose of telling you that the raising of funds must be done by the consciousness of the individual, and the consciousness of the individual must provide your support, your maintenance, and that of your spiritual activity, whether you have a tape recorder, whether you have a room in a hotel, whether you have a whole suite in a building, or whether you decide to travel the whole world, the Consciousness of Truth within you must provide for it.  Do you see that?  You’re all one with God, but you must be more and more consciously one with God, so that the infinity and allness of God may find expression through you and that you can also say, “I have no friends or relatives to support me.  I have only the Mind that was in Christ Jesus, and I have proven that it is abundant unto every situation.”